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The Cuch suit didn't come from a thrift, it same from a Saks off 5th. In Florida. In Orlando. Ouch! http://www.styleforum.net/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdome/20700_100#post_8186244
Want to be even more wowed? Do a search on the thrift/discount store bragging thread to find out what he paid for it!
Gotta say, as a professor in a business school, seeing those inventory backlog pictures makes me pull my hair out. Would you keep boxes of dollar bills like that? Because that's what you've got right there. Those boxes are full of money you've spent, money that you could be spending, or money that could be working for you. As they are, they're just piles of money doing nothing (and as Jompso pointed out, probably decreasing in value).
You know, its funny you mention that. I was looking at a jacket last week that I own several of (Brooks Brothers Fitz in 40R) and the pit to pit seemed way off. I was going to ask about it but then I thought "who am I to question Spoo's measuring" so I didn't!
Anyone? Bueller?
So did no one else get the $50 off if you spend $150 coupon? I got that last week, but no sign of a 40% one.
Yeah, important distinction. At the little 30 minute conference interview/meet-and-greet things, a jacket and tie at a minimum was standard. Probably about 50% of candidates we met were in suits, the rest in a jacket at a minimum (some with ties, some without). I don't think any male we met was without a jacket. At formal campus interviews, its pretty much 100% suits for the job talk. Side note: I've taken two candidates out to dinner in the last week. Neither of...
From my perspective anything that involves a jacket and a tie resolves to "suit" in the mind of those doing the interviewing.
Late on the response, but, while I wouldn't agree with the "pathetic" comment, I can understand a little about the aversion to wearing suits at a conference. And this from a SF member who loves dressing well. The thing is, as I observed at my last major conference in August, it seems now that the vast majority of people wearing suits at the conference are those on the job market. I was recruiting for assistant professor positions this year, and when you walk into the...
Hey all, a BB employee posted this thread over here on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/frugalmalefashion/comments/3j0sl7/like_brooks_brothers_sales_ahead/ Text: Hey guys, I work at BB and just thought you guys should be able to plan some of your future purchases. Here is a list of future sales we will be having. Clearance up to 60%- Aug 28-Sept 7 Fall Sale 25-40% - Sept 10- Dec 2 Private Sale Event (invite only) Sept 11-13 Friends and Family 25% w/EDV's Sep 17-21 Men's...
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