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To the dude that found PZ Sartoriale: That's PZ's highest line I believe. Very, very nice stuff.Spoo: I see you got yourself some nice, clean Head. Good for you.Why are these not my size and in my closet?Dibs
O hai guize. Rare Saturday night out (cut short when baby wouldn't eat from gramma. ) [[SPOILER]]
I scored a 178 on my last practice.(And a good deal lower on the actual)Anyone else feel like the kitten fest isn't an abberation? Like maybe rich guys are dumping tailored clothing because they believe the move away from tailored clothing is permanent.I've said before that a future of cheap kiton is hardly dystopic and i stand by that. But it may be the first signs that it will soon be harder 5 fund my slush fund.
I meant to respond to this first time around. [[SPOILER]]
^^ would kop ANY black knit silk. Have been looking for one for a while. See my philosophy of (buy, use, trade up, sell, repeat)
Dibs on pattern or striped grenadine.
I do. But I never didn't love it. It's just not what I was feeling on Monday.These are the darkest dubs I have. I have darker oak wingtips, and some half-way-between cap toe brouges. Could easily have gone in that direction today too. I sold the really dark oak dubs (and another pair) to fund these Meermins.Appreciate the kind words.This.
Ha! She will be thrilled. I just meant it wasn't exactly vertical.And thanks for the support, doods.
Shirt is pink. [[SPOILER]]
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