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I like what you're doing with colors. A few observations (YMMV, etc):- there's a bit of tension for me between the silk in the tie and square (formal) and the (worsted?) trousers on the one hand and the oxford cloth and corduroy on the other. (Some would add the button collar to that side, but that's a whole debate for another day)- For similar reasons, I've come not to prefer button collars on striped shirts, but that's probably a matter of personal taste, and the...
I've seen some that have a "hand made" label inside, and that appear to have genuine handwork with button fly etc. So it varies, and I'd put it just above (but not much) USA PRL standards.Could NOT have said it better myself.So I'll just repeat it louder.HOLY. FUCK.
Because I happen to be doing it. Recents. (Minty staple brown hopsack wool) Brown shantung All shantung: Ethrift (thanks to a tip from a dude here): Borrelli linen, 3x patch pocket. Sold as 42, but ~44-46 L
That stupid embroidered jet at the bottom is the reason I didn't keep the one I found.
Take note young pups. This is the star of the show. And I don't care who makes it.
TMac: So sorry to hear. You'll be in our thoughts.
Decent amount of snow up here, but word is the storm turned and Spoo (and my sister in law on Cape Cod) are taking the fury we've been spared.
If this weather lightens enough for me to get out of the house (and head somewhere that I need to be professionally dressed), then I'll participate.
O, hey, thanks for all the voats doods! Congrats, Ping!
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