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Thank you very much for your extensive answer. Very kind of you. Jump the Gun looks very interesting, lots of nice stuff (not only the shirts). Will probably place an order.
If I want button down shirts in an original skinhead era style, can you recommend any brands? As far as I understand, neither Fred Perry nor Ben Sherman seem to be held high here.
Thanks. The striped grenadine is beautiful.
Yes, but I think a warning would be appropriate - all colours are a bit more vibrant in my pictures than in real life, and the navy grenadine appears lighter than it is.
I received my first shipment of Hober ties a few days ago. They are simply great. Width 3.15 inches (8 cm). All standard construction - the only option I chose was stripes in the british direction. From left: forest green challis wool, navy grenadine garza, midnight blue pattern challis wool, burgundy cashmere and midnight blue striped grenadine tie.
You look great. Every day.
I've tried to contact you by PM. I guess they haven't reached you. Do you have the PT01 in light grey, size 46?
Same here. Been trying to reach Ich Dien for a couple of weeks, and unless he ignores me, the PM's don't seem to go through. They are in my 'sent folder', though, so I don't know what to think...
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