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Mebbe a dumb question, but is there any way on the forum to see which of your own posts have gotten the most thumbs?
Those colors are often a tough call. My dad owned a Mazda 323 once upon a time, and 20 years later everyone in our family is still arguing whether it was silver/gray or green.
Congrats, @ATLjon! Alden for BB shells, e-thrifted. Cost me $39.99 after seller gave me a partial refund because she messed up the shipping.
He's a tailor and patternmaker who currently works for HSM, I believe.
Oh, WOW!!! That's the most incredible post I've seen. I'd give my eyeteeth to own some of that stuff. @jefferyd please post more pictures and details!
That's gorgeous. Those lapels - looks like something up @SpooPoker's alley. And some amazing shaping work in the chest and waist!I'm no expert on leather jackets, but that doesn't look very old to me. Without seeing labels or anything, I'd guess it's not more than about 30 years old at most.
The lapel shape and button stance on the Curlee seems very '30s to me, so I'd put it in the middle or later '30s. Which might fit with your theory on the size difference.HSM in that era made some of the most high-quality RTW suits available in the US, so you probably have a pretty nice one there.If you do get them tailored, see if your guy can do it without cutting away any of the fabric allowance so they can be restored to the original silhouette someday. They've survived...
Any regulars here thrift in Charlotte? My in-laws just moved there and we're visiting this weekend. Curious about the pickings there. PM me if you want!
Those '30s suits are mouthwatering! What size are they? I'm guessing small, since you didn't put them on your mannequin.Can you see any of the bottom of the union tag under the edge of the lining? Curious about the copyright date and/or the number that would be in the lower right corner with the tag right-side-up.
You're right it would have been worn with a detachable starched collar. The half-placket style is a common older style; most men's shirts were made this way until "coat-front" shirts (shirts that button all the way up the front) became popular in the first half of the 20th century. I think Brooks Brothers made the switch in the 20s or 30s. The CC41 label is a British wartime label that has to do with fabric rationing and controls on clothing production. It was introduced...
New Posts  All Forums: