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I also have seen Fitzgeralds at Nordstroms.
Agreed. It is dark but it is unlikely anyone would think you're wearing a black suit.
Seriously. Its not a wetsuit. If you can't fit a t-shirt under your shirt (which is what, 1/8 in thick at best?) you are wearing your shirts much too tight.
So has anyone at SF even acknowledged the problem with the B&S forum? I would think with B&S being such a big part of this site, and being unable to browse by category for about a month now, this would get someone's attention.
Why some ebay sellers price items way, way too high on a BIN (like north of 2x what an item has been selling for), get no takers, and keep listing the item for the same price, week after week after week. I would think the fees would begin to eat into your profit margin. Is there a logic to this approach?
Question: Does having a name embroidered on the inside lining of a suit jacket (nice, recent Hickey Freeman) significantly decrease the appeal of the item on Ebay? I realize this can be removed but I'd rather leave it to the buyer to do that.
Holy smokes on that avatar....(slinks over and closes office door....)
There is a fireman in your driveway
Not very old. That's their Country Club line. Fabric is a slight step up over their 1818 line but less than GF. Good find.
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