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Whoa! Incredible find.Also, if those are Park Avenues, they've redesigned them recently and I didn't notice. Larger toe cap is SUCH an improvement.
Gorgeous! What size?
Midnight blue, too, which makes it even more special.
Posted in the thrift buy/sell thread, but anyone have any Gustins in 35 that are available? LMK.
It's the same maker as many of the older USA-made Polo pieces. Never heard exactly who the maker was, but they made for Brooks Brothers, too.
Nice! Tux is 20s-30s, probably?
Looks good, Dan. Add a big reflector on the right side to bounce more light back on it, and you might be good to go.
Red Wing Iron Rangers 25% off on Amazon today:
FWIW that is Turnbull RTW by Chester Barrie, not Turnbull bespoke. Still a dang nice suit, though!
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