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Nearby consignment is getting out of the menswear business. They never had much, so not a huge loss. But they did put everything on 75% off, so I picked these up for $3.75 each. L-R: 4x Canali, Hickey Freeman, 3x Zegna, Versace. All but one very recent.
"I'm sorry, it is against Ebay's Terms of Service to use Ebay's messaging system to discuss purchases outside of Ebay. Sincerely, Melbush melbush@gmail.com"
I don't think any RLPL has ever made it to a Maxx or Marshalls in Kentucky.
Holy shit, Spoo. So. Much. Win.
HMMMMMMy folks live in Reynoldsburg. I might have to take you up on that some time!
Hard to tell without more pics of the whole thing. They dropped the S in 1998, so definitely before that. But that doesn't help much. I don't know Burberry's labels well enough to be more precise.
Dammit, Spoo. Dat navy.
Suit looks great on you, G. Did you have to do much in the way of alterations?
Damn. I found a NOS pair of Ravello shells about five years ago. IIRC I sold them for like $350 or something to a member here. If I'd known the shell market was going to go crazy like it has, I'd have hung on to them.
Read a certain way, that policy won't let you list anything for which you don't have 100% irrefutable proof of authenticity.
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