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So a random business trip to the Chicago area has me staying in St. Charles IL. I roll into the Marriott and what do I see, *directly* across the street, but a huge ass Goodwill. I think the Thrift Gods meant it to be so.
That was a joy to read. Congrats!
Hey, this is the same person who passed on a $60 pair of Alden Indy shells in nearly unworn condition. I are not that smart.
No, it was generally a wasteland. They did have some reasonably nice Ike Behar knit ties at deep discount, but they had this damn orange stripe across the middle. If they had been solid knits I would have been all over them.
Over on the more "blue collar" side of town today when the siren call of Marshalls brought me in. Found this Brioni for dirt cheap, but the truly ugly lime green color made me think it wasn't even worth the flip. A quick check of ebay sold listings now suggest I might have made a mistake. MLL-- its out in Mechanicsville if you want it!
No, but you won't mind.
If you like the lunch at Commanders you absolutely should try a long slow lunch at Galatoire's one Friday afternoon. Get there around 1:00 and plan to stay until 4:00. Just sit back and take it all in-- like nowhere else on earth. I'd tell you to dress the part, but this is Styleforum, so you've got that covered.
New Posts  All Forums: