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Re: mannequins - IMO, buy one that is full torso, extending down to the hip area. Also, try for one that has an offset pole rather than a center pole. Those are the two biggest things I don't like about mine. The center pole on mine makes pants drape funny if I try to dress the mannequin in a full suit, and the fact that mine is basically only waist-up makes pants and the skirt of a jacket not hang as well as I'd like. Also, you can get detachable stuffed arms to fill out...
PMed.Yeah, the treatment was mine. Good to know about the bleeding. I didn't have that issue, but I'll keep it in mind for future attempts.
Nope, you can get them picked up. Getchoo some of the envelopes that the forms go in. They print out with a stamp already on them and everything.
Sigh. We so badly need the ability to sticky posts for reference.Steve's been selling on Ebay since the Pony Express ran it!
Wow, those squares are amazing.
I'm gonna guess '50s, based on the label/font style and the fact that terylene (the first polyester fiber) was introduced in 1948 and superseded by Dacron for most clothing in the mid-50s.
Good grief, guys. That Sulka robe. Tom Ford shoes. This thread is rocking! And stop complaining about flipping talk. It's half or more of why half or more of the people here thrift. If it weren't for flipping, tons of amazing stuff would never have been found or bragged about here. So just give it a rest.
Cool, hope you're satisfied. They do good work. Sometimes they can be a little slow, so don't be afraid to follow up if you don't hear anything after a few weeks.
Very cool. P.C. = Princeton College?
I squeezed a heavy overcoat into a Large Flat Rate box, and though I got it taped closed, the top was slightly bulgy. I was worried about how strictly USPS enforces the "if it fits" part of the Flat Rate service. Tracking is showing "Accepted at USPS Sort Facility" and "Depart USPS Sort Facility," though, so am I safe to assume they're not going to reject it? (I know, I should have gotten a bigger box, but I was already late shipping it out because it sold while I was...
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