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Geoff those are gorgeous. Nice purchase!!!
Never thought of this, on the right fabric this could be very appealing.
This.Just be aware JAB suits are basically boxes. Do be sure to get it tailored. cheap tailored suit > high end badly fitting suit
Lol post of the day.To the OP, quick answer no. Feel free to wear a vneck sweater.
Wow. There is so much wrong with the skunk styled shoe. While I'm at it, I find the first pair ugly as well.
You're 6'3 or 6'4 and only weigh 83kgs??? 180ish pounds for a "ripped" man of your height is a contradiction in itself. Moving on, actual advice... Figure out an image you want to portray. Then go about aquiring the right garments. There isn't much information we can supply unless you're willing to help yourself by telling us what you want. Once you decide, we would be glad to assist in lending advice on how you should be fit.
I wear my EG's everyday. Yes, they are subject to a lot of abuse due to living in Manhattan and walking miles on concrete everyday, but in the end shoes are meant to be worn.
Just fyi, you'll find most men wearing all black to these events.
Hahaha OP I love your idea. I went as Bud Fox a couple years ago to our company halloween party. Adding the 1% sign to GG is a great idea. The people I work with would love that!
Clarks today are horrible quality. Best of Luck.
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