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Feeling inspired by MWS's post, but with denim. Can denim + tweed be trad?
Wow! I'm more impressed with the arts and craft collection than the clothes! Stickley chairs, Roycroft lamp? Is that the origin of your user name?
Just walked by the new Rider Boot store on Broad Street in Richmond (after picking up a couple of shirts being altered at Ledbury!). Got to meet the owner and learn about the store. Super nice and a great looking place. Go check it out. Some pictures.........
Given that the norm is square toed black Ecco's, you're far above the curve with that choice.
Not sure about the square, but what the hey....
There's a small literature in organizational sociology/organizational behavior on dress in organizations, but it mostly focuses on social identity and/or organizational culture issues. Probably one of the best known articles is by Pratt and Rafaeli: , and Anat Rafaeli has a few others. Not exactly what you're looking for, but there's a little bit out there.
Question: patterns on shirt and jacket OK? Or too close in scale?
This could get tough on my wallet.....all of this walking distance from my office.
Seems legit.
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