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My guesses, which were made without looking at ANY previous guesses (but revised as to a single item after I saw Ace Face's)1. Brooks2. Brioni3. Bank4. Armani Cravate5. Boss6. Armani Coll.7. PRL8. Trump9. talbott10. ...
Eazy was right. Good correction. Aderall.
Well, all my students seem to be on Ritalin every time they have a project. So you tell me.
[[SPOILER]]Dibs on all that.
Spoo I've been photographing like a madman (anticipating being away for an overseas trip -- thinking I will photograph now and list then). In theory, the volume should be incremental. But sort of like how incremental hours at the lawfirm beyond a certain point becomes exponentially harder, the same must be true of pictures. I have no idea how you do this every week. Not that I didn't have respect for you before, but jesus. I think it's the relentlessness of it. Every...
http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMac
The biblical plague continues. Ventured into 2 stores today, solely because I was doing other stuff. Nicest thing I saw -- and I shit you not -- was a Banana republic glen plaid car coat. I mean, sure I grabbed those AE blutchers and dated Paul Stuart ties. But literally nothing on the suit racks. NOTHING. It's unbelievable.
Just stopping in to say a big ole UFKC EBAY OK, that's all. Thanks for listening.
I had no idea this existed -- I'm terrible about exploring the site. Basically I need to see someone mention something. But I'm not sure i'm happy to know about this. Cash isn't my friend at the moment.
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