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Gents- I don't follow this thread as much as I should, so forgive me if this has been covered. I wanted to follow up my previous post about how crappy the new ebay return policy is with the following: 1. I happened to leave one of the return cases open for a few days and a new option popped up: Ask Ebay to help. Not sure whether that gives a partial refund option or not, but it is interesting. 2. I think you can bypass the whole thing by: a. having the person close...
Texture Friday. [[SPOILER]]
I do that sometimes. I'm sometimes worried that simply emphasizes the "used" nature. But a) if its a good enough pic (as above) it looks like it's just being modeled; and b) if they're creeped out by preowned, they're not looking at my listings anyway.So, basically, I agree with TXW.
I agree with the consensus that, among those four, #3 is best. But don't you have something like that? #1 would be great if the pattern were a bit larger scale. Seems too suity as it is.Thanks for the support recently, dudes.
I have ghost cufflinks. Made them with my daughter. They will make an appearance next week. And the haters can eff themselves.
Yes. As I said over there, I can't think of the last time I wore exactly 0 patterns. I was having a hard time deciding what direction to go in, so I decided to make the fit about textures. Doesn't really come across in the pictures, but I like the textural mix I achieved.
Those are FREAKING amazing.
X post from WAYWRN. [[SPOILER]]
Well that's very kind! Thanks!
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