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Will do!
Man, trying to order something when these lists come out is a nightmare. Finally got through after about 3 hours and snagged the #8 perf cap boots in 11D.
Alden black shell LHS, 11.5 D. They're in great shape - had been lightly worn when I got them, and I've only probably worn them ten or twelve times in a couple years. Soles are still solid. $175 shipped in the CONUS.
Anybody else get this email from Meermin? Just got it today. Seems fishy - I haven't ordered anything from them in 2 years.
Road trip to Spoo's house next month. Who's in?
Nice. Hope you set a properly ambitious price this time!
Hanging stuff outside in the fresh air and sunshine always works best on smells for me.
Kop? http://louisville.craigslist.org/clo/4692262293.html RE: interviews: My large company has gone to "smart casual" at headquarters and dress is often even more casual at other locations. However, the official HR position is still that appropriate interview attire is a suit. I'd ask whoever contacted you about the interview what the expectation is.
All that stuff is fine for personal use. Much of it doesn't have much resale value. BB non-iron shirts, mall-quality Polo, even a lot of Paul Stuart doesn't go for much at resale. So it depends what you're getting the stuff for.
Thanks for all the congrats and well wishes, guys! Baby O sends his regards and is looking forward to hitting the racks with Daddy as soon as he gets out of the NICU in a couple weeks.
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