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If the holes already exist, then shortening at the hem will likely leave you with an odd situation with holes too close to the new hem.Shortening from the top that much especially in a patterned fabric is likely to throw off any pattern matching of sleeve to body, and may not be successfult to size the new sleeve position to existing armhole size.Try to find a jacket with non functioning sleeve buttonholes is a better way to go.
No you don't need to take anything out of the waist. I cannot see why you would think that because it is too tight. Try a size up if possible and compare.It is too bad that the generally the cut of trousers these days is so terrible. I don't know if going bigger will improve them, maybe, but I think it is the base pattern being used that is way off, and this is prevalent across many brands.
Well, I wonder what the back looks like.If the back is sitting perfectly, then the fix is to drop the neck point thereby adding length, but it is unlikely that there will be enough seam allowance left in a finished jacket to do so.
Well taking the waist in is not the answer to crossing fronts, that is a neck point issue- short front balance which causes the fronts to cross.
They do not seem excessive. The shoulder divot is a problem, please search for the posts explaining why this happens.Altering shoulders (smaller) when there is already a problem with divots is not to be done. There is already a lack of fabric.
Pleats mean there is is added width in the back panel usually from yoke to hem, and the excess is pleated in to fit the yoke.If you are trying to get the waist suppressed then darts are a choice you can make.Back Pleats and back darts are not used together in a shirt.Get a tape measure or get someone to measure you.
The shirt has to have enough circumference to just hang a bit more loosely , so you could ask for more room through the hips.If that ends up giving you too much extra at the waist then back darts seem like the way to go.
I'd shorten the sleeves very slightly but leave them otherwise alone.Slight sloping shoulder adjustment- just a bit, the bottom of the armhole should move down correspondingly- i am going to assume that is the norm!In a shirt pattern there is usually some shaping (fabric removed horizontally) in the yoke seam at the back, and increasing that dart slightly may help clean up the hang of the fabric at the back armhole area. (It is a dart that has become a seam). Not sure if...
My question is, what is the difference between your actual chest size, and what you ordered for the chest size of the shirt?You have ordered pleats in the back but the size is so small you can see they are pulling open, which they shouldn't.Don,t bother worrying about the forearm, because you need to get a much larger problem fixed first.If you want a closer fit in the back, don,t get the pleats and add darts to suppress the waist..
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