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The shoes don't fit. No matter what is done to the shoes that will never change. You have to evaluate your tolerance for wearing shoes that don't fit well; my tolerance is pretty low. That out of the way what you appear to have is an excellent chance to practice and experiment with shoe cleaning and polishing. For a $4 investment you have a pair of (originally) good quality leather shoes that now need some TLC. Over on the shoe care thread you could browse some of the...
It seems rather incongruous, to me, that someone would be so focused on shoe care as to want to condition their shoe's soles but at the same time so blase as to routinely wear leather soled shoes in the rain without using galoshes.
Leather conditioner and shoe polish. What war did you fight those boots in?
Same experience here.
This mirrors my experience with my local BB store (S LaSalle St in Chicago).
I assume the OP, being in Oz, was posting Euro sizes. If you wear 34 EU trousers and that's not petite then we have very different ideas on the meaning of that word.
Agreed. They were really comfortable right out of the box and continue to be so. No problem with wearing them for 16+ hours, very easy to care for (that CXL is great), and they look great (IMO).
I believe it was in reference to this.
Yeah, pretty they ain't, was just showing that the type of fastener you want is out there, just have to poke around. That other piece you link to looks like a nice match of looks and price.
Cheaper: Way cheaper:
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