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i say go for that cap if you think it will work. i want an ro blistered lamb cap...i probably couldn't pull it off though. also, hat hair
^^ they fucked it all up and only stock crappy t-shirts now
i don't own a single jacket that's a blazer. i ordered a marvielab one that i loved from ln-cc but they sent the wrong thing and it turned out they were out of stock. was really disappointing. but, now i found one i like:it's luc, so not at all cheap. but for €350 (~$455) it doesn't seem like a bad price considering how much luc can run for. color is dark brown, cotton fabric.detail: [[SPOILER]] also, this ann popped up today:it's wool/cashmere and seller says it's meant...
i wore glasses for a year and a half. i never really wore them unless at home or driving though. people told me they looked good and were well suited for my face but it's weird adjusting to being a glasses person. also didn't like the BURBERRY on the side. got contacts this january and it's sooooo much better. i have complete perfect vision now (i.e. no peripheral blurriness), look like my normal self, can wear sunglasses, and be more active with good vision. it didn't...
this one is worse in my opinionhttp://www.ebay.com/itm/T-B-C-Back-zip-suede-and-leather-boots-size-UK-11-Guidi-A1923-Rick-Augusta-/151001745883?pt=UK_Men_s_Shoes&hash=item232867c9db
spaceghostpurrp is really good. i've liked his stuff a lot more than asap rocky's new album. that said, the sgp bmw ep kind of sucked. he just recently released a song called red wine that's good though. i'd really recommend you get the god of black mixtape. the song "raider prayer" is one of my favorite rap songs of all time. some other people in "raider clan" have pretty good stuff too.damn i keep contributing to the off-topic posts i complain about...can't help it.
posting in this thread so i can notice it easier
ann d ones might be a touch loose, but should fit without any discomfort. i'm usually a us11 and i don't own a pair of cps but i think i'd be a 44 since i'm pretty sure my vandals have the same sole. having said that, i have a pair of ann sneakers in size 44 and they're tight. at first it was kind of uncomfortable, but after months they stretched a bit - still definitely a bit smaller than i'd prefer, though. for future pairs i'll look for 44.5s or 45s first.
i assume this is intended to be humorous but i don't get it. yeah, that is what i said and it is generally how i feel about my facebook profile, but i don't see why you quoted it.
in person and other places online i don't take things very seriously. my facebook is pretty much a joke and i post whatever i think is funny even if it confuses/shocks people. i just dislike that repetitive, dead horse kind of stuff and internet memes in general. most aren't funny to begin with and once they become popular they can be torture.
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