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I'd like to thank everyone for the answers. They all have been really helpful. I guess I'll have to ask the tailor to add some working buttonholes and be prepared to pay for them. Thank you.
Fit is awesome, I went to a dozen places before settling for this. I considered bespoke and other brands. Couldn't find something I liked better. But thanks for the advice. It's actually my first OTR suit, I do have a few bespoke suits that never fully satisfied me (particularly the trousers).
Hi I'm considering buying a E. Zegna suit from Holt Renfrew. I believe it's the mainline (price 2-3K). However I was worried after I had a look at some Zegna suits at another shop and they seemed to have cuff buttons that didn't work. The sample suits at HR didn't have any buttons on their cuffs. At that price tag I'd expect working buttons on the jacket. So I was wondering if anyone has any experience or advice regarding this as this is the first suit I buy in 5 years...
Do not resize it. Save it in case of a rebound. Buy a new one if you stay thin for a couple of years.
dark blue tie .... with baby hypo's all over it.
That was cool 2 years ago, now that trend is crowded and cheap... you'll end up look like a bunch of cheapo's I see on the subway.
I bought three pairs of nice gamo's for about 100$ each in a sale. Wait for a sale.
I'm using a Polar watch/heart monitor (model rs300x) since I hit the gym everyday and I don't feel like carrying two watches.
Mohair and it's not bad per se. You just need some personality to wear it.
hit the gym and work on those buttocks...
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