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Really like the one I received. Substantial shirt but with a really nice soft feel.
You are not getting the answers you seek because (1) its darn hard to judge quality from a picture of an old shoe; Cole Hahn might have had some decent quality in the past but they're all over the board now, and (2) the ugliness of the shoe makes a discussion of its quality moot.
Yeah, I'm not going to justify this with a reply.
They are aesthetically displeasing; an odd and incongruous mix of styles, none of which are particularly good and they most definitely don't go together. To wit: they are ugly.
Do you not find any irony in the fact that you're posting this in a tread called "When is the next Brooks Brothers Sale" with more than 5100 posts? Gosh, all those other people who wait around and just shop at the big sales are ruining it for us!
Google sleuthing found you something (in Japanese, but you can translate it) http://vowles.jp/tapia-los-angeles-el-camino-real/
I agree. You have some nice looking stuff that might tempt me to put in an offer, but without measurements I won't. Learning to measure from that article linked above is really easy.
That's a good point; thanks for the input.
I picked up a white silk one because I was ordering a tie and, hey, they're cheap. You get what you pay for. I haven't been able to use it because its too small and flimsy; just disappears into my pocket.
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