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Great find. Love the color and the texture.
Kiton has the cache, but for my money, Borrelli is among the best there is. Look at how the collar is attached by hand. See all those hand sewn stitches? Same at the shoulder, arm hole and probably gusset. Buttons and button holes are hand done too.More recent Borrelli stuff can be machine sewn, but that vintage is hand sewn.That's the stuff to look for.Rich was being serious, not sarcastic.
Howdy, all. This is my first post on this thread, so I apologize if there are conventions I'm ignorant of. I have two items I quite like that have great details like soft shoulders and hand construction. One is an Attolini blue stripe suit, the other is a Zegna triple patch blazer. Unfortunately, the Attolini has closed quarters and ends up looking boxy on me. The Zegna has more open quarters but somehow still ends up looking boxy. (Each also has a few other issues,...
Agree. They are my "house shoes" -- bad arches require that I wear shoes even around the house (CLAGS! DON'T TELL THE WIFE!). So I wear these and their tobacco counterparts daily.
Sheep: What's the make of that SC? I'm in the market for a nicely styled triple patch, since it turns out my prized Zegna has closed quarters and SOMEONE (*cough-Sugarbutch-cough*) just HAD to point out that closed quarters don't flatter my build, and now I can't stand the sight of it on me anymore.And finding a low structured, soft shoulder, dual vent, 3 season triple patch is proving harder to find than I'd like. I'm desperate enough that I may take the Zegna in to...
Hermes experts: This is clearly an older tie. The grain of the weave runs in the right orientation. The colorways is appropriate. And the hand and the heft and whatnot are all right. The tie has been re-stitched in back, so I can't check for the loop. But I'm troubled by the look of that Hermes badge on the small end. Hermes doesn't sell seconds, and that square is sloppy. Do folks think it's not legit?
They are and they aren't.As in, they are Spoo's Lodgers (I freaking love them; also have the tobacco) but they're not 8.5. They're the 10.
Check that.SHALL participate courtesy of the local charity shops here.I, too, wish the tie were wool. But one does not argue with $2 Rubinacci (though I did have to slim it down from 4.25). [[SPOILER]]Hilarious.
Just tell her you have to work late. And in your case, it'd be true.Some of that stuff is .... (if you can't say anything nice....) ... bold.Did kop a shirt and tie. But I think I may have ordered twice....
Hi there. Apologies in advance; I'm new to Carminas and am a bit overwhelmed by all the permutations.Here's a picture of the sidewall of a pair I picked up secondhand. In the spoiler are shots of the shoes themselves. How do I determine what last this is? I ask because, though they're marked 9, they fit my feet only a tad snug. Determining the last will help me better target what my Carmina size is.Thanks in advance. [[SPOILER]]
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