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This could get tough on my wallet.....all of this walking distance from my office.
Seems legit.
Newish purchase. Very happy with it.
Brooks Brothers at Stony Point is my go to when I have a specific need and short time frame. No reason to ever pay full price there though, just watch the BB thread here for sales info. Nordstroms in Short Pump fills a similar need. I love browsing at Ledbury downtown, their jackets are great, but a little pricey. Peter Blair and Beecroft and Bull are great for window shopping but you'll experience some sticker shock as well. One you get comfortable knowing your...
Oh come on now neighbor. Once June hits you want nothing to do with a tweed look around here. Linen or linen blends are where its at-- will provide the texture you want from tweed but more seasonally appropriate.
Not a thrift find, but a purchase made possible with thrift/discount finds and flips. Cashmere socks yo.
I don't often encounter "overdressed" in terms of someone in a Brioni suit, Lobb shoes and a Rolex. Honestly that's kind of hard to spot in the field, even for someone who reads SF and has an interest in clothes (except for the watch, but I've never seen a student with a Rolex....but I work at a mid tier public school ya know). Its more "damn, that's a nice looking suit", but I'm not sophisticated enough to be able to distinguish among very high end brands just from...
Business school professor here and I attend a lot of these career fairs. I'll echo the above comments that you're stressing out about it-- you'll look just fine with what you described. If it is on a college campus, you're going to look equal to or better than most attendees (most college age guys just don't give that much thought to clothes). Much more important is to make sure you bring your resume, have a good handshake, make eye contact, ask some interesting...
Some modest finds....Burberry Hickey Freeman for a buck: And pop, my first Oxxford. Sadly its an orphan, and I scoured the store for the pents, but no deal. Will be back monday morning hunting again.
Little help from the thread. Picked up these AE Mcallisters from a local thrift today, brought them home, and ask I started handling them and comparing to a pair of McAllisters that I own, I couldn't help by notice that the leather has a different feel. Slicker, shiny, almost plastic like (I'd say feel like corrected grain if I didn't know better). I don't *think* these are shell, given a bit of micro creasing in the top, but wanted to ask for opinions in the off chance...
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