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You should totally come to Kentucky and visit some of the bourbon distilleries here. They're pretty much all within a short driving distance of one another, and they're quite an experience.http://kybourbontrail.com/
For @330CK and others interested, here is the La Pavoni, after restoration:
I doubt '40s, E. Seems more like '70s to me.
Be careful about any assumptions that involve government employees acting logically.
The sort of person who likes redundancy enough to quote the same post, unspoilered, twice?
Deadstock/NOS vintage suit, 1939 union tag. Not available. [[SPOILER]]
Deadstock/NOS vintage suit, 1939 union tag. Not available. [[SPOILER]]
G, I'm so jealous of that suit I'm pretty sure I'm turning green here at my desk. Amazing find.
Honestly, I was mostly pretty pleased last night. Most of Hollywood's real top-level royalty seem to be eschewing dark shirts, long ties, and crazy ridiculousness in favor of more classic fits. The worst transgressions were mostly among the B-list celebs and producer types.
The awful: Bill Murray dyed one of Mark Twain's linen suits black. John Travolta is now a mobster. John Ridley is the hitman Travolta's going to hire to kill you. I think Jim Carrey's jacket must have had batteries in it. Michael Strahan...too many blows to the head? Michael B. Jordan broke all the rules, thoroughly. There are no words.
New Posts  All Forums: