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Hi all-- does anyone have any inside information on when the traditional spring AE sale will start? Or know on which dates the sale has started in the past? I'm ready to pull the trigger on some Daltons but I want to wait until they go on sale. Yes, I know there's the Nordstroms option right now, but I'm shooting for a color other than walnut.
Thanks, I appreciate the feedback. My selling frequency is pretty low, so I don't know the norms. I'm going to accept the return.
Got a return request because the buyer claims the collar on a shirt is frayed, and it didn't say so in the description. That part is true, I didn't mention anything in the description because I thought this didn't meet the definition of frayed. Here's the shot I posted in the auction that shows the condition of the collar points. Thoughts? Spoiler because its a huge pic. [[SPOILER]]
Excellent point. I yield the floor.
You guys do realize that the OP posted this question 7 years ago, and last posted on SF 4 years ago? I don't think he's listening to your advice.
Ha! Fortunately I got it right on the listing.
Ted James x Holland & Sherry fabric jacket Zanella flannel trousers 30/30 Shirts by Canali Ledbury: And...
Yeah, lesson learned.
So I'm a very small time ebayer, and up to now have had nothing but good experiences with buyers. So I guess it is inevitable that this happens. Today I get this message in a return request (auction states returns are not accepted). "The coat is not a Brooks Brother s Coat. It is a knock off. The tag is not real. The fabric is not 100% wool. The size is not what is listed. I am returning it." This was in reference to this...
Catching up and I saw this post. I know exactly where you were. Passed on all of the shirts because of the monogram, but I do have his jacket for sale on the 'bay which I picked up for a whole $2.50.
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