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I have sold several iphones on ebay, half of them to international buyers, and have never had a problem.Speaking of which, I have my wife's old 5s to list. I should do the same as you and get it up ASAP.
Holy cow. Congrats, dude! I knew you'd get yours one of these days. LMK how it works when you get it up and running.Here's the one I refurbed. Paid $20 for it at a thrift. It's nice, but not as nice as that copper beauty! [[SPOILER]]
Whoa - TweedyDon at AAAC is selling a RLPL shearling B-3. Stunning. http://www.askandyaboutclothes.com/forum/showthread.php?57921-AAAC-Informal-Trad-Thrift-Store-Exchange&p=1751794#post1751794
You gotta clue me in where to go in Charlotte. I usually go out thrifting every time I visit my in-laws in Ballantyne, and have yet to come up with anything decent. I think my grand total in three visits is one pair of shell shoes.
Principle, is that what you got in your thriftmas box?
Anybody want a proxy on some 9EE Lobb Prestige with trees? Consignment, pricy enough they aren't an autokop to flip (for me), but a dang good price for personal use. LMK.
Probably a L in alpha-sized models. I just tried on some of the numerically-sized ones the other day, and the Beaufort fit me in size 40.@stevesmith
Yeah, it's not normally a swollen tree, ripe for the fruiting, but it's not always a waste of time, either. Last time I was there, I came away with a very nice leather jacket for $65, some Golden Fleece shirts for less than $20 each, and some other items I was quite happy with. And that was on a busy Saturday. No armloads of grails, but I wasn't sorry I'd taken a couple-hour detour to go.
@Nobleprofessor Very cool. We need a report on your trip to the BB clearance center, either in the thrift thread or the old BB Clearance Center thread.
Congratulations!Now, when are you going to find my Barbour?
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