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A while back I dug around looking to confirm that the Grilux tag was Caraceni. Wasn't able to confirm, but I've assumed it's the case.Just beware that's not confirmed.
Insane work schedule + (28 hours in a plane - wifi access) = a lot fewer listings than we'd have preferred. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMac
Dude, Ballin is licensed Inco? I come across them ALL THE TIME.That's what she said.
Had this been next week, I'd be wearing my new BOO/Caruso navy windowpane suit -- Like Braddock's jacket, but a full suit.As it is, this last minute substitution for what I was planning to wear today will have to do. [[SPOILER]]
I'd planned something different for my triumphant return from the Far East, but called an audible for the challenge. [[SPOILER]]
Tough week for me to participate, but will try. Next week I'd be in fo sho.
Best Lifestyle Pic Award: roycruHe just looks so happy, doesn;t he?
See the zippered mock turtle neck thing that it looks like the mani is wearing under the jacket? That's part of the jacket.I was a second too late on a stunning weathered blue patch pocket LBM 1911 that I've owned in the wrong size for something absurd like $60. Oh well.
That top one is going to come with that zip thing either sewn or zipped in.Personally, I can't stand the look, but I know it's popular.
TWU2014: Burberry =/= Prorsum. All of the old labels had Prorsum on it. Real Prorsum line is: a) more recent; and b) specifically labeled as such. At least so I understand; have never handled it myself.
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