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As did I (the wool/cashmere). I never post fit pics but yeah, I may have to when that arrives.
Advice is all true, but dang man, that's a little harsh toward a young person coming here to genuinely ask for advice.OP: GBR gives good advice. That's a lovely dress and a guy in a classic black tux with black tie and white shirt will look great standing next to you.
Had some Ferragamo loafers a couple months ago that I got from another SF member through some thrift karma. They were *very* nice. Ultimately had to let them to because they were too small, and did very well on the 'bay with them. So yeah, one vote for Ferragamo.
Brioni tie, ends tomorrow http://www.ebay.com/itm/141169945155?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
The local Goodwill was looking pretty bleak today. But there, at the very back of the pile of ties......
Took a new and more demanding position, so I swore off thrift shops. But then I find myself driving by Goodwills.......even when they're not on the way home...... Zegna orphan Canali oxford And skeet All heading to the 'bay
I find more random high end scores (e.g., RLPL, Zegna) at Marshalls than at TJ Maxx. Marshalls seems to have more variability, with lots of crap, but those occasional gems that keep me coming back.
I'm thinking outlet as well. OP should remember you're typically getting stuff made for the outlet (346 line), not the same quality you get in the standard retail outlets.
Really like the one I received. Substantial shirt but with a really nice soft feel.
You are not getting the answers you seek because (1) its darn hard to judge quality from a picture of an old shoe; Cole Hahn might have had some decent quality in the past but they're all over the board now, and (2) the ugliness of the shoe makes a discussion of its quality moot.
New Posts  All Forums: