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Final price drop.
Price dropped to $125.
Price dropped to $190.
^^I would go with first pair. I feel like that's a really good picture of them though and that they might not end up that great. I dunno. Also, should I try out these DD women's pants? I'm really tempted by the idea but am worried they will fit poorly and I won't be able to sell them. Seller on sufu has had them for a while...
Yeah that jacket is awesome. Would not have hesitated if it were my size. I can't believe he's selling it because of blanket ass. That's the best part!
He doesn't really have much muscle on the bottom either. Anyway, I agree with Fuuma. Even if it's not really 'formal' it looks much more like he's dressed to fit a certain setting (even if not a super dressy one) on the top while on bottom it's as casual as he wishes. It's not some grave disaster but it does strike me as a bit incogruent.
That Easter code is not for the U.S. I don't think. It's not working for me either. Just wait patiently, before you know it there will be a code. If you want something that bad, well, $10 shipping shouldn't be stopping you.
They've probably had the most unholy threesome of all time.
I remember seeing one where a guy was wearing the black high tops with an Ann D polo and some shorts and it looked quite good in my opinion.
That's a horrible idea. I actually went there for a semester and it's a nice place but fuck... the general attitude there can really be annoying if you don't have it.
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