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You're right, PV. '60s-'70s. Definitely not much older than that.
Yeah, the EXIF data is the culprit. There's an EXIF tag for "orientation," and some camera devices use it to rotate photos instead of actually changing the orientation of the photo itself. The iPhone is a prime example.I have a (PC) program called EXIF Editor I use to clean those up. I open the picture in the program, find the Orientation field, and change the value to 0. You can apply the change to a batch of pictures all at once.Another option, which is cumbersome but...
No, no shipping at all, unfortunately. Our only access is by visiting the store in person or shopping with one of the folks who buy there and resell. Forum member @Steve Smith is a good one.
That's a nice one, Uncle, but looks significantly different than your usual Optimo model. Much higher, less tapered crown, no?
Regular old Jim is not great, but JB Black is decent stuff.
Anybody want these? Edward Green for Nordstrom, burgundy calf semi-brogues. 202 last, 12B US. They have a good bit of wear, as you can see. They were previously half-soled, poorly, and probably need to be resoled. I was going to make a project of them, but they don't fit me well enough.Make me an offer, preferably cash but I'll consider a trade. I'm 41R, 16.5x34, 35W, 11.5US. [[SPOILER]]
@FENWAY just found a pair in 9.5D, and he might be able to wear the ones you found.
Here are my #8 PCT boots from the seconds list: Main flaw seems to be this dye splotch on the shaft of the right boot. Doesn't bother me enough to return - what do y'all think?
Doesn't sound like they'll never do it, they just aren't taking preorders for any future runs right now.
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