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Awesome! This is why I love this thread. Thanks!
A little bit of action here and there. Both are full suits, didn't take pics of trousers. Found a killer, very recent (2012) Suit Supply flannel chalk stripe suit. Unfortunately too small for me. Does anyone know the model based on this tag? And a little Hickey Freeman action.
So what's up with the new trend of posting ebay links BEFORE the auction has ended? Its not a brag, it wasn't purchased nor e-thrifted, and it tends to blow up the auction that someone may have painstakingly found and be waiting to snipe.
Word. Must be newly put out. I was there last Saturday and there was nothing impressive. BTW, did you see the used AE Park Avenues they were listing at $95? I think they've jumped the thrift store shark.
You beat me to it. I was thinking exactly the same thing.
Please do not eat breakfast at a Waffle House in NOLA. With all the options available to you, it is an abomination.Better: Camellia Grill (if uptown), Mothers (if near Quarter). If at Mothers for lunch, eat the debris po-boy. Heaven.Too many food options to mention, just use teh googles.But here's my fave inside recommendation that keeps with a SF ethos: dress up (seersucker would be your best bet) and go to Galatoire's for a lunch on Friday. Give yourself 4 hours. ...
So a random business trip to the Chicago area has me staying in St. Charles IL. I roll into the Marriott and what do I see, *directly* across the street, but a huge ass Goodwill. I think the Thrift Gods meant it to be so.
That was a joy to read. Congrats!
Hey, this is the same person who passed on a $60 pair of Alden Indy shells in nearly unworn condition. I are not that smart.
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