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Read a certain way, that policy won't let you list anything for which you don't have 100% irrefutable proof of authenticity.
I know, right? Must have been some people just wanting to mess with the seller. I like to occasionally browse sold listings in the Men's Clothing and Vintage sections and sort by highest price first, just to see what people are fighting over. Always turns up some interesting stuff.
Wait, what? Oh, LOL, nevermind. Relisted. Can you imagine being that seller? Bet he was MAD.
^ That is bizarre.
These are the HSM labels you're looking for (40s and 60s, respectively): This, and ones like it, are from the 70s and later, and not great quality.
Super cool, Wes. Those old uniforms are awesome.
"I wear a size 10. These don't fit me. Therefore these are not a size 10. Not as described."
If there were vents in the first place, and they were sewn shut, yeah, you can probably have them reopened. If there were never any vents to begin with, though, probably not. They require a significant amount of overlap and there usually isn't enough seam allowance to construct it.
New Posts  All Forums: