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Holy cow.Store props for the LuxeShop?
Jompso's "nice run" contains possibly more grails than I've seen in my entire life.
Couple nice squares. Playing around with the Jesse Thorn display mode. Arnys Paris silk/cash Finamore linen Cuccinelli cash
I'd say real, just old as hell.
Cremieux Collection or Cremieux Signature? The Signature made-by-Isaia (or made-by-the-maker-of-Isaia or whatever) suits are really nice. Fair bit of hand sewing goes into them.
Just got back from Star Wars. No spoilers, but it was AMAZING. Y'all go.
Man. I want a Beaufort so bad.
No worries, man! Appreciate the thought and the effort. Suit might fit my dad for a nice Christmas present.
Shoutout to @jdrizzy for my Thriftmas box! Zegna suit, Zegna and Kiton ties, two pocket squares, and a VERY thoughtful hand-rolled handkerchief with my initials! Thanks, man!
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