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NP, please use the spoiler function to hide pictures when you're quoting someone, especially when there are a lot of pics. It's the little blacked-out speech bubble icon in the editor.
Just send it to me and you won't have to bother.
There are a fair number of people here, myself included, who have realized the hard way that we can't flip everything Wes and Spoo can - not profitably, anyway.
You'll probably have to pay duties on the full amount, though I'm sure you're expecting that already. I'd go ahead and provide the proof; you didn't mark it down, and you can honestly say you didn't ask for it to be done and had no control over the seller's actions. You shouldn't be in any trouble, I'd think.
hey guys I think gmmcl was joking
Authorities may be about to bring indictments in the Great Pappy Theft from a year and a half ago: http://www.bourbonblog.com/blog/2015/04/14/pappy-van-winkle-thieves-indicted-steroid-case/
Guess this counts as DIY: I'm trying my hand for the first time at carving a pipe. Started with a pre-drilled kit block, mostly because I don't have the equipment to turn and drill a stem. Decided to do a big poker sitter because simplicity. Roughed out the shape freehand with a coping saw, disc sander and dremel; from here on out I'll just use hand files and sandpaper to finish it. Still figuring out exactly what I want to do with the shank. Progress pics:
Need moar pics!
Happy Easter from me and the Little Gent.
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