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OK, fair enoughSee, this is the prize I've got my eye on. Everything else is fluff. If we inadvertently shut the goose down, that would have been tragedy. When I'd clicked through before, everyone else seemed a distant second, so I was afraid of unintended consequence. But it sounds like we're safe.
What is your major malfunction?--Speaking of you, at what point do we become concerned that our sudden and stratospheric trajectory for your cindergrilla success triggers allegations of shennanigans and shuts the whole shit down?
47There can be only one.
As so often, I checked into this thread only to be made both happy and sad. But this time not related to items I both want and can't afford. Raising a glass to The Spoos to finding the next house/base of operations/Batcave. And Spoo: I'm a litigator. And I'd like to think a pretty good one. Water under the bridge may be one thing, but sometimes bitches have to pay. Just sayin.
Lol noob. Your posts always crack me up.
Now THIS I've gotta try.You will all recall my experiment with various soaking methods. The conclusion there was that exnzyme-free detergent was most color-safe and effective (which was decent but not breathtaking). Oxi was not at all color safe on wool, so clearly the key is to get it out of the cotton quickly with as little time on the wool as possible.
Re the sullied Kiton: dude you soaked the pants for weeks. Anything gross is long gone. They're clean from a sanitary perspective. And you wear undergarments right? Which are in actual contact with your skin right? So what's the effing problem?
That's what tailors are for son.As for sartorial being lower, maybe but that only makes it better than 99.99% of all the other shit out there as opposed to 100% of it.
New Posts  All Forums: