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How difficult is it to get set up to sell on Rakuten?
Rakuten customers don't know Ebay exists? The number of people here who regularly ship stuff to Japan would seem to indicate otherwise.
There's been a run of them because they aren't really all that rare, especially not coats that are missing their trousers. Formalwear is by far the most common vintage stuff to be found, because it was worn a lot less often than day suits. That goes double for tailcoats, for which there was even less demand by the '30s and later.I would think the $50 that mormonopoly mentioned is close to the ceiling, especially if it's smaller than about 40R. If it had pants, you might...
I was afraid of that. They're raw, unsanforized and haven't been washed yet. I've seen so much conflicting info on these. Some say size up, some say they're vanity sized and/or will stretch back out to tagged size after soaking. :-/
I am a longtime CM guy who has been wanting to get some decent jeans, and just picked up these LVC 1954s on Ebay last week. My first pair of raws ever. These 34x34s are snug in the waist and hips, borderline uncomfortable but stretching out a bit after wearing for a few hours. Any comments on fit here? Should I go/have gone up to a 36? Sorry for the bad photos.
Helps a ton. Thanks!Not a knit, either. Just a woven.
Gustin stock sale/grab bag is up and running.
Reub, did you soak those yet? Are you planning to?Mine are the same size you bought, but I probably have a few pounds on you. Mine are snug; any tighter and they'd be unwearable. Which makes me worried about soaking or washing them. If I could be confident they'd stretch back out to this waist size (or ideally a hair bigger), I'd be OK, but as is I'm wondering if I should have gone with a 36.Denim people, how much are these things gonna shrink/stretch on me? Should I just...
Rare green Palm Beach Cloth suit from 1944-1949. PB cloth was a blend of linen, wool, and mohair that was used for summer suits from the 20s up to 1950, when the Goodall company was sold and they stopped making it.
Forgot to post a finished pic of the pipe:
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