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@capnwes You still selling overcoats reasonably well? I'd assumed spring would kill the demand.
Arrived an hour and a half before opening today at a local charity store that was putting out all their Spring merchandise today (they store it up and release it all at big events twice a year, it's weird). This store has given up Kitons an Attolinis before, usually consistently has at least Zegnas, Canalis, and nice vintage BB stuff. I was the 5th person (and for sure the only menswear buyer) in line. Came away with absolutely jack today. Spent five bucks on summer...
It's a Milanese-style buttonhole, which is unique because it doesn't have visible knots in the silk twist used to sew it, which makes for a smooth, shiny appearance. It's just an obscure detail you usually only see on obscure, high-end Italian suits.
Speaking as a local, I'd say September to early October. Fall and Spring are the really nice times here, but in the Spring (April-May) things are crazy with Derby- and other horse-related tourism.
As soon as I saw that Caraceni, I thought "Man, GMMcL is going to go ape when he sees that."
That buttonhole tho.
Yeah, real. I just passed that same tie the other day, had a huge stain on the front.
Anyone's looking for a bike and in the middle of the country, I'm trying to sell my Sportster to fund a car upgrade. Sucks, but needs must and I'll have another bike someday. Check it out and LMK if you know anyone who might be interested.
Yeah, 99 is a Sargent last.
Great weekend, guys, congrats. So jelly of the BB/Poole haul.Just let me know day and time.Seriously, man, congrats. That's beautiful, and I'm jealous.Obviously you need the same, but patchwork.
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