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The biblical plague continues. Ventured into 2 stores today, solely because I was doing other stuff. Nicest thing I saw -- and I shit you not -- was a Banana republic glen plaid car coat. I mean, sure I grabbed those AE blutchers and dated Paul Stuart ties. But literally nothing on the suit racks. NOTHING. It's unbelievable.
Just stopping in to say a big ole UFKC EBAY OK, that's all. Thanks for listening.
I had no idea this existed -- I'm terrible about exploring the site. Basically I need to see someone mention something. But I'm not sure i'm happy to know about this. Cash isn't my friend at the moment.
Are you sure it's not a Chester copperpot?Agree with yoda I do.A missing button a good reason to pass on either cashmere or vicuña is not.
God I want you.Spoo why are you such a pec-less, monkey armed bitch.I'm as skinny as I'll ever be, and no way I'll get that shit buttoned.Note: the above was intended humorously. Spoo is obviously incredibly svelte with normal length arms as compared to my trex arms.....
This may be true, but I have to tell you, I lurked there for a long time and could never figure out heads or tails of it. The time investment to find anything of any quality or figure out what the hell anything cost was just disproportionate. Who the f had that kind of time?Well, you guys, apparently.But anyway.I think another exacerbating factor is that B&S has now become a victim of its own success. It's TOO good; TOO slick. Professional sellers move in. And the...
Gif reaction to this week has been perfect.I think one of two things is happening. I think either the "recovering economy" (read: the redistribution of wealth such that wealthy few have all the money) means that folks are buying more and therefore donating more stuff. And/or people are straight dumping CM stuff, and the doomsday scenario kicked around in the earlier thread, of massively cheap vicuna and Kiton is finally here (by which I mean: everywhere except my area,...
See what I mean? This is why when your auctions come up on my sold items searches I just assume they're the 2 standard deviation outliers.
that script look off to anyone else? I think it's also on the wrong side of the blade.
New Posts  All Forums: