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Thank-you bump for a great seller. Fantastic looking HF with side vents! awesome summer selection.
Just received the Dunhill. Gorgeous suit, super fast shipping!
Wow the Kayak of suiting. Thanks Santa! (now if only there were a saved searches and email update option to save me from an impending addiction to checking for new adds...)
would love to see pics of the navy pin if possible. (42R or S if possible)
I was at Saks today and tried on several suits including Zegna's Milano (which I adore), but it does have a very soft shoulder. I also tried the HF Brampton. It has a gorgeous Loro Piana fabric and I thought the cut was comparable to the Milano. It has maybe a little less waist suppression and a center vent, but it does have more of a structured shoulder if that's what you're looking for. (I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary about the button stance, but I admit I...
do you have a waist measurement on the oxxford?
Sending PM about the suit (and shamelessly racking up the required two posts).
I've been lurking for a few weeks, but the Dunhill inspired me to finally make an account.
New Posts  All Forums: