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I tried to sift the shirt racks at Goodwill yesterday for cool vintage t-shirts. It was such a depressing, maddening experience I gave up after half a rack.Also: Why does everyone feel like they need to create a shirt for every race, school fundraiser, family reunion, PTA, etc.? And why on earth do they imagine anyone not already connected to those things would want to buy and wear the shirts secondhand?Wes is right on the union tag. Based on the styling, I'd put it in the...
Put three or four particular members on temporary mute (blocklist), and it'll go a lot faster.
Ooooh, what size are these?
Apparently NYI kept it all.
Yeah, that age seems about right.
Jeez, that dude is huge. Imagine the amount of belly skin on him!
I have this horrible sinking feeling I've seen those labels before and did not kop.Alfred SargentCrockett & JonesAldenWhat is Bonora?
Jiffy Esteam. Different cuts can throw it off in the lower sizes, too. Isaia Base S, a 52 fits like a generous 40R and a 54 fits like a 42.
Insane. Are those kangaroo tops?Tiny size, I assume?
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