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(Oh, are we only doing major cities?) New York, New York / Tristate (seriously, most of the surrounding "towns" are bigger than some of the cities lower on this list) Harrisburg, PA - Eh, I guess. Not that major though....(and not where my best thrifting is either) Baltimore MD, may be a better choice...about equidistant. (and still not where my best thrifting is) Wichita, Kansas -- population 350,000 nearest major City either Kansas City or Oklahoma...
Pls post a warning in that spoiler tag or something for those of us at work.
Speaking of which, how do you get baby poop/spitup out of raw denim without having to wash?
I agree with Chet - pull the last two years' worth of Cheapies in as a guide and inspiration.
Oh, that makes a big difference. Thanks.
Those are tempting, but I wish there was an option for a longer inseam. With those being unsanforized, I'm afraid they'll end up too short.
Yeah, those are shell.
That's aggravating, but at least it sounds like he made an honest mistake and isn't just trying to screw you over. Unlike a lot of the buyers we deal with.
A few items available for trade or cash offers. I'm especially interested in: Selvedge jeans, 35-36W; shoes 11.5D. Might also be interested in other stuff depending on what you have. 41-42R, 16.5x34 PRL made in Italy linen SC, 42L. Sweet piece, Santa gift from Dan, but too long for me. p2p 22 3/4 sh 20 boc 32.5 sl 27 (surgeon's cuffs) J Crew Ludlow linen SC, 42L. p2p 23 sh 19.5 boc 31.5 sl 25 + 1 No-name red seersucker. About 46-48L. p2p 24.5 sh 20.5 boc...
New Posts  All Forums: