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Honestly, I was mostly pretty pleased last night. Most of Hollywood's real top-level royalty seem to be eschewing dark shirts, long ties, and crazy ridiculousness in favor of more classic fits. The worst transgressions were mostly among the B-list celebs and producer types.
The awful: Bill Murray dyed one of Mark Twain's linen suits black. John Travolta is now a mobster. John Ridley is the hitman Travolta's going to hire to kill you. I think Jim Carrey's jacket must have had batteries in it. Michael Strahan...too many blows to the head? Michael B. Jordan broke all the rules, thoroughly. There are no words.
Some near misses: Chris Hemsworth. Almost a nice 1960s look with the maroon smoking jacket. The matching vest was just too much, IMO. Jared Leto. IMO the red bow is too distracting. A black one, or even a very dark wine one, would have been much better. Zac Efron. Fit is not bad; the skinny long tie ruins it. Chris Evans. Needs to size up and ditch the long tie. Benedict Cumberbatch. Looks like a funeral director. Matthew McConaughey. Thought the jacket was...
Some of the best, in my opinion: Bradley Cooper Harrison Ford. Needs a waist covering; I didn't see that when he was on stage. Chiwetel Eijofor Brad Pitt. Pants too long, as his usually are, but those lapels were the best of the night. Kevin Spacey Christoph Waltz Sam Jackson - this daylight shot makes his suit look gray, but on stage it looked black with a nice sheen, like silk or mohair.
So this is why everything has sucked around here lately: http://wfpl.org/post/winter-weather-chills-donations-goodwill-stores-kentucky
Shirt, collar, and bow tie were new, retail. Shoes modern, but thrifted. Jacket, waistcoat, pants, and links/studs set vintage and thrifted or product of a SF thrift trade.
Was an usher in a friend's wedding tonight.
This tux was made in 1940 in Philadelphia. Wore it for the first time tonight to be an usher in a friend's wedding.
^ Nice. I have one very similar made by Brooks Brothers in 1943. I love it.
New Posts  All Forums: