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Sweet jacket!
Details on that blazer GDL?
In response to a question: stripe is a pale blue, and shoulder to shoulder is about 18"
Probably not too far off the mark.
Oh, I know, very much familiar with the stereotype! And actually, if you wander over to the philosophy department, you'll see its closest modern representation (at least at my school).
How was it that my profession got tagged with this image oh so many years ago. Truthfully, I don't know anyone I work with who does the tweed and elbow patch look, though I do work with plenty of folks who dress awfully, in their own way.
Note to self: burn preppy belt. Buy moto jacket and zip boots.
True. But still, I think getting this perspective provides a good check against some of the i-gent groupthink that develops in these places. I've been mostly lurking here for around 2 years, soaking up information and getting tips and refining how I dress. But every once in a while I have one of those moments of panic where I think maybe, just maybe, I've been listening to a bunch of guys who just talk to themselves over and over and develop a sense of "rules" and what...
Peer review does not make for good country lyrics, indeed.
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