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Not you...or, hasn't been you, yet. Yes sir! What's it on? (Dibs )
There's one store here that releases a ton of new merchandise twice a year at two big events. There's one other dude who knows his stuff who's always there in line, waiting to get in when it opens. I'm always forced to decide if I want to head to the "designer" section where prices are high but chances of finding grails is good, or to the "regular" section where prices are better and occasionally they let good stuff slip through. Either way I choose, I know he'll likely...
One of the felt fedoras was tagged 6 7/8 and the Borsalino was tagged punti 5 (US 7), so presumably not.
This Rogers Peet is the nicest Panama you've posted lately. That supposedly $1500 one from a couple weeks ago was not that great quality, at least not compared to this one.
Buying cars with rebuilt titles: always a bad idea? Or can they be fine?
I saw this and I was like, "'Beach Mons?' Some kind of rasta thing? I don't get it."
Hard to see from the angle, but it looks like the shoulders are too small. Looks like PL's deltoids are sticking out way beyond the end of the shoulder pads.
Mis-listed "Cbarvet" shirt, $24.95 BIN: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cbarvet-28-Place-Vendome-Paris-Light-Blue-Oxford-Collar-Dress-Shirt-/281921156033?hash=item41a3cf73c1:g:Xh8AAOSwYaFWgYqJ
Don't remember, I've blocked it out. Too painful. Way less than I was willing to pay. Probably under $100.
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