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At this point, this thread has been so on fire for so long that when I don't check the it over the weekend, I come back to it expecting amazingness. @silverwarebandit and @SpooPoker just blew my expectations away. Well done, guys!
By "you'd probably do better on Ebay" I meant "I doubt SFers are interested in most of those."Have you considered listing them in lots of 4-6 pairs each on Ebay?
You'd probably have better luck on Ebay with most of it. Made-in-England Cole Haans might be desirable here, and any Imperial, Royal Imperial, or 50's-and-earlier Florsheims.
Man, for your good, I'm just gonna pre-emptively state now that none of the shoes ever found in this thread, now or in the future, are size 11.5. None of them.
That's one ugly-colored car, but I wish you the best with it! Looking forward to the deals.
Yeah - every year the White House selects or commissions a painting for the Christmas cards. Staff and VIP friends get one of those large-format prints. I have one or two sitting around from when I worked in the Bush admin. Need to get them framed.
When you make a seller an offer that's halfway between his opening bid and the BIN, seller declines, and you win the auction for less than you offered...
Ain't got no white jacket, son.
If it's too big for Eazy, pm me!
New Posts  All Forums: