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It was a Franco's warehouse sale. The boots aren't actually branded Rider, they're some Italian factory I'd never heard of, but I emailed Ron Rider and he said they were some samples the factory had made up for him. Not thrift prices by any means, but about 2/3 off retail.
Agreed on the socks comment. Thanks. Chukkas are actually Ron Rider (Rider Boot) samples. Got them for a steal locally (Richmond, VA).
Realize I'm playing a little out of my league by posting on SF, but what the heck. Tweedy academic snow anticipation day.
When I try to read the "what I'm selling on Ebay" thread I see: Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 9563127 bytes) in /var/www/sites/huddler/releases/238107c7d1662e7e4d4986d7dc713c96091a6760/common/common.formatting.php on line 661 Two different browsers. Every other thread on the site works fine. This has been happening for days. Thoughts?
Kinda slow in the rivah city but this was a nice find.
Friday in academia.
Two questions: 1. What would I call the pattern of this suit (Brooks Bros Fitz, btw)? 2. What are my shirt options with this in terms of pattern matching. Today I'm wearing a light blue herringbone. Could I do a bengal stripe? A gingham?
Thought you'd appreciate that
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