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This summer especially sucks because I have to swelter through the entire miserable season and only get the beach vacation at the end, Labor Day week. Because some family members thought that was a good idea, to save money on a beach house rental.
Sitting on the beach under an umbrella, basking in the ocean breeze, sipping a drink, smoking a cigar and reading - that I can do. I'll move to the island with you.It's sweltering around the urban heat island, pitting out all my shirts and walking around with perpetual batwings, getting in and out of cars that are eight billion degrees from sitting in the sun, and not wanting to set foot outside home or office because it's 95 and 500% humidity - that's what I hate.Given...
I can tolerate winter just fine, even recent winters when we've not infrequently had 0 degree temps and double-digit-below windchills. Summer is absolutely effing miserable. I hate it. I would take a month of 20-degree days to avoid a week of 90-degree days.
There sure are a lot of horses in Central Pennsylvania.
I've seen at least one or two Tom James garments that I would have bet my paycheck were Oxxfords, if you'd removed all the labels. Same droopy notch lapels, same extra-long lapel buttonhole with the same kind of buttonhole stitch, same partial lining with the inside of the pockets bagged out and trimmed in the exact same way, same pants with only a half waistband in front and curtain lining. Those things are distinctive and I haven't seen them done the same way on anything...
Just got an email from The Shoemart - they have Alden cigar shell captoe bals on the Hampton last in stock, sizes 9.5-11D. $731, available in-store or by phone only.
Singeing is a standard part of making a good hat.This:is not. Nor is crushing and wrinkling the crown, or fraying the edges.
So, his business model is: - Make beautiful hat - Destroy beautiful hat - Sell destroyed hat for more than beautiful hat Got it.
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