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What is the deal with this seller? Most of his stock is listed multiple times at different prices. For example, he's got the same Brooks Brothers suit listed for $75/$125BIN, $100/$150BIN, $100/$150BIN, and $300BIN/OBO. Some auctions, some BIN. BB Loro Piana cloth coat for $400/$600 BIN, $400/$1000BIN, $450/$650BIN, and $1000BIN/OBO. WTH?
Hit me up if they don't work for you.
Nice. I got the 100K bonus points Chase has been offering for the new Sapphire Reserve card and already booked two free tickets to Europe for me and my wife next summer.
^ Over the last year or two I've changed my strategy for what I pick up and what I do with it, a lot. I sell the highest-end stuff myself (stuff that'll sell for $200+) on Ebay, take the rest of what I can to a local B&M consignment in exchange for credit to spend with them, and leave on the racks stuff that won't work with either of those options. I maybe list one or two things a month these days. I don't have time to list a lot on my own anymore, and shipping stuff to...
^ Agree. I've had the 7 year and it was really good. Several reviews I read said the 7 was just as good as the 10 year.
Belated shout-out to my anonymous Santa in Cincinnati for a BB sweater, gray and brown BB gabs, and a bottle of Woodford! You didn't put your name on or in the box, so I'm not sure who you are, but thank you!
C&J Snowdons, UK 7.5E. Dainite soles may be replacements, they look brand new, but well done.
In case y'all haven't heard, Beam is raising the price on Booker's to $99 soon. Good time to buy a couple bottles if you find any of the current stock left in the $40-50 range.
FYI to my Santa, I'm out of town until the 28th, so if your package to me shows up before then don't think I'm ungrateful!
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