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Been a while since I checked in. Sorry about that dudes. Here are just this week's auctions. I've listed at least 150-200 fixed price items since my last post. Neapolitan to vintage trad, 3 piece suits to hats and everything in between. THEY'RE ALL 20% OFF UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH. What's in there? Over two dozen items from Adriano Dirnelli's wardrobe -- if you're a 52-54 EU, it's a fool's paradise out there. And on the trad side, I have a full bespoke trad...
Same as Spoo, it was really only a touch big on me (Arms were fine; waist was bigger on me than it was on Spoo -- fattie). Had I made it to the Fall I probably would have taken it to my gal and gotten it adjusted.I promised to be good.
Like a boss. [[SPOILER]]
That Ring is pretty awesome. I know 'cause it were mine.(An you dudes coulda had it too 'fore Spoo dun took it in trade. I had that shiz listed. Slowpokes.)
Damn my short arms or those KW suits would be so tempting....
Apparently this is unintentionally similar (if not identical) to how Le Spoo wore the same jacket. And possibly the same pants, since I bought them from him too. And maybe even the square -- I can't recall where I got that. Anyway: Substantially Luxeswapped.
ORAZIO LUCIANO - LA VERA SARTORIA NAPOLETANA HAND SEWING EVERYWHERE BAR TACKS EVERYWHERE!! Top. Shelf. Period. Quite amazing. Well cut. Hopsack texture and perfect for a blue blazer. White mother of pearl buttons. Soft shoulders. Tagged 54 EU but I slimmed it to fit me -- an athletic 40 R. I've gone a bit temporarily insane and decided to part with this. Get it now before I come to my...
That's what I thought, but I wasn't aware Caruso made for Faconnable. Wanted to check with the experts before I committed that to my listing. (And I didn't want to influence the process with my bias)
Gents: This is from a Faconnable jacket. Which is usually Cantarelli. Is this a newer Canta label I haven't seen? Or is it someone else? Thx in advance.
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