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What's up with the button stance on this one? Looks like it can't decide if it's single or double breasted. Did the previous owner move the buttons way over away from the jacket's edge for some reason?
Wait, what? What kind of Hunters go for $200?
After Six once made decent formalwear, but then descended into the rental market and quality went downhill quickly. Yours is probably from the 60s or 70s, so it could be OK quality or it could be polyester junk. Hard to say. If the union tag has a ® symbol to the lower left of the sewing machine, it's from 1962-1976. If not, it's 1949-1962. The vest was probably made and sold separately. FWIW, the jacket looks like it has nice proportions. The lapels are almost a carbon...
Like Dan and Wes, my first post involved shell. I'd already been thrifting a while, though, I just mostly hung out at AAAC and resisted posting at SF because I thought everybody here was a jerk.
(Assuming we're talking vintage hats here) Kinda depends on the size.Vintage hats in small sizes (7 and below) are a dime a dozen. I never buy them to flip unless they're very old or some kind of rare and desirable thing.Large sizes (7 1/2 and up) are MUCH more rare in vintage hats and often flip easily for a nice profit.In between that, it just depends. Nice fur felt, in good condition, not super-stingy brim, yes. Wool hats, tweed hats, cheap straws, not unless super cheap.
CURSES I set up a snipe for this, the oldest Brooks Brothers item I've ever seen. A tailcoat made between 1857 and 1869: http://www.ebay.com/itm/380904877127 Then I changed my EBay password after I saw the hacking notice this AM. Which caused my snipe to malfunction. It went for A DOLLAR AND FOUR CENTS. FML.
I always thought that if I can ever afford bespoke, it'd be great to have a few jackets lined with kimono silks.
Also, FWIW, It's braces, just like the ones that go on your teeth. Not bracers.
From Sunday: Panama Bob hat PRL jacket, thrifted Borrelli shirt, thrifted BB tie BB trousers BB/Peal shoes I was messing with the buttoning on the jacket all day, going between the upper and lower buttons. So that's why the lapels look asymmetrical.
New Posts  All Forums: