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^^ decently used for a bit, completely structurally intact. description says it well. it's a white backpack - it's going to start showing wear fast. and honestly, it looks a lot better than it used to when it was new and pristine.
a bit late on these but from left:raf simons fw05, cdg vettiveru, balenciaga hoodcoatbetter pics/detail [[SPOILER]] not sure i'll end up wearing the raf much but i wanted to try it out. will hold on to it for a while.cdg vettiveru is amazing and am super satisfied by itbalenciaga coat makes me sad i won't be able to wear it for ~8 months. pics don't do it justice
measurements and more info added. someone is really interested in it.
quite broad shoulders
damn, was pretty intent on that luc. i still want it, but i'll give myself more time before committing either way. i like the patch pockets on the ann, but i also think it looks kind of cheap as fuck in a good way, but also in a way where it's something i actually wish i paid little money for.yeah, the bane of my existence. i might actually try one out from there though. i do have a $200 credit that's just sitting after all. toasty gave me a rec that seems like it could be...
i say go for that cap if you think it will work. i want an ro blistered lamb cap...i probably couldn't pull it off though. also, hat hair
^^ they fucked it all up and only stock crappy t-shirts now
i don't own a single jacket that's a blazer. i ordered a marvielab one that i loved from ln-cc but they sent the wrong thing and it turned out they were out of stock. was really disappointing. but, now i found one i like:it's luc, so not at all cheap. but for €350 (~$455) it doesn't seem like a bad price considering how much luc can run for. color is dark brown, cotton fabric.detail: [[SPOILER]] also, this ann popped up today:it's wool/cashmere and seller says it's meant...
i wore glasses for a year and a half. i never really wore them unless at home or driving though. people told me they looked good and were well suited for my face but it's weird adjusting to being a glasses person. also didn't like the BURBERRY on the side. got contacts this january and it's sooooo much better. i have complete perfect vision now (i.e. no peripheral blurriness), look like my normal self, can wear sunglasses, and be more active with good vision. it didn't...
this one is worse in my opinionhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/T-B-C-Back-zip-suede-and-leather-boots-size-UK-11-Guidi-A1923-Rick-Augusta-/151001745883?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item232867c9db
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