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I had to pass today on 2/3 of a 3 piece suit made by a local tailor that had more hand stitching than I've seen on Savile Row pieces. And definitely true hand stitching. The back of the lapel looked like ... well, something with a lot of dots on it from all the hand felling. It was amazeballz. Took the store apart looking for the trou, but had to run for a flight.
Holy Fug, Spoo. Dat Cuci tartan/Kiton windowpane... And TNM, nice work. I have a ebrag on the way (and possibly more than that). I suspect they may be too slim for me, so my fellow fattie 35 waists (but with chicken legs) who like Gustin, get at me....
Try day full of day job followed by evening full of second job + parenting followed by drinking alone.
Eff alla youze. But congrats on the nice finds.
Sticking with my official entry, but all of these would have worked too (not intentional; just happened to gravitate toward a lot of cashmere this week) [[SPOILER]]
Hickey Freeman. Custom made for one of their sales guys in the area, who's a dead ringer fit for me.
Still brisk. Thus, layers. [[SPOILER]]
The pot is about to call the kettle black: I liked everything here except the striped shirt.On a less self conscious note, I also think the silk of the square is too formal/wrong texture against all that tweed and wool. I'd have gone wool or cashmere.Really great color combos, though, and as usual the fit is spot on.
Yup. I already watched it. No help, but I'm going to keep trying.--Appreciate the input from yesterday. Helpful to push me to part with something that just isn't working.--Today [[SPOILER]]
I can see how it looks that way, but I can stick my entire fist between the jacket and my body. The chest isn't the issue.
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