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New Brooks Brothers shirt, slim fit, 15.5/33, opening bid of $0.99 and no reserve! http://www.ebay.com/itm/140871888873?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
Brand new Brooks Brothers shirts. All of these are first quality shirts, not seconds. Labels have a line through them to prevent return to retail outlets. Price is $43.00 each shipped CONUS. Will ship internationally, but there will be an extra charge for international shipping (I will cover some of the costs too; just PM and we'll calculate shipping and see what we come up with). 1. Purple and grey stripe on white. Spread collar, egyptian cotton, luxury shirt, slim...
Brand new, with tags. Ties have a line through the label to prevent return to a Brooks Brothers retail outlet. $30 each shipping included, CONUS. International buyers, PM first so we can discuss shipping costs. #1 (on the left) Green/red/yellow plaid. 3.5" wide, 100% wool. **SOLD** #2 (on the right) Plaid/tartan. 100% silk, 3.25 inches wide. Paypal preferred.
Ditto, got that same email (but mine came through Dell, which is who I signed up through to get the corporate card). BTW, I have no connection with Dell at all, but my employer (a large state university) had no BB corporate program. Just google Dell Marketplace and you too can have a corporate card.
I've been *extremely* happy with Bonobs slim straight chinos.
I'm a professor in a mid-tier business school (so I can't speak for the Ivy's), but chances are you are way-over thinking this. A greater danger for you is that you'll come off as full of yourself if you go over the top. Honestly, a blazer and dress chinos would probably suit you just fine.
Sweet jacket!
Details on that blazer GDL?
In response to a question: stripe is a pale blue, and shoulder to shoulder is about 18"
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