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Scrolling through days of posts and I literally stopped thinking -- "holy crap, that Charvet is amazing." And then I read the post.Fair critique. But she's managed to take what we do to orders of magnitude of higher levels, and makes a crap ton of money doing it. Sure, she could do it better, but I for one respect the hell out of the fact that she's managed to outdo me by country miles.Had one as a kid. Loved it.Curious: How would you do it differently. I'll say for...
LOL. Exactly.--Great finds lately.Dadjeans: Glad you like it; happy to return the favor.McRib Oops ; meant MainMan: Congrats on the new house.
And don't we all love some sweet, sweet foot action every now and then.
Mr Big is so good to me everywhere but the feet.
Nutter is WOW. Found an orphan once. Amazeballs
Don't listen to the man. Didn't look dope as shit on me at all.
Nice work recently dudes. Spent the weekend photographing everything in my house in advance of some vaca and home construction that will mean I have to clean out the studio. Super fun. Not so much.
Congrats, kbadgley84! Enjoy every painful moment.
Was treated to an early pamper session at the future site of LuxeSwap brick and mortar. Gentlemen, if you have the means, you must get yourself there when it opens. It's worth the pilgrimage. Bring your wallets and guard your women. This happened -- most found by Spoo as I chased my middle daughter, and he was kind enough to let me bring home the kill (cause that's the kind of host he is). Sorry for the crappy pics; I busy atoning for a full day away. Top to...
Well I've started closing out of it so they'd better fix it.HEAR THAT FOK / mods? Please fix the stupid crashy ads thingy. Because I can't leave Styleforum open. And that kind of defeats the point.
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