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this collection was awesome. best of a/w 2013, and if you disagree you're wrong.
^^ still more relevant than half the posting that goes on here.
wasn't talking about this specific case really, just about the coat in general. i know people have had sizing issues and that he had two (...but if it's so nice, why not keep both (7)). i still don't see why people lust so hardcore over it, though. i feel like it all stems from that one fit pic that circles around. again, i like it, but i think its degree of hype is a bit undeserved.
fit pics added! BUT.... after trying these on again for fit pics, i'm raising the price back to $250. they fit, and i like them. not totally sure i'll sell them even if someone is willing to pay that amount, but i still encourage you to inquire as i *probably* will.
i know there's a hair thread somewhere else on this forum, but i feel like there should be a swd specific one. i don't really go anywhere but here and the marketplace. i guess hair products are pretty universal to both mc and swd users, but actual haircut preferences are probably pretty different, so separating that aspect at least seems logical. i've said this before, though
people probably realize it's not that special once they receive it. don't get me wrong, i like it. i just think it's been hyped up a lot without justification. there's just not that much that distinguishes it.
vans are the clear winner. toms are really ugly
they have the premium cotton ones up, just kind of hidden amongst all the dry package thumbnails.crewneck:'re different from before. cotton is still pretty soft - just not as much so imo. a bit thinner maybe which is probably better for s/s. i was just never a...
xpost on these 3.1 phillip lim cropped pants from the should/shouldn't i thread: [[SPOILER]] also liking these lim shorts...maybe more than the pants. but at $450 i think i'll wait to see if they hit sale (and how low the price goes).
on the one hand, i typically like waiting for sales but this is only $275 retail. on the other, not sure how effective this is for combatting spring/summer heat (main reason i would get it), or if i even like it that much. would probably wear with sneakers, not sandals.
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