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As a former waiter at TGI Fridays, that movie brings back some cringe memories from the 1980s.
Combined with functional button holes. Functional cuff buttons rule out so many potential purchases for me.......le sigh.
So, a few observations. Context: professor and now an administrator in a business school in the southeast. There is definitely a status hierarchy within my school. Senior level administrators (Deans and Associate Deans) almost exclusively wear suits. Mid-tier administrators (e.g., department chairs) tend to wear odd jackets and ties. Faculty dress in a wide range, although the variance is restricted much more in, say, the humanities. While we have the occasional...
Dang it! So sad I'm just discovering this thread now. Good read so far!
As a southerner who had the pleasure of living in Southern California (San Diego) for a few years, I had to chuckle, as this is such a Southern California sentence. I can distinctly remember my amusement the first time that I saw that "rain" was the lead story on local news, with recommendations to stay at home if you don't need to be out.Seriously, they warn people to stay at home because of rain.Bless their hearts.
Someone from here closing up shop? http://www.ebay.com/itm/Lot-180-Mens-Sport-Coat-Blazers-Armani-Brooks-Brothers-Tweed-Polo-Burberry-/261957401691?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3cfde0bc5b
God I love that. I have often wondered when browsing her stuff......what the hell is a v-neck blazer? Could there be any other shape possible other than v-neck?
A couple of thoughts. (1) I million in sales and yet the founder still has time to trade goofy private messages with you while you ask about details of items. Impressive. (2) Sent a PM about one of those Epaulet jackets while I'm having my coffee Saturday morning. By Monday afternoon I've got a package in my hand. The jacket is great and the service outstanding. I had no idea Spoo used drones to deliver the goods.
I just came across a bunch of in a local thrift. The quality was actually quite nice. Full canvass on the one I picked up for myself. But they don't flip for anything.....low name recognition I guess.
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