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Posted in the thrift buy/sell thread, but anyone have any Gustins in 35 that are available? LMK.
It's the same maker as many of the older USA-made Polo pieces. Never heard exactly who the maker was, but they made for Brooks Brothers, too.
Nice! Tux is 20s-30s, probably?
Looks good, Dan. Add a big reflector on the right side to bounce more light back on it, and you might be good to go.
Red Wing Iron Rangers 25% off on Amazon today:
FWIW that is Turnbull RTW by Chester Barrie, not Turnbull bespoke. Still a dang nice suit, though!
Would like a pair of Gustins in size 35 slim fit. Anybody got one?
Size 7.5. Listed and sold to a Japanese guy within 15 minutes. I knew they'd probably go to Japan, but didn't know they'd go that quick.
Could be just another unknown maker that uses a very similar tag, not intended as fake. A true fake would probably have annoying Brioni branding all over it.I feel like I've even seen this size/name/date tag on something non-Brioni before. Nervesa, maybe? Can't remember.
I'm not sure about those. Never seen Brionis with that black neck tag. Every one I've ever seen has the Made in Italy in blue script on a white tag a couple inches lower down on the lining.
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