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Boom, frenchy'd.Or should it be mainy'd?Speaking of which, where the heck is @mainy these days?
Me, today: found hella recent Isaia orphan at a little charity thriftsignment store, navy with a pink bead stripe. Look all over for the pants, no dice. Go up to the counter. "Any chance there might be pants to match this in the back?" "No, everything is out." (I've looked in the back and seen tons more stuff that hasn't been put out yet.) "Oh, well, this is a suit fabric, so there definitely were pants at some point." (Hoping he might let me look around.) "Sorry. We...
DO WANT!! I've been wanting one of these since they came out. Not in LA, but I'll pay for shipping!
Thrift fit from me and Little O:
In my opinion, I think you look best in a slightly tapered crown like the top left and top middle options. The bigger, more square crowns look slightly off with the way your face shape tapers from broad around the eyes and cheeks to a slightly narrower chin/jaw. The effect is subtle, not dramatic, but the crowns with more volume seem to compete with your face for attention somewhat, while the tapered crowns complement your face nicely. Of those two, I think the slightly...
I just use a C-clamp and an old brake pad to force the caliper piston back in, so I don't have to release any pressure on the system or bleed the lines when I'm done.
My Dymo quit working with EBay/PP a few months ago and I haven't been able to figure out how to get it working again.
One stop. 2x Chester Barrie RLPL, 1x Martin Greenfield BBGF MTM. Not quite true thrift, but no more than 2-3% retail.
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