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So there were some interesting items yesterday among the otherwise slim pickings at the Brooks Brothers Clearance Center in Garland, NC. Most notably, quite a few jackets by Mariano Rubinacci. See pictures below (including one that also included the Taylor Richards & Conger label, a small shop in Charlotte, NC). So my question is, what were these doing at the BBCC? My assumption must be that the same Italian factory that makes some of the BB line also makes Rubinacci...
Time for me to rethink my NC clearance center buying trip tomorrow.
Dude! How do you find places like this (note: rhetorical, I do not expect an answer).
Not true. I've sold Chinese made Fitzgerald jackets with unfinished sleeves on the B&S.
20 a pop is crazy cheap, much much lower than even in Garland NC. I'd pick up, but if you can be selective probably skip the Brooksease.
That's strange. They most definitely make a made-in-USA supima cotton button down oxford. I recently purchased 3. Its a lovely shirt. And particularly since that link is under the "USA made" category on their website, I'd say certainly they made a mistake. That is, they both made a mistake in sending you the wrong shirt, and the CS rep made a mistake saying they don't make a USA made shirt (not sure, of course, what he/she actually said). I would try to speak to...
Um....doesn't the catalog have plenty of pictures of people wearing Milano suits?
This has been disproven countless times on this forum. Sure, an ill-fitting blue blazer, baggy grey pants and square toed black shoes may produce this look, but then again......= not security guards(all pulled from this old thread: http://www.styleforum.net/t/223715/blue-blazer-and-grey-pants-classic-or-boring/0_100 )
No, no. We will debate whether it can be called a "blazer" if it doesn't have gold buttons.
Oh, never mind.
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