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I believe Spoo addressed this in one of the all-time classic posts in this thread:
From Wikipedia:
Apparently his nickname was Porky. http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/Statesman/obituary.aspx?n=Richard-A-HABERMAN-Porky&pid=168418548
Hard to decide.Deadstock '30s suit, $35.Cashmere Kiton, $15Deadstock ravello shells, $19.99Among stuff I've kept, maybe one of these two Attolini SCs, $15 each: [[SPOILER]]
Yeah, you shouldn't ever wear a shirt that color with a jacket and tie. You probably shouldn't even own one.
I just had to update my Paypal account with proof of my name, address, and SSN to remove some restrictions they'd put on it. Something to do with IRS regs. I had to upload pics of my driver's license and SS card.
I'd make sure whatever motor you put it on is variable speed, and start off slow. You don't want to generate too much heat and end up accidentally burnishing the leather.
Any chance that 45 could be a length measurement and not a date? I ask only because I've had a couple other BB items with these labels and there was no date. My WWII officer's coat, for example, just has the chest size (41) and the sleeve lengths.
If he's anything like me, my "best price" depends on my mood and how long it's been since I listed the item. Within a few days after listing, my best price is the BIN price. A couple weeks later, it's a little bit lower. By the time it's been sitting around for six months, my best price might be half of what I'm asking. Or less.Sometimes I respond with, "What's your best offer?"
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