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Yeah, those are shell.
That's aggravating, but at least it sounds like he made an honest mistake and isn't just trying to screw you over. Unlike a lot of the buyers we deal with.
A few items available for trade or cash offers. I'm especially interested in: Selvedge jeans, 35-36W; shoes 11.5D. Might also be interested in other stuff depending on what you have. 41-42R, 16.5x34 PRL made in Italy linen SC, 42L. Sweet piece, Santa gift from Dan, but too long for me. p2p 22 3/4 sh 20 boc 32.5 sl 27 (surgeon's cuffs) J Crew Ludlow linen SC, 42L. p2p 23 sh 19.5 boc 31.5 sl 25 + 1 No-name red seersucker. About 46-48L. p2p 24.5 sh 20.5 boc...
Hmmm...thanks. Think I'll pass, then.
"Alfani, Alfani, Alfani...wait a minute. THAT red label looks different." Consignment store pop. 3x Isaia Base S - wool/linen SC, silk SC, super 130s suit. All NA - going in my closet or on the bay.
Both sides of the outseam are purple selvage. Unless I'm misunderstanding your point?
PRPS. Legit? Kop?
Nice! Sorry, I can't be much help, vintage denim is not my area of expertise. I do know that union tag was used for like 80 years, so it's not much help in dating things.
Nice! 1940s. Deadstock? Looks close to it, anyway. Might get a couple bills out of that.
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