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Eazy, incredible haul. So much win there. Especially love the '40s coat.This one is weirding me out, though. I don't understand how it could possibly be from the 70s with those labels and fonts. Looks totally modern.Also, Frenchy, congrats on the desk. That's an amazing pull. You've got me looking for MCM every time I'm in a shop now, but I've never seen a worthwhile piece in two or three years of looking.
http://www.fabricreweaversusa.com/I've used them three or four times. Good results. I think a few others here have, as well.
Thanks for the tips! I'll try that once it warms up tomorrow. Any particular brand or type of lube I should pick up?It has about 145K miles on it. My sister (the previous driver) replaced the starter a couple months ago, and she says it occasionally will stall when you hit the gas too aggressively, but other than that it seems to be in good shape for the age.
I just inherited an old car (1989 Olds Delta 88 Royale Brougham) from a family member to use as a beater for a while until I get around to buying something newer. One issue: in cold weather (sub-20, which we've been having this week), the door latches tend to seize up and won't release. It's not the lock cylinders; the keys turn just fine and I can hear/feel the lock mechanism turning. And it's not the door freezing to the frame, I don't think; usually in that scenario,...
Agree. No way those are legit. They didn't put that kind of labeling inside back them.
That's really cool, Wes!
Re: lottery - wouldn't the smartest thing be to take the annuity, but sell the payment stream to a 3rd party? You'd get less than the full amount, but surely way more than if you took the lump sum from the lottery. And you'd get it immediately and be able to invest it yourself.
Wait, you have a face?
Shoutout to @capnwes for this awesome vintage tweed coat for Little O! He hasn't learned the joy of posing for thrift fits yet.
I had that purple jacket on, walking around the shop for like 20 minutes trying to convince myself I'd ever actually wear it, lol. Got a compliment from a very nice African-American lady about it, but I just couldn't do it. Happy you got it, SB!EXIF tags. If you upload pics from your computer, you can download an EXIF-stripper program that will delete the tags that are confusing your browser. Or, if you do it from your phone, some image-editing apps will automatically get...
New Posts  All Forums: