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pics or it didn't happen.
Congrats, Hans! Hoping everything goes well and you meet der kleine Hund soon!
No idea, sorry mang. Overcoats are hard to date, the styles didn't change much. Plus it's English and doesn't have any union tags, so I don't have much to go on. Could be anywhere 20s-60s.
Ever listed a vehicle on Craigslist? Sellers get deluged with lowball offers all the time. Why do so many people bother with lowball offers? Because they work. At least some of the time. And even sellers who reject lowball offers know to build in negotiation room in their asking price, because haggling is how it goes.Ebay is more like Craigslist than a car lot.
70s or 80s. Care instructions on the label indicate post-1972.See also: http://putthison.com/post/49779346900/dating-brooks-brothers-shirts-i-was-cleaning-up-my
These are both fantastic. So jealous.
Fine, but members here regularly post about getting deals on Ebay as good as his original offer or better, via the offer system. There is absolutely no reason, him not knowing you from Adam, for him not to make the attempt or for you to respond with a snarky "really?".
Goes to show the idiocy of getting bent out of shape about "lowball" offers. Cannot fathom why anyone would block someone for trying to buy their stuff.
Thrifty fit: Little O wearing a pair of vintage overalls I wore when I was his age 30+ years ago.
*pops back into the thread after the weekend to catch up on 350 missed posts* *Jompso beefin with somebody again; now even Eazy and Fueco have caught Jompsitis*
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