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Would like a pair of Gustins in size 35 slim fit. Anybody got one?
Size 7.5. Listed and sold to a Japanese guy within 15 minutes. I knew they'd probably go to Japan, but didn't know they'd go that quick.
Could be just another unknown maker that uses a very similar tag, not intended as fake. A true fake would probably have annoying Brioni branding all over it.I feel like I've even seen this size/name/date tag on something non-Brioni before. Nervesa, maybe? Can't remember.
I'm not sure about those. Never seen Brionis with that black neck tag. Every one I've ever seen has the Made in Italy in blue script on a white tag a couple inches lower down on the lining.
I'm not assigning blame either way, but you two can't seem to help poking at each other. Just do like most of the rest of us do when someone's starting crap and ignore it.
Frenchy and Jompso having their weekly pissing match
@capnwes You still selling overcoats reasonably well? I'd assumed spring would kill the demand.
Arrived an hour and a half before opening today at a local charity store that was putting out all their Spring merchandise today (they store it up and release it all at big events twice a year, it's weird). This store has given up Kitons an Attolinis before, usually consistently has at least Zegnas, Canalis, and nice vintage BB stuff. I was the 5th person (and for sure the only menswear buyer) in line. Came away with absolutely jack today. Spent five bucks on summer...
It's a Milanese-style buttonhole, which is unique because it doesn't have visible knots in the silk twist used to sew it, which makes for a smooth, shiny appearance. It's just an obscure detail you usually only see on obscure, high-end Italian suits.
Speaking as a local, I'd say September to early October. Fall and Spring are the really nice times here, but in the Spring (April-May) things are crazy with Derby- and other horse-related tourism.
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