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Sending a thrift shout out to @matty-long-legs today. Had a University function so I decided to wear both a school color tie and pocket square (yeah, a little matchy matchy, but for this function it was appropriate). BOTH, sent to me unprompted and completely FREE by MattyLongLegs, a person I've never met, but just chatted with through this thread. Great bunch of folks here!
Dude! Place on Cary?
Errr, that would be "shirking". Although skirking sounds kind of fun.
Shoot, my class begins in 1 hour 15 minutes. Still got time to browse SF.
Is it just me or are a disproportionate number of academics on SF? Source: am an academic.
As others have said above, you'll find no love for penny loafers with suits on SF, although it is a pretty common look among East Coast trads. For everything else, from chinos to flannel trousers and a blazer though, penny loafers are great. In addition to the Randolph, you might check out the AE Patriot. Got a pair from shoebank recently for $200 and have been very pleased.
I can smell the heavy cologne through my monitor.
As someone above noted, read more, post less. This is a very helpful thread but patience will run out.
Same store same size as my recent C&J find; maybe the same guy's shoes. Some decent PRL suede wingtips. Bench Made in England in block letters, so I'm guessing that's made by C&J?
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