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Jump the Gun Harrington jacket in size 38 and navy blue! Great light jacket with a slimmer cut for the upcoming spring season, unfortunately not my size. Shipping is free to anywhere in the continental United States! Measurements as follows: Chest: 22 inches Sleeve to collar: 32 inches Front Length: 24 inches Back Length: 26.5 inches EDIT: Some photos seem to have gone missing from this listing--will update with new ones ASAP.
The new look of the forum is great, much more slick and a big improvement over classic Invision Power Board. My only criticism is that the text size is a little bit small. Here's a tip for everyone: You can go into your account settings and make styleforum use the full width of the page if you so desire.
Does anyone have one of J. Crew's cotton crewneck sweaters? I'm wondering if it's durable and fits slim, etc. It's tough to bite the bullet on a sale item if it can't be returned!
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung There's no money in counterfeiting niche brands, IMO. The only somewhat niche denim brand I've seen counterfeited in China is N&F, and they're already so cheap that what I say might not have even been counterfeit. Where are you seeing these counterfeits in China? In recent years, I've noticed that brand names are moving into their malls, and at prices that match the ones at home. As a result, didn't buy much...
LEC seems to make pretty good stuff, but there's something strange about the cut of their shirts. The front panel goes up too high, and as a result there's always bunching of extra fabric above the top button. If you straighten it out and lay the material flat against your chest, there's empty space right at the sides of the neck. I don't think I'm anatomically an alien either, as even their model pictures show this happening. It also seems to be a tough problem to fix...
You could also give him something modern but derived from his era. For example, an 80s-inspired jacket. This would depend on when exactly he was around 20, though...
Jorts, eh? They look silly. I know a supposedly bisexual guy who wears them.
Quote: Originally Posted by NaTionS If it's got zippers the cotton will shrink but the zippers won't and you'll end up with warped zippers. I've never experienced cotton clothing shrinking except in the case of t-shirts, probably because prewashing cotton clothes is common. Quite the contrary, stretching is the problem I sometimes run into with cotton shirts and sweaters.
Agreed, they're perfectly respectable t-shirts. For basics, brands don't seem to be particularly indicative of quality. As long as the t-shirt fits, I buy it.
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