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90 shipped this week!!!
is that in-store only? i wouldn't mind pickin up a pair for $70 lol.
Hello, I am selling a pair of nudie slim jim organic dry broken twill. Here's the link to the jean on the official Nudie website. I paid 180 + tax for these. http://shop.nudiejeans.com/en/product/2105/org-dry-brokentwill I have the same exact pair of jeans in a size 29x32. If your true size is 29,30 or 31, you can fit these depending on the fit you're looking for. I originally bought these under the impression that slim jim was a slim straight fit, which they are. ...
I bought these from bloomingdales a while back for 180+Tax. Wore them about 4x and I didn't like the fit. Been sitting in my closet for months and I finally got off my lazy ass to take some pictures and post. These jeans are practically brand new. You can see that whiskers and honeycombs havent even formed yet just because of how little these have been worn. They are a grim tim fit. And in size 30x34. Offer me and let me know.
selling apc petit standards size 29. barely worn. tons of life left. if your true size is 30 or 31, these will fit you perfectly depending on your preference on fit. I am not a good picture taker at all. These were my crappy phone camera pics wit horrible lighting. In honest truth, the jeans really don't look bad for the price I am selling it for. Paypal accepted. Message me if you're interested.
tryna get rid of these!!
I have a pair of barely worn apc petit standard size 29. I wore them for about a week and a half straight and haven't touched them since. I'm selling these because they're too big. It was my first time buying apc's and I ordered it online and didn't know they stretch soooo f**king much. So take these off me for cheap. prices are negotiable. Add 15 dollar for shipping.
If I wear a size 29 in nudie thin finns (normal waist size being 30), what size should I buy in NC? PS?
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