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Hello, I am rather new to this forum in terms of posts, but have been a lurker for a while now. I live in Norway and I am looking for a nice waxed jacket or something close that is water resistant and looks great for the fall/early winter. Considering I am a student without the possibility of trying out a Barbour waxed jacket I'd really like it to fit when it arrives. I am a slim small or a regular XS, really depends on the brand (In PRL I am a Small in the Slim fit...
I am also one of those who hasn't got their item(s) yet. Bought the parka which was shipped 6/3/2011, so it's been over two months since it was shipped. Anyone who still hasn't got their item?
No one?
Yeah I know about the tan bag, but I can't seem to get around of liking it. Otter green though, that's beautiful. Or brown.
I am interested in the Filson large laptop bag #257 in either otter green or brown, even though green is preferable. I live in Norway so the shipping, cost of the bag new and added cost after customs dealt with it is just too much for me to justify for a day-to-day bag atm. So if anyone have one too many or just wants to get rid of their bag - PM me, thanks.
edit: wrong thread.. but as I'm already here, I love bananas.
edit: nevermind, wrong topic.
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