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It is.I found an even nicer Cucinelli at S5A last night that the price tags had been torn off and the manager massively mispriced. Too lazy for pictures right now but definitely made the 10% rule.Would have fit perfectly had I not lost the weight.#champagneproblems. :/
Auctions ending this coming Sunday. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMac
Today. [[SPOILER]]
Huh. Today would have been the right day here in my area to do it -- hot. May pull something together for Friday. We'll see....
Congrats to the winners!
Good luck. Because their size 17 neck shirts are all 36+ arm. Not sure why, but that's what they be.
All I've got for you today, my friends.
That's just the thing: I never have. First time. Weird.
I approve of this statement and all that it implies.
Cap: that Club Room AM sets a new, basically unattainable bar for Club Room ties. Atl: That lapel deformation is so incredibly unfortunate. Because that PS is superb. -- Here's that RLPL I mentioned. And here's the Versace. Real? Edit: OK, so now both StyFo and Tumblr are rotating my pictures. What gives?
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