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Very interested in seeing pictures.What's the construction on the jackets - full fused, half canvas or full canvas? I assume one of the first two, and I poked around the website but didn't see an answer.And since I was already on the question of handwork earlier today, I assume, as with shirts, the handwork is an additional charge (same same with pants, right)?
DAMN! This.
I'm always on the hunt to fill a...You know, on second thought, no. It's too easy.This.
I may just add this to my sig.That or the actual pictures of the numerous unmentionables hurled my way through out the day.And thanks to all for the thumbs and comments.--GoddamnIwantthatsuit!
I humbly stand corrected.Is that recent or older -- trying to understand if they're upping their game, or if the older stuff is better.
FTFY.Most (though there was a brief period where this wasn't true) Borrelli have 6-8 hand passes, at shoulders, side seam, gusset, button holes, collar linkage, etc. I've never seen a Truzzi with any handwork. But the collar construction and cut is as nice as Fray, IMHO.Awesome! Never had a doubt.--Just scored pretty well at a local mom and pop that was having a half price sale. Nothing mind blowing -- some Zegna, Canali, Corneliani etc. but prices were fab, for my...
Good to know. Thanks. Is it an all or nothing thing -- in other words, is there a way to opt for hand made shoulders and hand linked collar but not, for example, gusset, button holes and side seams (presumably for less $$)?
Mornin'(ish) [[SPOILER]]
Once again, I missed the boat on a sale. Some absolutely stunning fabrics in that offering.This looks great.Can anyone share (by PM, if that's more appropriate) how to specify handwork on items, and what the pricing runs?--Separately, I saw some posts in 2013 about a blueish gray University Oxford. I don't see anything that quite fits the bill on the site now. I tried to search the thread for any subsequent posts indicating whether it went out of stock etc. but my...
New Posts  All Forums: