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Yeah, I was gonna say this, but G beat me to it. There's a variety of cuts on the Row, but Huntsman and Gieves are some of the most severe and military-esque.Anderson & Sheppard (and their descendants like Steed, Thomas Mahon, Steven Hitchcock) are on the soft end of the spectrum. Not soft like Neapolitans, but much less built up and structured than the military tailors.
Label shape and typewritten script on the bottom would be right for A&S, but all the A&S labels I've seen have writing much closer to the top edge than this one. That's not conclusive, as they've changed their label format a lot over the years. But if I had to guess, I'd say not A&S. Definitely SR or influenced thereby, though.
I've never had a store and have always had the 10-day option, I think.
I've looked at that thing six ways from Sunday and I can't see anything but blue. Some goldish/bronze hues in the black, yes, but never any white.
Definitely shell, definitely not Florsheim. @capnwes should be able to ID them if nobody else does.
So, little bit of trivia: The first Levi's factory outside of San Francisco was here in Louisville. Levi Strauss's brother lived here and owned a dry goods company.Anyway, the building still exists. I've literally had dreams of sneaking in and finding stacks of ancient deadstock jeans in a closet.
I've found two Attolinis and a cashmere Kiton made for that store, a few years back. My only finds from either of those makers.They probably just ordered softer shoulders on that model when they placed the order with Caruso.
I found an Attolini jacket once that had only the store tag visible on the lining; the "Sartoria Attolini" tag was inside the pocket. I put it back on the rack because it had a bunch of damage under the arm. Finally decided to pick it up, circled back...and the Attolini tag had been ripped out.I guess someone else was also iffy on the damage, and thought they'd increase their chances of it hanging around til sale time.
New Posts  All Forums: