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I'm not an expert but I would use spoilers
It's likely 100% camelhair with no actual vicuna content. Lots of mid-century makers tried to appeal to the luxe image of vicuna by labeling camelhair, cashmere, etc with names that tried to evoke vicuna without actually claiming to be vicuna.
I disagree. All three hats look good, but the shorter brims on the Fawcett and Stetson are particularly good.
Dose 1930s shoes, thoughCONGRATS, Dan!!! He's super cute.
Take a sharpie with you, add a decimal, problem solved.
These rear-facing shots look like you put your mannequin in time out.
Best:- Kiton cashmere SC- Deadstock '30s suit- Deadstock Hanover ravello shells- Couple Attolini jackets [[SPOILER]] Biggest regrets?- All the stuff sitting in my basement that's theoretically sellable but that I'm too lazy/burnt out to actually list. (Mostly stuff not worth consigning - HF, BB, Polo, AE, etc.)- RLPL suit that I bought knowing had some issues, but actually had even more issues than I realized, and with which I inadvertently hosed GMMcL on a trade. Had to...
That's awesome, HVO. Great haul.
Huh, that's interesting and neat. I wonder whether that thing thinks it's an odd jacket or outerwear?Oh my.
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