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i'd prefer they not be perforated but i'd still take a pair of those ann. i desperately want a pair of beige ann d's though (have black). i think i've made this clear many times now, signature, etc. but so good
been a while... a1923 [[SPOILER]] someone had to buy them...and they actually fit this time. now someone buy the pair i'm selling also got plane tickets to pittsburgh and i think that's it.
yeah, i did sell a pair. the fabric was pretty nice, but you're right - too hot for least in texas. i would wear them sometimes, but they're hardly what i'd call ideal for 100+ degree weather (which seemed like the majority of days during the middle of last summer). low 80's probably wouldn't be so bad. i'd still rather have something more lightweight, though. also, when it comes down to real hot weather, something that hits at or slightly above the knees can...
in january/when it was longer: [[SPOILER]] shortly after getting my haircut last wednesday: [[SPOILER]] i liked it before but it definitely got too long and i like it shorter as it is now better anyway...shame it won't last. also am starting to shampoo regularly again (every ~3 days) and using product. not sure why i thought it looked better before. it didn't. just looked greasier.and i don't blow dry my hair but should probably start. when i get my hair cut, my stylist...
yeah the basement is easily the best part of that store in my opinion. at least for men it is.
definitely. both the herm├Ęs and his own stuff are really nice
agreed to a certain extent, but that doesn't take away from how nice it really was. i think it beats/matches a lot of the collections before the dip of the past few years. i don't pay much attention to chalayan or pugh, so i won't comment for now. maybe i'll check them out later and have a rebuttal.
on second thought, i think i'll wait and see if this hits sale. i like these, but for the quickly approaching heat it won't be my best defense. real shorts would probably be a better investment
as of a few weeks ago, i have this anyway, i know what you're saying. everyone likes different things, and pics don't do it complete justice (true of most great clothes). i like minimal, too, and i like this coat - in fact, i think it's quite nice. i just think it's been overhyped and for many people who buy based on that, they'll be disappointed. i've seen so many of these coats pop up recently, and it's hard for me to believe that a good portion of those aren't people...
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