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What you're honing in on is the behavioral principle of satisficing versus optimizing. In our decision making we tend not to optimize, we satisfice. Satisficing means finding a solution that's "good enough". For Linda, what's she's doing is good enough for her.
In late but wanted to return to the purpose of this thread: pictures of bikes. Lemond Zurich, parked in a lovely spot by the river.
Just FYI, if you're talking multiple shoes you'll be fine, but I don't think its going too far out on a limb to say that there is NO shoe out there that will look good with jeans up to a suit. Jeans to dressy chinos, yes. Chinos to suits, yes. But jeans to suits, no.
At least it is an improvement over purely color coded, which is what they had for the last 1-2 years. What marketing genius came up with that?
Question: can I predict that the fit for the McAllister will be the same as for the Strand? I realize they're both on the 5 last. I wear a 9.5D in the strand and the fit is pretty good, perhaps just a touch tight. Yet, I purchased the Park Avenue without trying it on and find the fit crosses over into legitimately too tight. I was surprised by this, as again, both are on the same last. Both my Strand and my Park Avenue are Brooks Brothers models, btw. So will I be...
Quoting a post from 3 weeks ago. You were right! Got my old Brooks Brothers blazer back, cut the buttons off and tossed the coat, and sold the buttons in 10 days for a twenty dollar bill!
Oh well, moot point about the Daltons at Nordstroms. Just checked the website and they are back up to full price.
So what is the general consensus on walnut in the Dalton (vs. other colors) in terms of versatility? I have walnut strands and I love them, but their level of flash makes them a little less versatile than my other similar shoes. So, same thing with the boots I'm guessing?
Oh, shoot. Bubble burst.
Hi all-- does anyone have any inside information on when the traditional spring AE sale will start? Or know on which dates the sale has started in the past? I'm ready to pull the trigger on some Daltons but I want to wait until they go on sale. Yes, I know there's the Nordstroms option right now, but I'm shooting for a color other than walnut.
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