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Actually, I'm getting out so infrequently nowadays I'd rather you get some nice stuff here than the local competition. So cool! I assume there aren't any other labels? Smells like '20s (or maybe even older) to me, but hard to tell with odd pieces like that.I've gotten great deals on Hotwire before. Stayed at the Hilton downtown, just off the Loop, for like $60-70 a night.
I think Stitchy gets to delete this one per the rulez!
Brush them and wear them.
I was going to basically post this.This is THE de facto SF thrift thread. The serious thrifters are here and they're welcome to stay whether their specialty is sw&d, CM, bike shorts, or furniture. I'm as CM as they get; I neither understand nor appreciate SW&D but I'm happy for folks to post any thrift fits they like here. I good-naturedly critique the CM ones according to CM principles and shut up about the SW&D ones because it's not my thing.
Team Merika.
Yeah I was already leaning towards going with that one. Thanks!
Mebbe a dumb question, but is there any way on the forum to see which of your own posts have gotten the most thumbs?
Those colors are often a tough call. My dad owned a Mazda 323 once upon a time, and 20 years later everyone in our family is still arguing whether it was silver/gray or green.
Congrats, @ATLjon! Alden for BB shells, e-thrifted. Cost me $39.99 after seller gave me a partial refund because she messed up the shipping.
He's a tailor and patternmaker who currently works for HSM, I believe.
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