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looks boxy
I put them with ascots and decorative walking sticks in the "I'll wear them when I'm 80 and no longer have to give a crap" department.
That looks more like a porkpie to me. A boater should have a totally flat brim with no slope or turndown.
Good choice.
Personal, non-thrift-related ask: My site (thriftygent.com) has either been hacked or by some other means been infected with some malicious code. It sometimes causes browsers to throw up warnings when people visit my site, and when I try to access it from any network with a decent firewall, it's blocked. I have no idea how to figure out what the problem is, or how to fix it. I scanned for malicious code once and tried monkeying with the results, and darn near broke the...
Dude, it says "Grails" right there on the tag! How much more reassurance do you need?
No worries! It probably arrived early last week, I was just out of town until this weekend.
Shoutout to @DanM for a great thriftmas trade box - some awesome Ben Silver and BB ties, a linen jacket, some vintage Florsheim shell gunboats, and my favorite item: this AWESOME vintage Brooks Brothers red vest. I was just thinking two weeks ago how much I'd like to have one like this for Christmas. I love it!
The boots I mentioned earlier that were mis-described, I requested a refund, seller refused, I opened a case, and Ebay decided in my favor. The email I got from Ebay didn't say anything about sending the boots back, though:Does that mean Ebay paid for the refund? If so, I guess I'll just keep the boots and do something with them. But if the seller ate it, I feel like I ought to get them back to him.
Vintage (50s/60s) Dobbs
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