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Can't be. From many many different locations. Happy and sad about it. Wish I was finding suits!PM incoming on that PiccoloProbably (re)donated by the shop owner.First time I tried on SuSu pants I hated them. Way too slim through the seat and thigh.Then I lost weight.I love them now.
Back at it again with the ties. Hans: That LBM is the tits.
Big week. Below are the newly listed items, both auction and fixed price. In addition, I've converted OVER 50 ITEMS FROM FIXED PRICE TO AUCTION. I don't have photos of all of these, but some of these are CHOICE, and starting at LOW prices. Engineered Garments Tartan plaid pants Brooks patch madras pants Borrelli patch pocket sport coat Zegna su misura linen sport coat Seriously, this is a must see...
This is easily my favorite post in a long time, and my favorite thing anyone I know has said in days.Found Finamore there. Totes comparable.
Thy trash mouth, kindly shut it.(Kidding, of course. I agree; that one's a stunner!)
Recently listed. Some of the most amazing stuff I've ever sold. Seriously. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/GregBigMacs-Elite-Trad-Prep-Ivy [IMG...
Or tries 8 times to post just before bed and falls asleep in between and finally just hits submit in surrender.ExactlyYeah I have some very unfortunate news for my wallet. And my wife.
Found myself in town today at mid day after a mildly unpleasant experience with adverse financial consequences, and decided to hit my local. Cruised down the suit rack finding nothing. Then saw a Burberry trench from ten paces and got excited. Then saw the $100 price tag -- first time they've ever priced something so obscenely at this tiny mom n pop -- and plunged immediately into the depths of my despair. But valiantly proceeded to the tie rack. And then this fucking...
New Posts  All Forums: