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I've found two Attolinis and a cashmere Kiton made for that store, a few years back. My only finds from either of those makers.They probably just ordered softer shoulders on that model when they placed the order with Caruso.
I found an Attolini jacket once that had only the store tag visible on the lining; the "Sartoria Attolini" tag was inside the pocket. I put it back on the rack because it had a bunch of damage under the arm. Finally decided to pick it up, circled back...and the Attolini tag had been ripped out.I guess someone else was also iffy on the damage, and thought they'd increase their chances of it hanging around til sale time.
TBH, my skills are not quite up to pulling a great shot consistently yet. I've gotten a few, but they've been happy accidents. I've been dealing with a couple issues with my grinder, one of which I still need to have fixed, and getting good espresso without a good grinder dialed in is impossible.
1978 model La Pavoni Europiccola, thrifted for $20. I don't have a full "before" shot, but here it is disassembled. It was in kinda rough shape - tons of scale, built up coffee crud, rust on the base, fossilized gaskets.Here it is, refurbed. I looked into having the boiler rechromed, but it was going to be $$$. So I just polished it and let that be that.
Looks like it may be lost in shipping. Was it insured? Can you file a claim?
1945-dated suit made by a local tailor here in Louisville. Needs a couple tweaks and a couple holes repaired, but other than that it's just about spot on. Which is rare for a suit this old in my size. [[SPOILER]]
Good grief, that's minor?
That is awesome. I'd love to have something like that. Those long and skinny early '20s silhouettes are crazy. Oh, and I missed the fact there were two books shown. I got really confused when I got to the last picture and all of a sudden it was '70s stuff.
Highlight the stuff you want inside the spoiler, then click the black quote-bubble icon at the top of the editor.ORPut [SPOILER] and [/SPOILER] before and after the stuff you want to spoiler.
Cremieux is a store brand for the Dillards department store. For a long time they were no better than other department store brands - Hunting Horn, Charter Club, Tasso Elba, etc. But, IMO, they've been upscaling their production quality quite a bit over the last few years and are starting to look pretty decent for personal use, even if there's not much resale value. Their upper-level line of suits is made by Isaia (or the same manufacturer as Isaia).
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