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I know. I has a proud.Pretty much a direct quote. I should have known better, which is why my blank and stupid stare in response was so embarrassing.WTF? Really? Why not?[quote name="aging in rhythm" url="/t/480919/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread-part-ii-return-to-the-thunderdome/36300_100#post_8433871"Gave him these Walter Newberg for Wilkes Bashford numbers too. Are these something exotic? Did I screw up by giving them away and not...
And a Marinella tie.And I was too embarrassed to admit I'd never heard of it.But I looked it up PDQ and it went to the top of my true thrift grail list. Took me about a year.I also promptly began trolling ebay and SF for Marinella and now have a nice little petting zoo of my own.So thanks, E. Just one of the many lights you've brought into my life.Do NOT get all the Polo nonsense. Most of what people go nuts over us F-U-G-L-Y. Couldn't care less about a skeet. Just...
Not grenadine. For a few years there they tried making a very close facsimile and many of the Jermyn /High street brands put them out. But they weren't quite right and didn't sell so they died out. Occasionally you'll come across that same weave in T&A ties. It's fine but it's not gren.
Found mayor Mike Bloomberg's sportcoats, barbera sartoriale suit and shell loafers today. Plus a few ties I don't have shots of but I'm slowly falling in love with a paisley challis by Church's. And yes the cashier at the church thrift confirmed that His Honor's ex wife is a parishioner.
Auctions ending Sunday and recently listed fixed price items. Link is also in my sig. Ebay stores: http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMac [IMG...
Trickers, ancient suits, belt punch are amazing. I really really really need to hit a store. Very soon. I'm home sing like addict. Anyone here know what that's like? Edited because iPhone. I hate apple.
Scrolling through days of posts and I literally stopped thinking -- "holy crap, that Charvet is amazing." And then I read the post.Fair critique. But she's managed to take what we do to orders of magnitude of higher levels, and makes a crap ton of money doing it. Sure, she could do it better, but I for one respect the hell out of the fact that she's managed to outdo me by country miles.Had one as a kid. Loved it.Curious: How would you do it differently. I'll say for...
LOL. Exactly.--Great finds lately.Dadjeans: Glad you like it; happy to return the favor.McRib Oops ; meant MainMan: Congrats on the new house.
And don't we all love some sweet, sweet foot action every now and then.
Mr Big is so good to me everywhere but the feet.
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