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@capnwes did you knock over an outerwear museum?
Cool! I've always wanted to get inside there.Nasty Gal, Rue La La, a few others. Gilt is the only one with a warehouse sale, though. Zappos is moving their outlet to Vegas.
Yeesh, I go on vacation for a week and there's 940 new posts. What'd I miss? Saw Wes's deadstock boots haul. Great stuff. I didn't do much thrifting while I was out, but I did have a bit of luck at Marshall's, for the first time ever: Borrelli tux shirt for $15: 5x Southern Tide bows, $3 each:
Come on, we need a proper picture of that coat. You know what to do.
If you have a tracking number for the Armenian service, you might try http://www.trackitonline.ru/
You sure about the measurements on that one? That P2P is more like a 36R. Hard to imagine a 40 being taken in that much, but I could be wrong.
I loved and hated holiday sales when I was in retail. Commission for December was always awesome. Commission for Jan-March, when all that stuff was being returned and putting you in the red, SUCKED. I went home after several shifts having lost money.
He doesn't have anything listed on Etsy or Ebay and hasn't posted on his Facebook site in a couple months. Hope he's on a long vacation or something.@Typhoid Jones you listening? Everything OK?
Ah, New York.
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