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Your poem is notHaiku in the classic senseBut I get the pointI know the rules, dudesOften I remind othersSame rules for me too3 piece vintage YSL donnegal tweed, made in France, Patch pocket, dual vent, flat front. Is it Borrelli? No. Is it cool? Yes.Speaking of Borrelli, e thrift at true thrift prices.Best for last."SE" is silk, right?
Busy w shipping and prepping for my truimphant return back to the office. But let me see what I can muster....
Sorry, Stitch. I've been indisposed.It was from a few weeks back -- June sometime.Appreciate the include (and the voats, dudes!).
First good day in a looooong time.
This was what I meant when I said that jacket length needs to bisect you, and that it has nothing to do with where the hem falls against your hand.Pretty sure I was openly mocked and didn't get 22 thumbs.
Not worn this week. Call it inspiration if our learless feeder decides it's DQ'd. [[SPOILER]]
I don't miss the office.I do miss my closet.I may have a problem.
Subscribed. Would participate ... if this were next week during my triumphant return to the office.
I once found RL by C&J shell single monk boots and RLPL by Sassetti chestnut jods -- both my size -- at a local Marshalls shoe only outlet that has since closed. They were clearance and $600+ each. Bought, tried to flip, returned, waited, ended up missing out on the jods but getting the shell and wearing them for a couple years for something in the $200 range.Jods still haunt me.I think part of the reason we don't see stuff that level at Marshalls usually is because it...
EU sizing (aka, USA 34) plus fashionably short, maybe?
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