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I haven't run into this exact situation, but my wife and I have significantly different opinions on how much personal information is OK to share with parents and siblings. I'm more private; she's much more open. I don't have a good solution, other than trying to talk through it and find a compromise, but I feel your pain.Edit: just saw you and your wife are on the same page. That's good. In that case, just stand your ground. If you have to, have a conversation with him and...
It's funny - I posted them in AAAC's Trad Ebay Spoilers thread at like 8AM, and nobody kopped for hours. I post here, and they're gone within two minutes.
Ethrift opp - black shell BB LHS, 11D. $35 BIN: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BROOKS-BROTHERS-mens-loafers-11-D-black-leather-TOP-QUALITY-/390835330911?ssPageName=ADME:B:SS:US:1123
Just thrifted $148 on a $1 exacta. Happy Derby.
Thought about it, but some jerk has all the thrifting for 50 miles on lockdown, so life would suck.
Some sellers might have an inventory and shipping setup that would make combining a hassle. Not disrupting that system might be worth more to them than the increased goodwill and business that would come from offering combined shipping. Not the business choice I'd make, but I can understand it as a rational decision.
I also owe a shout out to @GMMcL for a great trade. He was very gracious when the suit I sent him had more issues than I realized, but we worked it out and he was very patient.
I'd go with the navy tie. That's what I use, and it works with almost everything without having to switch it out for different jackets.
- Those who wore a dark navy suit generally had a tie that was too pale and got washed out (Academic2, Holdfast, SeamasterLux). Tchoy was almost an exception. - aph999 had the opposite problem: too much contrast. A blue shirt or better photography might have fixed the issue. - A couple of folks (Amar ezzahi, P-K-L) had pattern problems (too busy). - archibaldleach, hirschlederne, o/o - needed better photos. Clearer and/or better lit. - Roycru's bow is great, but fought...
New Posts  All Forums: