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New Brooks Brothers sport shirt. White, button down, two pocket, with decorative stripes down the button area (see picture). Two pockets. Thick suprima cotton. Extra slim fit. Price is $43[DROP-->$40] shipped CONUS. International buyers PM to discuss additional shipping costs. ****SOLD*****
New with tags, first quality Brooks Brothers button down shirt. 15.5/32, non-iron, extra slim fit. Label has line through it to prevent return to retail outlets. Price is $45.00 [DROP--> $43] shipping included CONUS. International buyers PM for a quote on additional shipping charges.
For your consideration are 4 new Brooks Brothers ties. Ties are first quality, no defects, not irregulars. All USA made. They have a line through the label to prevent return to retail outlets. Price for each is $30, shipped CONUS. International buyers should PM for a quote on additional shipping charges. Moving left to right: 1. 100% silk, red/burgundy tartan. 2 7/8" wide. $95.00 retail. Next up, two Vinyard Vines-style florals. **both sold** 2. 100% silk,...
Peter Millar 100% wool Italian made at Mashalls. Good score for this price? Or meh?
This is a really interesting new with tags Brooks Brothers Milano blazer. Black. 3 roll 2 buttons. Patch pockets. 91% wool and 9% cotton. This blazer is soft and unstructured. Essentially zero shoulder padding and a soft open weave on this wool blend that gives the jacket the softness of a sweater. See the close up pictures for details on the fabric. Definitely a casual blazer that can be dressed up, and in Brooks Brothers slim, Milano fit. Retail on this is...
Two shirts available. These are the original oxford cloth button down (OCBD) shirts you are looking for. Brooks Brothers, USA made, suprima cotton, must-irons in a thick, heavy oxford cloth. Slim fit. Both shirts are first quality, new with tags, and have a line through the label to prevent return to retail outlets. Shirts are $45 each, shipping included CONUS. International shipments will cost a bit more; send PM and we'll discuss details. Paypal preferred. 1. ...
Not to pile on but yeah, too big. Like way too big. Like David Byrne too big.
I also have seen Fitzgeralds at Nordstroms.
Agreed. It is dark but it is unlikely anyone would think you're wearing a black suit.
Seriously. Its not a wetsuit. If you can't fit a t-shirt under your shirt (which is what, 1/8 in thick at best?) you are wearing your shirts much too tight.
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