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Unlikely. If there is, it will be a marginal amount. Forearm/ front seam will have nothing to let out and shouldn't be touched anyway.See if you can feel for the edge of seam allowance on the back seam. If it is 1/4" to 3/8" wide you cannot do anything.
Your posture poses issues that may not be easy to fix in OTR or even MTM clothingVery hip forward stance, relative length of front is greater than the back so balance of the jackets would need to be addressed.Trouser fit is an issue, it is a complicated fix at the pattern stage for hip forward, tucked seat which presents the calves in the same plane as the seat fullness. Correction for bow leg would also help. Skinny leg trousers accentuate the issues.Would love to see a...
The jacket is a bit long as are the sleeves.I think the button position is fine, but if you shortened the jacket too much it could look odd.If you are thinking of shortening the jacket, pin up the hem and have another look before determining the amount.
Reducing the front depth of the collar band is not worth doing after the fact. Costly, and likely would never look as crisp and finished as it does now.(There is a buttonhole in the way.)
I think lapels are fine.There are things you cannot do anything about now, just to keep in mind for your next suit.The hip pockets are too high. They are too close to your waist.The buttoning point is too high and not flattering. if the first button moved down at least an in maybe a bit more and the pockets shifted down as well it would be better?The waistcoat is cut for a higher waist, which would be ok if the trousers were not cut as low in the rise as they are. The two...
It looks like to coat is wearing you.
Not normal.Needs a different cut of sleeve for a jacket that sits so close to the body and with the shoulders where they are. Your bicep should not bulge out of the sleeve silhouette, and the structure of the coat shoulder, seam allowances, etc should not be visible.Again, to achieve a slim fit means modifying the pattern shapes, not just making the same pattern shape smaller or stuffing people into a smaller size jacket.
I am aware of the process and understand that MTM is limited to a degree, but it was a sorry excuse in a broad sense.If I stuff someone in a jacket two sizes too small, should I tell them the problem is not with the jacket but with their size?
Yes its your fault they cannot cut a pair of trousers that fit you and look good.
I hope that means starting from scratch. I doubt the trousers can be salvaged.
New Posts  All Forums: