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Me skimming reading that exchange.----Trying to buy some items from online sites in Japan. Would rather not use a proxy service. Anyone local willing to work with me to sort out some logistics?(@ThriftVader?)
What a lovely shade of green that is.Why would anyone WEAR that?I'm not sure we can answer this for you. For me there would be only 2 considerations:1. Am I capable of carrying the chair?2. Is the money enough to overcome the shame factor?I have no idea how fit you are, or where you set your bar for priority of profit. I know where I'd peg those two things (to give you a sense: I work out daily, and I'm the only person in my office who wears a tie on the daily, and I...
Always appreciate the include, Razl. The items in the "Old School" post are already on reduction -- that's sort of the point of the post -- so I can't do anything there, but PM me with Razl's name used creatively and I'll take 15% off the unstructured gun club or the Corthay Arca's.
I love how the Attolini is just sort of thrown in there. G&G belt is insane. Isaia pants are fugly.
Fake Zegna tag, Brooks collar tag, Boss content tag??
I should post my finds more. These may not have the "wow dollar value" factor, but I think they have the "wow coolness" factor, and for me that's bigger. 6 true ascots, + 1 straight bow tie. 5 ancient madder and vintage, 2 SUPER old Holliday & Brown, which was only apparent for those taking the time to really look.
Limited time sale, HUGE savings THESE ARE JUST EXAMPLES!!! Tons of Luxury brands Check for all dealz (size and item type store links on left) These prices are already very reduced, below going rate and most below my or the consignor's cost. I can't stop you from making reasonable offers (particularly on combined items), but understand that I have no or almost no latitude. Based on the rules, I'm not putting in things like...
Ermenegildo Zegna Top Quality - Pick Stitched Shoulders Completely Unlined, Unstructured / Deconstructed Dual Vent, Patch Pocket Smoky Gray w. Burgundy/Maroon Gun Check Plaid AMAZING! Tagged 58, but measures like a 44; see photos. Reasonable offers considered; Priced to move, but reasonable offers will be considered. Fine print: - At this Styleforum price, transaction is FINAL; no refunds, returns, backsies, etc. - First to pay wins; no holds - Price includes CONUS...
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