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Very cool. Wish the vest still had its slip.
Well, I was thinking "figure out his route and beat him to the stores," but I suppose more direct action would be effective, too.
Time to stake out one or two of your best spots and figure out who's vacuuming up all the goodies.
Eazy, you ain't wasting any time on your "starting over," are you?
More exact color descriptions just sounds like making it easier for buyers to claim the color wasn't as advertised and cause problems.
You have all the luck. I've been in there three times, including once on a Tuesday afternoon, and there was jack to be had.So sorry to hear about your apartment and car! That sucks. That storm was serious bizness.
@NewYorkIslander Are y'all picking at the distillery? If so, would there be room for others to participate? Totally NBD if not, won't be offended, just thought I'd check. Never done it before and thought it'd be fun. I live in Louisville.
.Ah, that sucks, man! Sorry to hear it. Glad y'all had a good time, though.
Measures more like a 41-42.
Just a few stitches coming undone; can easily happen on any pants. Easy to fix if you know how to sew anything at all, or a tailor/alterations place/competent dry cleaner could fix it in about ninety seconds. Might not even need to be fixed if it's in the section you normally cuff; just keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get bigger.
New Posts  All Forums: