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Careful on this. I wouldn't trust the average Main Street cobbler to know what to do with shell. Sending them to B. Nelson or someone reputable like that would be one thing, but no way I'm letting my local guy touch my shells.If I had them, I'd hit them with some Renovateur, brush the heck out of them, then use AE's Cordovan Care Cream to polish them. The AE stuff has a high level of pigments in it, and really does a good job of getting color back into shell, which is...
Yes, quite familiar with the lath process. I've never seen what Wes is having done.
Looking good. Why did you go with plaster walls? I honestly had no idea they still did that in new construction. I've only ever seen drywall+mud+primer+paint. Maybe it's a regional thing.
Do I need a Priority Express box for that service? Or can I just use a regular Priority box and put the Express label on it? Haven't shipped anything Express in a while.
^ Outerwear game on point.Very likely made by Norman Hilton, FWIW. They made Ralph's early stuff.FTFY. Amazing pull, dude.
There's a Kiton on Craigslist here in Louisville, which I never expected to see: http://louisville.craigslist.org/clo/4861968498.html Except his asking price is at least double what even NWT Kiton gets on Ebay. Also, I'm curious about the sort of life/family/friends/job/budget one has where you get Kitons for Christmas but are thrown into crisis by a busted up car and need cash ASAP.
So sorry for your loss, TS.
Another plug for Fabric Reweavers USA. $80 to fix these two, IIRC.
But Meermin shoes are getting harder and harder for me to resist...
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