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Not just JAB, you can eliminate anything made in South America, East Asia, etc from the neck tags and weed out 95% of a rack immediately. I only look at stuff that has no origin statement on the neck tag or that says it's made in the USA or Europe.
Amazing work, Wes. Great job!
One of the coolest things I've thrifted: ca. 1912 smoking jacket made of double-faced wool with silk frogging.
The hole can be rewoven, look up Fabric Reweavers USA. It might be kinda pricy. Don't bother messing with the sleeves on a jacket you're going to sell. Just include clear pictures and make sure you state the buttonholes are functional. Don't sell the white suit, Ebay doesn't allow selling fake stuff. I mean, you could list it as a "reproduction" and take your chances, but you're asking for the auction to be taken down, or for a SNAD case if you do manage to sell it.
Some of y'all saw this on my IG already but this is one of the coolest things I've thrifted: ca. 1912 smoking jacket made of double-faced wool with silk frogging.Available but possibly dibsed by you-can-probably-guess-who. [[SPOILER]]
The slubby one could be something else with a BB tag slapped on. Label looks weird and I've not seen a content tag like that either.The brown striped untipped one is real, just old.
What is the deal with this seller? Most of his stock is listed multiple times at different prices. For example, he's got the same Brooks Brothers suit listed for $75/$125BIN, $100/$150BIN, $100/$150BIN, and $300BIN/OBO. Some auctions, some BIN. BB Loro Piana cloth coat for $400/$600 BIN, $400/$1000BIN, $450/$650BIN, and $1000BIN/OBO. WTH?
Hit me up if they don't work for you.
Nice. I got the 100K bonus points Chase has been offering for the new Sapphire Reserve card and already booked two free tickets to Europe for me and my wife next summer.
^ Over the last year or two I've changed my strategy for what I pick up and what I do with it, a lot. I sell the highest-end stuff myself (stuff that'll sell for $200+) on Ebay, take the rest of what I can to a local B&M consignment in exchange for credit to spend with them, and leave on the racks stuff that won't work with either of those options. I maybe list one or two things a month these days. I don't have time to list a lot on my own anymore, and shipping stuff to...
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