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People who haven't posted their wants/needs in this thread yet: @1ofTheCoolKids @330CK @aging in rhythm @ATLjon @Chotii @classicthrifter @ClosetEvolution @concealed @eazye @GMMcL @highvoltorb @Hoofit @hooker4186 horse's_ass @kbadgley84 @matty long legs @namdaemun @Nell @Pierson v Post @Purplelabel @Randomore @rayxlui @richnet12 @silverwarebandit @snackbandit @Snoogz @the2ndhandman @Thrift Vader @Tyrone MacStiophain @vexco @Woofa
+1: http://www.chicagonow.com/look-back-chicago/2013/07/forgotten-merchants-kling-bros-co/#image/1
Looking to sell these for $250 shipped (US) or possibly trade for similar quality shoes/boots in ~11.5D (US). [[SPOILER]]
Jompso, I love you bro, but you're posting 2-3x for every post by anyone else in the thread. Slow your roll, man.
They are
C&J Islay for Barneys [[SPOILER]]
Stuff I need: Brown belts, size 36/38, both dressy and casual. Wool socks (dressy or casual, I just prefer wool) Navy/blue gren tie Navy suit (42) Slim wallet Stuff I'm always interested in: Trad clothes Interesting vintage stuff Shoes (11.5) Selvedge denim (36) Sweaters (M/L) Great coffee from a roaster near you Great beer from a brewer near you Good pipe tobacco
Could be Executive Imperials by B.A. Mason.
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