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Doesn't look like any Brooks I've seen.
I don't see lowball offers as a "douche move." Some sellers accept some pretty crazy low offers. Not most of the time, but it happens, and you never know unless you ask. It takes 15 seconds of a seller's time to decline an offer - or zero seconds if they have an auto-decline.A "douche move" is sending a lowball offer and then getting mad when it's declined. Like this would-be Boateng buyer did.
I did, however, find these, for real. NOS Florsheim Royal Imperials, 9C. Never been laced up. One sole had a little bit of mold starting, but that cleaned up fine with some alcohol.
Last night I found: - A blue and red striped boating blazer, a DB suit, and a 3-piece tuxedo, all bespoke, all from 1933 - A Loro Piana THICK cashmere scarf - A pair of spectator shoes - A pair of Kiton pants I was on my way home to take pics and post them here. ...then I woke up. Couldn't go back to sleep for a while because half my brain was so excited about the haul and the other half was mad that it was all a dream.
Well, all ties (except knits) are made from woven fabrics, so it should work. The challenge will be that printed silks are usually a finer, tighter, smoother weave, so it'll make it more difficult to get the needle in the right place.
The Method:http://putthison.com/post/441812762/cleaningshirtshttp://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/6800_100#post_3039885
That's called a fishtail back. Made exclusively for wearing with suspenders. You see it on a lot of old British suits and some recent ones, mostly Savile Row-type stuff.Who made it? Dibs if it's 40-42R.
PM Sent.
You should try using a camera. I never get good pictures with my potato.
Mischka. They make jeans and stuff, but IIRC when it's come up here before, not terribly desirable. I could be wrong.
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