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This. The blue and plaid Man were tops on the list but that pit...
CESARE ATTOLINI NAPOLI HAND SEWING EVERYWHERE BAR TACKS EVERYWHERE!! Top. Shelf. Period. You've never felt something so soft. You've never seen construction and quality like this. You've never seen so much handwork. Net: You've never seen luxury like this. No question. I'm including in this some Attolini for Barbera sport coats at some SCORCHING prices. Get them all now at absolute basement price. Measurements in the listings. Take 10% off the lowest eBay...
I've listed well over 150, probably over 250 things since my last post. Here are some highlights. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/GregBigMacs-Elite-Trad-Prep-Ivy (Links also in signature) Items in my store are broken out by category and size, so it's pretty easy to hone in on items you like and/or that fit you. [IMG...
Laughed at a time I should not have.This hurts SOOOO much since a) you're in my area b) I've been working insane hours c) I'm out of town d) I'm pretty sure I know where that is e) if I'm right, they were reasonably priced.---If you have spots in Nashville you'd be willing to share, please PM.
See? Are you on a Mac? Stupid autocorrect.DayumSend some of that love my way. It does OK, but not THAT ok, and never on auction. Almost like there's one, huge seller of menswear out there drawing all the bidders like a massive magnet.THISThat's a lot for suit by our standards, and I would probably have done the same thing. Still would have been stoked to find them -- this is museum quality, $4K retail stuff that's hand made. If you're doing it because you love...
Dammit why aren't Ring Jackets my size?? [cries in corner]
Where did you say they were receiving the applications for LuxeSwap General Counsel again?
What.Fuckery.Is.This?(I've owned that Isaia gun club and it's amazing. Sadly, it's like the least impressive in that whole bunch.)
Spooky: What do you think the chances are those PRL madras pants match the PRL madras jacket you sold me?Indeed.(And I was thrifting while on that conference call. I rarely have the luxury of single tasking during daylight hours. But I will admit it's often mutually exclusive with exhaustively thorough and efficient in the store.)
New Posts  All Forums: