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Probably a L in alpha-sized models. I just tried on some of the numerically-sized ones the other day, and the Beaufort fit me in size 40.@stevesmith
Yeah, it's not normally a swollen tree, ripe for the fruiting, but it's not always a waste of time, either. Last time I was there, I came away with a very nice leather jacket for $65, some Golden Fleece shirts for less than $20 each, and some other items I was quite happy with. And that was on a busy Saturday. No armloads of grails, but I wasn't sorry I'd taken a couple-hour detour to go.
@Nobleprofessor Very cool. We need a report on your trip to the BB clearance center, either in the thrift thread or the old BB Clearance Center thread.
Congratulations!Now, when are you going to find my Barbour?
Don't let dudes who go above and beyond make you feel ashamed of whatever you send. Keep the exchange guidelines in mind and remember this thing operates 100% on goodwill and best efforts. There's no pressure here. If you're my secret Santa, believe me when I say I'd be happy with a nice pocket square.
Holy cow. Awesome vintage haul. This type of thing gets me going more than an 80-piece Brioni thriftening, TBH. Not that I'd say no to either.
Thriftmas box is SENT!(Couple days late for international, sorry bro.)How do you like the AG? I've been wanting to pick one of those up. How is the fit? Slim or roomy?If you don't need yours now, just send it my way...
Not the tiger stripe you're looking for, I don't think. @Nataku?
Ahh, that makes a lot more sense. Moth holes are expensive. $150 actually sounds reasonable for the work you describe!Glad you snagged those. I carried them around the store for a bit, but ended up leaving them because I've been terrible about listing things lately and am determined not to add to my backlog.
Holy heck, what did Rave do for $150? I knew they were expensive, but geez.
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