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Hello again, We just got in Billy Kirk bags which we will be putting up online soon! -black leather tote -oiled canvas black large carryall -oiled canvas olive medium carryall Check back in an hour. T
Hi Chip, That is currently up in the air
Hey Chip, That's currently up the air
Hi Brinbo, Here's what is to come. Bella Clava Sweater (black) Analog L/S Henly (off white) Reversible Sweatshirt (grey) Trench Coat (black) Bulky Sweater (silver) Compass T-Shirt (black) Leather Elbow l/s T-shirt (black)
Hey, Sorry jumped the gun on the post....give us 30 minutes and you will be able to see the Nice Collective. Thanks
Hi, We just added our new Nice Collective from our fall shipment, take a look as the sweater and button down are really great. http://www.shopjake.com/index.php?pa...shop&brand=199 If you haven't already checked out the new Craig Robinson and Tim Hamilton pieces you should as they are amazing. http://www.shopjake.com/index.php?pa...shop&brand=317 http://www.shopjake.com/index.php?pa...shop&brand=174 Use your style forum code "styleforum" at checkout to...
Hey all, We just marked Band of Outsiders down up to 40% online. Check it out here: http://shopjake.com/index.php?page=shop/shop&brand=3 For sizing or fit questions feel free to shoot us an email to customerservice@shopjake.com. Best, Graham
Hey guys, We have a pre-spring sale going on that doesn't go public until next week but I'm letting you in on it now. Most items are marked down 40% and you can check it out here: http://www.shopjake.com/index.php?pa...p&parent=02_09 We've got some great shorts from Nice Collective and Lova on there or you can pile up the t-shirts at a fantastic price! Also we have some new arrivals in like Unis and Cult of Individuality, a jean line that is new to shopjake.com. ...
Men's denim is landing this week. The first arrival is from Nudie with four styles up: regular alf in sunny http://www.shopjake.com//shop/produc...uct=4413&alt=1 average joe in organic scraped http://www.shopjake.com//shop/produc...uct=4412&alt=1 slim jim in ecru/black http://www.shopjake.com//shop/produc...uct=4411&alt=1 slim jim in aged organic http://www.shopjake.com//shop/produc...uct=4410&alt=1 I'll get new arrivals up here ASAP as they come in. ...
Hi all, We just received two new styles of denim from Denim & Thread: The Frey in alpha, and the Dylan in murray. You can check them out here: http://www.shopjake.com/index.php?pa...shop&brand=259 We have a pretty solid size selection in right now - If you have any questions about them, feel free to shoot an email over to customerservice@shopjake.com.
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