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Errr, that would be "shirking". Although skirking sounds kind of fun.
Shoot, my class begins in 1 hour 15 minutes. Still got time to browse SF.
Is it just me or are a disproportionate number of academics on SF? Source: am an academic.
As others have said above, you'll find no love for penny loafers with suits on SF, although it is a pretty common look among East Coast trads. For everything else, from chinos to flannel trousers and a blazer though, penny loafers are great. In addition to the Randolph, you might check out the AE Patriot. Got a pair from shoebank recently for $200 and have been very pleased.
I can smell the heavy cologne through my monitor.
As someone above noted, read more, post less. This is a very helpful thread but patience will run out.
Same store same size as my recent C&J find; maybe the same guy's shoes. Some decent PRL suede wingtips. Bench Made in England in block letters, so I'm guessing that's made by C&J?
After ages of never finding a decent shoe, 2 weeks ago I score some C&J. Then today. Oh, hello Salvatore.
Figured since I was wearing tweed and all.....
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