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Spoo BaitThrift fit from Sunday: [[SPOILER]]
Pic has to be took this week? nvm, can't find the pic I thought I had.
I knew Zegna made a lot of Gucci, but this doesn't look like any Zegna tag I've seen. But I also didn't think a faker would go to the trouble of reproducing an Italian-style makers tag inside the pocket, so I thought it'd be worth taking a chance. @SpooPoker any help?
Who makes this? Didn't see it in the labels & heels thread.
My size.
Wider is always the forefoot. Narrower size is the heel.
I decide what would be the middle-of-the-road amount that would make me happy, and go 20-30% higher.FWIW on your auctions, the ones where you have a shot of the sleeve buttons as the main picture are kinda odd looking and wouldn't stand out to me if I were browsing through listings. And your lack of decent lighting in the photos gives all your shots the same dim, blue-gray cast that isn't very appealing as a buyer.
Amazing finds, Spoo. Need fit pics of the tails!
You have someone who does new soles for less than $30? My guy charges 60, and that's the cheapest I've seen for full soles and heels, properly sewn to the welts.
@DanM hope you don't have one of these starting on your street! (This was Baltimore, a couple weeks ago.) (sorry @Shoeluv)
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