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Congrats, E, that's awesome!
Ah. Size and button color had me hoping it was real old, like 20s-30s, but that is definitely 70s. Still cool fabric, though!
I need to take the time to do a writeup on BB labels on my blog. I have a bunch of images of the labels saved, and I thought I'd even done a guide to them somewhere, but can't find it now.Meantime, if you post a picture of your label(s), I can probably date them for you.
Gah, never mind, has a bleached out spot in the back.
@Nataku @Fueco Kop Sierra Designs 60/40 Parka?
Moar pics!
Looks like 65 or even 60 to me. Nice finds! Whatever the date on that BB, it shows how traditionalist BB was - that lining style was common up through the early 50s, but by the late 50s almost everyone had gone to a half lining in the back.
Ahhh, sorry, my misunderstanding. I'd always kinda assumed Sulka closed long before 2001.
Available for proxy?
Didn't they just change the name to Sartoria Santandrea? Didn't think they closed up.Guessing it's...42, 36x31.My size!
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