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...to get even worse.
For 'normal' clothes it would likely pose a greater issue than more higher fashion stuff where it's less about fitting into an accepted criteria. For those pants specifically I think that would have been the case - the measurements seemed really abnormal for me. I kind of needed that reassurance to not go through with it, though. Still, I definitely think it can work in certain instances.
Everything is priced in USD All Prices Include Paypal Fees Shipping within CONUS is included in pricing Please inquire about international shipping if there is no price - this usually means + ~$30 All items are shipped within 24 business hours of payment 3 (fits a 44 / slim 46) Waist - 16.5" Front Rise - 9.5" Inseam - 32" Hem - 7" 100% Wool Exterior, 100% Cupro Lining Made in Japan I recently got this and unfortunately they're a bit small on me. They are...
Final price drop.
Price dropped to $125.
Price dropped to $190.
^^I would go with first pair. I feel like that's a really good picture of them though and that they might not end up that great. I dunno. Also, should I try out these DD women's pants? I'm really tempted by the idea but am worried they will fit poorly and I won't be able to sell them. Seller on sufu has had them for a while...
Yeah that jacket is awesome. Would not have hesitated if it were my size. I can't believe he's selling it because of blanket ass. That's the best part!
He doesn't really have much muscle on the bottom either. Anyway, I agree with Fuuma. Even if it's not really 'formal' it looks much more like he's dressed to fit a certain setting (even if not a super dressy one) on the top while on bottom it's as casual as he wishes. It's not some grave disaster but it does strike me as a bit incogruent.
That Easter code is not for the U.S. I don't think. It's not working for me either. Just wait patiently, before you know it there will be a code. If you want something that bad, well, $10 shipping shouldn't be stopping you.
New Posts  All Forums: