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Taking a break, for now.
Re: the Harley price discussion a page or two ago - I just sold my 12-year-old Sportster for 10% more than I paid for it four years ago. 25-50% above NADA book value for the bike.
My mannequin is a size 40. For jackets 40 and smaller, I don't bother, obviously. For larger ones, I generally do use pins or a clip to give it some shape. It's not going to look "real" or give a true impression of the fit if it's just hanging there all baggy, so why not make it look a bit better?
Spoo you made me jealous with that haul so I had to get even
Nice! First time I've seen the Gregory model from Isaia. Waaaay more structure and padding than the Base S jackets I usually see.
Warm blue is called purple.
I was in Chicago the other day, and managed to get a pic of Eazy out thrifting.
Aren't sea turtle shoes banned/not able to be sold?
I'm selling my 883 right now. Have already gotten a couple offers for the same price I paid for it 3-4 years ago; I'm just trying to see if I can get a few hundred more.
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