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Kinda slow in the rivah city but this was a nice find.
Friday in academia.
Two questions: 1. What would I call the pattern of this suit (Brooks Bros Fitz, btw)? 2. What are my shirt options with this in terms of pattern matching. Today I'm wearing a light blue herringbone. Could I do a bengal stripe? A gingham?
Thought you'd appreciate that
What tha.......with a Franco's tag still on it.........at a thrift?! I just don't know what to say.
Worsted wool, solid color and same color buttons as coat, yeah, its an orphan. Is that black or navy? If black its a pass. If navy, change the buttons to something interesting (like MOP) and you've got yourself a serviceable blazer.
As did I (the wool/cashmere). I never post fit pics but yeah, I may have to when that arrives.
Advice is all true, but dang man, that's a little harsh toward a young person coming here to genuinely ask for advice.OP: GBR gives good advice. That's a lovely dress and a guy in a classic black tux with black tie and white shirt will look great standing next to you.
Had some Ferragamo loafers a couple months ago that I got from another SF member through some thrift karma. They were *very* nice. Ultimately had to let them to because they were too small, and did very well on the 'bay with them. So yeah, one vote for Ferragamo.
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