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i kind of had that feeling before i bought these. i probably would have preferred calf or something more typical like my black pair. that said, after receiving them i'm glad they're horsehair. the quality is quite good, which i think helps a lot.i have a want to buy thread on sz for the sneakers in my signature. i bumped it a few weeks ago and someone responded saying they have these ones and had barely used them yet. i've been looking for off-white ann sneakers for a long...
past few weeks. graduation gifts to myself but i would have probably bought them all in any case. og helmut lang bondage coat guidis damir doma laser etched leather creepers ann d off-white horsehair sneakers the hunt continues for my ann d grail sneakers, but these ones are very awesome nonetheless. look better than i expected.
$650 but considering offers. probably won't have a shot at these again
those margiela's are an abomination
$20 ebay credit about to expire and i don't know what to buy...
^^ just by coincidence i was just about to complain about yoox's pricing too. take this: http://www.yoox.com/us/41360796XX/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=41360796XX&sizeId=4 i mean, ann d is way overpriced in any case, but a coat shouldn't cost $1500 on yoox. i also want to try this pair of shorts out: http://www.yoox.com/us/36409000QO/item?dept=#sts=dreambox80&cod10=36409000QO&sizeId= but even if i considered my $200 credit free money it still doesn't really seem worth...
those are like the exact same length
and they need to be beat in
wow now i feel dumb haha. i see it all the time. i guess i've just never had a pair to do it on before so it didn't occur to me. it wouldn't have been that tragic, but i'm glad i didn't go ahead and cut the laces.
i just got a pair of guidi's that i like quite a bit and it's not at all a big deal, but the long laces throw me off. i'm going to just cut them to a normal length, but why would they even include such long laces to begin with? i get that people might to cut them to their preferred size, but even considering that these are still super long. just seems like a waste and a slight inconvenience for the buyer. i can't imagine anyone wanting laces this long. on boots i could see...
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