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Summer is coming........
Pardon the lousy knot.
Actually, a tux is the ONLY option for a proper Mardi Gras ball. That said, if you're far away from NOLA that tradition is probably not enforced.
Holy smokes. I don't even....
Serious follow-up question: does this jacket pretty much mandate a solid shirt? I understand the notion of keeping the scales of the patterns different and all, but looking through my closet this morning I couldn't think of anything other than a solid OCBD that looked acceptable with this.
Just wanted to send some props for the Epaulet jacket. Maiden voyage.
New (to me) Epaulet jacket via LuxeSwap.
It was a Franco's warehouse sale. The boots aren't actually branded Rider, they're some Italian factory I'd never heard of, but I emailed Ron Rider and he said they were some samples the factory had made up for him. Not thrift prices by any means, but about 2/3 off retail.
Agreed on the socks comment. Thanks. Chukkas are actually Ron Rider (Rider Boot) samples. Got them for a steal locally (Richmond, VA).
Realize I'm playing a little out of my league by posting on SF, but what the heck. Tweedy academic snow anticipation day.
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