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I'm waiting for Brady's stolen Super Bowl jersey to pop up.
Nice! My wife and are doing Dublin, Edinburgh, London, and Paris for 2 weeks in June. Can't wait!
It looks legit to me. Even has matched pocket jetting, which is an A&S hallmark. They've been much discussed here on SF for getting sloppy with their make at times over the years, so the issues he mentions aren't smoking guns IMO.That said, short of getting A&S to authenticate it themselves, you may have a hard time winning the case if he's determined.I would point him to the English Cut post I linked above, and maybe this dissection thread at C&T - if he's genuinely...
Who wants to ethrift some vintage Hilfiger? Tommy put his house on the market yesterday: [[SPOILER]]
Mouth dropped open multiple times scrolling through snackbandit's post. Incredible, dude! Varietygoods, I appreciate what you're trying to do misspelling brand names and stuff, but it's not catching on here and, after 10 years of thrift thread, it's not likely to. It's just annoying when only one person is doing it.
That went quickly...
People ask me if I'm ill when I wear yellow. Or even cream/ecru. It's not good.
Awesome!Good dry cleaners do the paper in the sleeves thing, especially when mailing a cleaned garment. Rave Fabricare does it for their mail-order service.
I'd guess slightly earlier - 60s, maybe early 70s. HSM switched to a black label in the 70s.
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