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I'm in a business school, so the ratio is probably a bit higher. Maybe 20% in a typical faculty meeting will have on a jacket.
This professor does. Always. Odd jacket, not suit.
You know, some of us older guys with wives and kids still do, remarkably, also have an interest in getting laid (albeit by our wives). Looking good still helps.
Am I the only one who doesn't see a *huge* difference between the Banana Republic pics that Reev posted and many of the fits that are posted on MC casual? I mean, the tailored fit casual cotton blazers are the same, the trou are generally similar (except for the cargo pants one), its mostly the shirts that are different (kind of cheap looking plaids). Sure, up close the quality of the garments may be different than what is in favor in SF, but the general look seems...
In what city? In what industry? If you're in banking, yes. If you're in Manhattan, perhaps. But in most places in the US I'd venture that you're more likely to be wrong than right with this statement (i.e.,
Ohhhh, so tempted!
Not quite saved my life, and not just this thread, but SF has definitely had an impact on the way I dress, and on brand awareness. From a marketing perspective I think its fascinating. The other day I noticed what I was wearing as I left my house: Tyrwhitt shirt, Tyrwhitt tie, Bonobos pants, AE Strand shoes, and carrying a Filson bag. Yes indeed, SF had dressed me. I was aware of none of these brands (except maybe AE) before I started following internet fora. And my...
Thrift karma! A few weeks ago you may recall seeing the tremendous Alden Indy shell boots that Matty Long Legs picked up based on me seeing them in a thrift shop and passing along a tip. [As an aside some wondered how I could just leave them there. The answer is (a) I knew they were nice but didn't know quite *how* nice until I got home and looked on ebay. My knowledge level isn't as high as it could be, (b) they weren't at your typical $10 or less thrift price,...
Happy to spread some good thrift karma around. Shocked that those stayed there for that long; I guess this little spot is not on the radar.
Ends sunday 8:00 PM-ish eastern US time. No reserve on this NWT Milano blazer, tagged 41R, measures closer to 40R. Current bid is $15.00 (ouch!) http://www.ebay.com/itm/141021263650?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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