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LMK when you get a whole PTO post to yourself.http://putthison.com/post/90664987383/real-people-madras-and-brown-grenadine-it-can-be
Ain't it about time for @capnwes's annual backyard 'coon hunt?
If you can find a stray thread, or pull/clip one from inside the folds somewhere, you can put a match to it. Polyester will melt and leave a little hard black nub. Silk will burn and smell like hair, I think. Wes is the king of fiber identification, though - he can confirm.
Yes. See the first post here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/24109/hof-labels-heels-and-nail-patterns-secrets-to-id-the-maker/0_100
Men's consignments are usually so niche that the people who run them know their stuff and deals - especially flippable deals - are hard to come by. It's the consignments that are mostly women's but have a men's section where the steals can be had.Awesome. You can see the excellent craftsmanship - that waist is closer cut than anything you'd see today short of Edward Green and above. The contrast with the bulbous-toe last is striking.
That moment when you see a suit and notice the pants have no waistband in the back - OXXFORD!!!! Nope, just no-name local MTM.
But be aware if you try to clean them and it doesn't come out, you won't be able to return them because they'll no longer be in the same condition you rceceived them in.
I find SO much less stuff now that I work a normal 8-5 M-F job. Spoo seems to get out on long Saturday runs and still pull down great hauls, but by the time I get to most thrifts, there's nothing left but scraps.
That's crazy. Do they really put out good stuff often enough every day to make that worthwhile?
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