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i've hardly had any time to post recently, but i have to say that this thread blows. i think i've said that at least 10 times now. just block this ass clown and move on
also, unfortunately they're so thin that i'm pretty sure it would bleed no matter where i tested. maybe i could do then inside behind a pocket but still seems risky. but they already look off in color so i don't know how much i have to lose.
i think they might have faded already from the scrubbing and shit i've done. they're black and i don't want to dye them but i might. was dumb of me to wear them while i did that
anyone know how to get super glue out of clothes? i split the wood on my door and was glueing the panels back together and i guess some got on the carpet and then on my pants. they're 70% linen, 30% cotton then schneider pants. i've washed them and that appears to be pretty ineffective. i've used goo gone/goof off too and it hasn't really done much. most effective thing at this point is picking it off with my fingers but it's taking forever and i don't know that it will do...
houston's not that bad but it's definitely not a tourist city. you need to know it well to have any fun. montrose is probably my favorite area. the museum district is definitely worth checking out (you can spend a good amount of time here) and so is the zoo and parts of hermann park. pm me if you want recommendations for restaurants, bars, etc.
kind of interested in those anns. where did you find them?
not sure who is selling it, but just to make sure you're aware i took that pic and i'm not trying to sell it.
i'd prefer they not be perforated but i'd still take a pair of those ann. i desperately want a pair of beige ann d's though (have black). i think i've made this clear many times now, signature, etc. but so good
been a while... a1923 [[SPOILER]] someone had to buy them...and they actually fit this time. now someone buy the pair i'm selling also got plane tickets to pittsburgh and i think that's it.
yeah, i did sell a pair. the fabric was pretty nice, but you're right - too hot for summer...at least in texas. i would wear them sometimes, but they're hardly what i'd call ideal for 100+ degree weather (which seemed like the majority of days during the middle of last summer). low 80's probably wouldn't be so bad. i'd still rather have something more lightweight, though. also, when it comes down to real hot weather, something that hits at or slightly above the knees can...
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