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Google sleuthing found you something (in Japanese, but you can translate it) http://vowles.jp/tapia-los-angeles-el-camino-real/
I agree. You have some nice looking stuff that might tempt me to put in an offer, but without measurements I won't. Learning to measure from that article linked above is really easy.
That's a good point; thanks for the input.
I picked up a white silk one because I was ordering a tie and, hey, they're cheap. You get what you pay for. I haven't been able to use it because its too small and flimsy; just disappears into my pocket.
New jacket.
Measurements would be helpful.
Go into your local BB store the week before Christmas, find the suit you want, then get them to hold it and ring it up at the sales price the day after Christmas. Perhaps not everyone will be willing to do this, but I've done it a couple of different times at different BB stores.
Links by Georg Jensen.
A rare post. Knowing there is general disdain for ties of red, but I've always been fond of this one, so I ask: in the taste which is good?
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