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Yep, me too. I came here to see if anyone else was having problems. Some relief in knowing its not just me. But I don't know if my draft listings will start working or I need to start over with the picture uploads.
A few minor finds. PRL 39R vintage J Press sack jacket, about a 46R Big guy alert: Hickey Freeman blazer in 52L All heading to the 'bay
Got my F&F coupon in the mail today. 25% off Sept 27-30.
A couple of years back a major business school conference and sociology conference fell in the same city in hotels adjacent to each other. I was there with a colleague who was a member of both organizations (organizational sociologist, teaching in a b-school), and we had a fun time sitting at the hotel bar identifying the sociology professors and the b-school professors by their clothes (she in particular felt she could make the judgment just by looking at the women's...
I'm in a business school, so the ratio is probably a bit higher. Maybe 20% in a typical faculty meeting will have on a jacket.
This professor does. Always. Odd jacket, not suit.
You know, some of us older guys with wives and kids still do, remarkably, also have an interest in getting laid (albeit by our wives). Looking good still helps.
Am I the only one who doesn't see a *huge* difference between the Banana Republic pics that Reev posted and many of the fits that are posted on MC casual? I mean, the tailored fit casual cotton blazers are the same, the trou are generally similar (except for the cargo pants one), its mostly the shirts that are different (kind of cheap looking plaids). Sure, up close the quality of the garments may be different than what is in favor in SF, but the general look seems...
In what city? In what industry? If you're in banking, yes. If you're in Manhattan, perhaps. But in most places in the US I'd venture that you're more likely to be wrong than right with this statement (i.e.,
Ohhhh, so tempted!
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