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Do not resize it. Save it in case of a rebound. Buy a new one if you stay thin for a couple of years.
dark blue tie .... with baby hypo's all over it.
That was cool 2 years ago, now that trend is crowded and cheap... you'll end up look like a bunch of cheapo's I see on the subway.
I bought three pairs of nice gamo's for about 100$ each in a sale. Wait for a sale.
I'm using a Polar watch/heart monitor (model rs300x) since I hit the gym everyday and I don't feel like carrying two watches.
Mohair and it's not bad per se. You just need some personality to wear it.
hit the gym and work on those buttocks...
4IH (clear in the first pic, sloppy in the second). It's clearly not a 1/2 Windsor.
I would tell everyone but him .. I'd also take some pictures making sure to show his error and then upload them to the web.
I think 1 inch is ok for business formal/suits but if I had to choose a belt for a business casual i'd go with a thicker one. 1 inch is just too raffiné for bcasual.
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