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EU sizing (aka, USA 34) plus fashionably short, maybe?
A week ago, I'd be on that Paul Stuart and the L.B.M. windowpane like white on rice. But Mrs. GMMcL has recently run the numbers on my recent purchases.... So.....
Liner seems consistent with other Gucci tie I;ve had, but Spoo is the expert.Also, is that your hand?
This. I have one made by Drake's. The one originally pictured looks very nice, too.
A few recent "vacay" finds. I put "vacay" in air quotes because I've been working a suspicious amount for a true vacation. Still, I have been surfing too, so I guess I can't complain.Most of this stuff is already listed, but if it has no bids and you're into it, get at me. [[SPOILER]]
I could easily have done an accessory-only edition, but I salted in a couple other items so no one would pick up on my obsession with ties. So, so, so many great entries already, and tons of awesome stuff to pick from! Here are my humble 5. OK, so Alfred Sargent isn't Vass. But I love their last, and these boots are pure awesome. Who doesn't need a tobacco suede belt? Texture city. Staple colors. Can't lose. Slubby for summer. FTW. Second whoever said...
This(Plus I need to bump this thread higher in my subscription list. )
subscribed, but wont be able to participate.
+1. Still think greige (gray beige) trew would do well, as opposed to what appears to be ivory on my screen. But I definitely like the brown dots with the SC. And I've commented before how much I love that square.
Good to see you this side of the Mason Dixon line, AAS. Nice squares. Nat: PM incoming on the shell. Hands off, dudes.
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