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No.The shirt has been getting more fitted with current fashion, but the basic pattern has not changed too much with the change in fashion. Shirts commonly had 6-8+ inches of ease depending on the fashions of the day....the basic sleeve pattern has had a shape that allows for raising the arms without undue pulling up at the sides. It goes with a looser fititng body.Now that people are ordering for themselves and usually choosing to go too small because they do not...
Well it looks more skin tight than slim fit now. You obviously need more circumference in the sleeve, so that means a larger armhole as well as a more generously cut sleeve. The sleeve looks the way it does because it is the usual shirt sleeve with a flatter sleeve crown set into a too fitted body.
Yes, too tapered. In fact no one will notice anything but the trousers.
I would not recommend keeping it.Balance is quite off, it is also a bit too tight, big job to fix with no guarantee of a satisfactory result.
Sorry not Despos,Often this is fixed by pinning horizontally across at upper back until the vent hangs straight, but in this case, and in some others, it is the cut/pattern of the entire back, not allowing for a regular or full seat.Same reason many side vents splay too.No time to get into technical drawing this morning though.
Unflattering. Not a balanced silhouette.Fronts look like they are one size and backs another! Fronts too small/ too tight/too narrow, not enough fabric where you need it.Sleeves become too tight, you should not see the fullness of the upper arm through the fabric, in fact the whole upper front looks pasted on.
i am not sure these can be saved.I do not have extensive knowledge of MTM, but perhaps start by looking for an athletic cut if one exists. Full thighs, need more fabric in front, full seat needs more fabric in back with likely two darts not one and you need more thigh circumference so longer back fork....basically a whole different pattern than perhaps is available from this maker/style.
I hate to rain on anyone's parade, but I would say that what I notice right off the top is that the shoulders are too narrow for your body type. It makes you look wider at the hip.As for the waistcoat, it barely seems to be made for the human body. It is not a flattering look to have such low rise trousers and a gap between the waistcoat and trouser at the waist. Atleast do up the last button on the waistcoat, but it has a mtriad of issues front and back and side. Sorry.
My question to you would be "why"? What are the driving forces at work here?Second thing would be to ask if you have ever worked with your hands before this? People who like to tinker with things or draw or do woodworking or some other craft that involves making things of any kind often have more of a chance.....the profession is about making things after all, not just thinking about making things.
How much? Well, until the problem goes away?If you stand with hip forward and calves protruding beyond the buttocks, the pattern needs much work. It is a slightly more complex fix than just letting out the calves, though that may help a bit. How much can be let out depends on how much seam allowance has been left on the inseam and outseam.
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