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You have prominent pecs , likely not accounted for in chest measurment, hence the shirt is too small.Armhole is too small then as well.Your shoulders are more sloped than shirt but the shirt shoulders cannot drop down as the dimension at the chest is controlling that.Shape of a shirt pattern armhole also contributes- because it is less shaped, in a too small shirt the breadth across the front is pulled right into the armhole
Yes i meant reduce the padding to see if that helps.Don't know of any videos.
The fabric looks strained across the upper back.In my experience, RTW offers little to no allowance for alterations. Someone correct me if I am wrong.I am firstly a bespoke patternmaker/cutter, not an alteration tailor.Generally, it is easier to work with something that needs to be taken in rather than let out. See if the next size up is workable. Your full blades need the extra width incorporated into more ease in the back shoulder (and perhaps a bit more length over the...
Again it depends on why it is happening.Could be caused by too thick a shoulder pad in relation to the clients build and the cut of the jacket. Reduce and see if it makes it better.Barring some other contributing factor, the undercollar gets unpicked, back neck marked lower and back neck point dropped and shoulder seam made more square. Restitch
In theory yes. Much easier on something bespoke at a fitting as it can be done at the shoulder, because there will be fabric allowed for making those changes. Not so easy to do on a finished RTW jacket. Likely not cost effective.
So are you saying that the neckline gapes? It sits too wide and away from the sides and or back of the neck? Did you have work done on it? Without photos it is impossible to hazard a guess.
You have a combination of a prominent uuper blade area on the left/ and a dropped right shoulder. That causes the issues in both the back and front of the body. The trousers look like they have multiple issues, hip forward / tucked seat stance, and seem to be a bit too big. Too big in this case would be easier to correct than than too tight with similar problems.
It looks to me that the front balance is short, you have a prominent chest and would need more shaping than standard. An under lapel dart is one of the usual ways of shaping the jacket for your body type. The vents should not pull open as they do, nor should the front create an x when buttoned. This is a reply to Hooligans post previous page.
Oh yes I did.
I will comment on the waistcoat only.The waistcoat has a serious balance issue. You can see that the neckpoint is pulling, there are diagonal drags in the chest and the waist placement does not reflect or fit where your waist is. Too much "air" between the garment and your body.The shoulders should be opened and the fronts let down to where it will sit better on the body. Is there a dart in the front? If not you could use one, but if the pockets are in then it is too...
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