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Congratulations, SPOO!!!!!
If those fit you, I have an Isaia with your name all over it.
Glad you go them, man. I was there probably just a bit before you picking up two of the suits for Nataku.
Tell him it's a handling charge, just like he'd pay anywhere else he shopped online.
Alden for BB shell. Worn only a few times, but old enough to have faded to a lovely reddish brown patina. Available.
Did not kop this clutch of recent Zegnas, but I can proxy. All 56R EU, around $55-65 each. Couple 15milmil15s in there. And this incredibly baller been had full length green shearling. $220 IIRC.
Like this?Going to Ebay, but PM me if you have to have it. [[SPOILER]]
Is this a known maker?
I've slowed up a lot since college.
wrong thread
New Posts  All Forums: