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Drew, is a FQHH CM possible? And if so, is it possible to get a photo comparing the medium brown calf to both the medium and dark FHQQ? (I'm going off what I can see up on the website at the moment) Cheers
^ Can't say, I can't take my eyes off how small those shoes make your hands look.
Huh?! Tell her "I don't see no ring on this finger!"
I hope you slapped PDinh when he sold it to you (before graciously accepting your new jacket), it's damn near criminal for someone to sell something that pretty.
Medium Whiskey Calf/Gunmetal Hardware...oh wait
No weight loss, hair tied back is the only difference.So you lot keep telling me. But I'm happy, so all's good with the world as far as I'm concerned.
Corrected Medium Whiskey Calf MDR is finally back in my hands! Fit is much better now, I'll throw up some proper photos when my camera comes back from the shop. Big thanks to Drew, Dan and Charly for seeing this sorted out. It's been something of an ordeal, but I'm a happy customer once more.
Thanks for the suggestions mate, the jacket is back with ToJ already but the alterations they're making will probably just be to the taper into and out of the waist.All the bunching up is happening around the waistline (where the excess material is), so finger's crossed, with that excess removed, the jacket will look cleaner through the middle. At any rate, I'm intrigued to see how it turns out.
To be fair, ToJ is made-to-measure clothing. Which is a BIG drawcard for people with odd shapes and proportions. It's what brought me here, and I'm sure it's what brought a large number of others too. When a person can't find flattering jackets on clothing racks anywhere, then M2M is where they're going to look.And unlike half the discussion in this thread - finding sizing/fit solutions that work for people with more awkward shapes, is very much a relevant and appropriate...
Then consider the question coming from me. This is what happens though with a V-cut jacket on an )( shaped torso. IMO it isn't flattering. Better to show off the width of the shoulders an maintain a leaner silhouette through a suppressed waist I think - it's certainly part of what helps my altered Moto attract a lot of comments (ableit worn open).
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