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edit: Eazy, not me.
They seem to be variable. I've heard similar things to you from some owners, but I also know one guy who had a Subie (a Baja, I think?) with like 700K on the body and 300K+ on each of two motors he had in it.
Thanks guys. This is along the lines I've been thinking. Our current car (which we're keeping) is an 04 Toyota Corolla, and it has been absolutely bulletproof. Other than routine maintenance (oil, tires, etc), it has cost me a grand total of $600 in repairs in 12 years. So we're super impressed with Toyotas and would lean towards a Toyota or Honda at first blush. CRV/RAV4/Pilot/Highlander.@Fueco I'll look at Subarus. Friends had a Forester and loved it; it seemed to me...
You should go back and read the old thread. There was a long period where that's exactly what a ton of posts here were, with folks taking advantage of the expertise of people like @SpooPoker. It's part of what this thread is for. The only reason it dwindled is that folks learned from them and got better at recognizing the real stuff for themselves, but there's no reason we shouldn't be willing to help a new round of noobs.
Ooh, I wanna play. Need a (used) small- to mid-sized SUV, have about $10-12K to spend. What models and years would you suggest? Biggest priority is reliability; second is fuel economy. Third row seating a plus but not necessary.
I'm not really interested in the whole lot, tbh. If the post stays up for a bit, I might offer him $20 per if I can pick out the pieces I want.
Would y'all make any offers on this, if it were in your area? http://louisville.craigslist.org/clo/5479100360.html
Thread's on fire, as usual.You're speaking my love language. Available?
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