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I'm not one for bright, garish colors so.... [[SPOILER]]
I had one but it stopped working.
Gents. I took shots of todays fit. I took the card out of the camera. I lost the card. You can just thumb this post on my representation that my fit is awesome. It involves Kiton, Sal Piccolo and printed grenadine.
It would appear that I remain in the "denial" grief phase as far as mourning the passing of Fall, [[SPOILER]]
We missed by 10. My daughters are despondent with grief.
Brown in town today, boys. [[SPOILER]]
OK, dudes. A bit off topic, but it seems like I can usually rely on this thread to have someone who knows something about everything. Doing what we do, I get tired of the ordinary. Braces/suspenders are no exception. Are there specific names for the fasteners used in these braces, where there are two separate, unfolded leather straps at each side? And for the configuration at the back where there are two separate straps coming together, but not a true X back, like...
I've been to Hell and back over the last couple of years, with no guarantee that the bus isn't pulling around for another circuit. I appreciate the learning, love and positive vibes I get from you all. But I try best I can not to let it get to me when we're not riding the same wave. I do my thing; y'all do yours. And the cosmic dance continues.
It fucking fits me now that I've lost the weight. Which is torture since, for what I paid, I can't afford to keep it.
New Posts  All Forums: