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Panta. One of four in my first order. And I can't say enough good things about them.Thanks, doods.I was on the fence whether to wear these or my dark brown pebble grain wingtips. I think either would have been fine, but I wanted a bit more pop. So this is what I landed on.
Today [[SPOILER]]
Maybe it's a generational thing, but if you show up for a job interview not dressed well, it shows you don't respect the job or the person who has taken time out of their insane day to meet with them. If you don't care about me, why should I care about you?Do what Concealed said, except don't wear a pocket square.
Many have beat me to it, but:Y U NOT 42R??Things that make me happy:1. Warm, sunny days with a weak onshore breeze and knee to chest high sets in an unpopulated area of the beach, with not a dorsal fin in sight.2. Crisp Fall days perfect for hiking or a brisk run with one's dog/loved ones.3. Bracing winter days with a fresh coating of powder on an otherwise empty mountain.4. The first warm day of Spring when everyone layers down and you finally get to wear that...
Today [[SPOILER]]
Checks into StyFo after a full day with the fam and realizes what it was he meant to remind himself of this morning. Sorely want those Chelseas.
Here's my FC cross post [[SPOILER]]
In and by coincidence, tomorrow's fit will qualify!
--Today [[SPOILER]]
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