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Wow. That's amazing info. First I've ever heard of it, though (in nearly 10 years on the clothing forums, too, which shocks me).
One of my favorite suits is vintage Southwick. Fantastic natural shoulders. [[SPOILER]] BB does own Southwick now, and all the 1818 USA-made stuff is made there, IIRC. But they still sell stuff under the Southwick label.I have found stuff from TJ where the labels don't mention Oxxford but I'd bet my back teeth it was made by them. Handpadded lapels, Oxxford's signature long buttonhole...can't imagine there's anybody else doing that same work for them.
Ugh, that sucks. I'd have a hard time sticking it out if I went more than 2-3 years with no raises, but maybe that's just my impatient, entitled Millennial self talking.Surely the job market's big enough in ATL that you could find another position, especially with 7 years of experience?
Last time this came up, I said: I don't have it in me to hustle hard around a full time job like Spoo does and Wes did until recently. But this community has made me confident I could quickly get up to speed doing it full-time if I had to, because I lost my job or something, and could at least earn enough to keep us off the streets until I found a new job. And maybe I could do significantly better than that, but I don't pursue it because I think my current career has...
Just Brooks Brothers chinos.
Yes.I will console myself with the fact that their suit prices have become insane. At the fall event, they were asking $225+ for Hickey Freemans.
How did I not get any notifications about that? I'm on their mailing list. I wasn't even looking out for it, 'cause it's usually not til April.
Actually, I'm getting out so infrequently nowadays I'd rather you get some nice stuff here than the local competition. So cool! I assume there aren't any other labels? Smells like '20s (or maybe even older) to me, but hard to tell with odd pieces like that.I've gotten great deals on Hotwire before. Stayed at the Hilton downtown, just off the Loop, for like $60-70 a night.
New Posts  All Forums: