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I'd have sent him an invoice for double the list price.
Did I screw up leaving this? It was $40. The "denim" felt weirdly soft and almost stretchy, like a pair of women's jeans. Overall it just didn't quite scream quality at me, like I'd have expected from RRL.
This year's Cheapies poll is going to have two categories: Pro and Amateur.
Hit five stores today, not a single blessed thing. Found BB Regent and Hickey Freeman striped orphans sitting on the rack next to each other, walked all over the store trying to reunite them, failed, and put them back on the end of the rack...where, I realized, someone before me had left them after trying the same thing. @AlexJ1100 was it your wake I was in?
Doesn't Common Projects put numbers on the outside of the heel like that?
Clearly a Hoosier. We try not to let them across the bridge, when we can help it.
Let's not get carried away, now. Who do you think I am, @ReubenR?
Don't worry, they're 10s. Which fit my 11/11.5 feet perfectly 'cause Beans run big.
Also, just ran into @AlexJ1100 in the racks. Can confirm he is a real person, and a nice dude. Good to meet a fellow Louisville thrift bro.
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