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Are you making shirts? manufacturers need to figure it out, if you have no experience as a patternmaker, then why would they listen to third hand solutions from a customer?i don't have time to school you or some commercial enterprise in the finer technical points of pattern making.Sorry, just how it is.Find another brand that you like , which gives you the fit you are after.
More length in underarm/sleeve seam. Translates to a shallower sleevehead and therefore a wider sleeve which doesn't look as clean in a shirt that is overfitted, as many are trying to achieve.Problem seems to be shirtmakers retaining traditional shirt pattern forms but customers changing the fit parameters. There is a limit to how fitted a trad shirt pattern can be made, before it creates other issues.
Not sure what is going on with the ridge around the neck.Sleeve looks skimpy from elbow to wrist, needs more width not less. Length - Might be a bit long, fix width issue first.
Well it certainly wasn't a well thought out design decision at the pattern stage. I think it is wrong, the breast pocket should be higher , but you cannot do anything about it now.
Different type of sleeve pattern
What i see is the back looking a bit short, you can see in the profile view how it just pulls up at the centre back.Also, the vent is pulling open a tidge.The fronts could use a bit more of reduction below the pocket, which translates into a larger dart horizontally at the pocket, making the front hang more vertically below your waist.Definitely a pattern stage adjustment, not a finished coat changeYou have a dropped shoulder which makes the sleeve lengths look a bit off.
Well nothing useful can be extrapolated from those trousers from your end, or from anyone here.They should look at the pictures and take the trousers apart to determine their own problems and what went wrong.I don't know what information you supplied that could have ended up with these results.
Seriously, send them the pictures and get your money back. Find another source.
Wow.I don,t think I have ever seen anything quite like this before.I really encourage you to send them back to wherever you got them and get a refund.
Just a few thoughts. Who measured you or are you taking measurments based on a shirt you already own?You have very square shoulders- let them know that. Yes sleeves are too short.You cannot have a 19" shoulder and reduce the torso even more- just causes more problems. If you are looking for a very slim fit, then the yoke width/shoulder cannot remain too much wider than your body.Flatter sleeve head will allow more arm movement (longer underarm seam) but makes a slightly...
New Posts  All Forums: