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I'm always on the hunt to fill a...You know, on second thought, no. It's too easy.This.
I may just add this to my sig.That or the actual pictures of the numerous unmentionables hurled my way through out the day.And thanks to all for the thumbs and comments.--GoddamnIwantthatsuit!
I humbly stand corrected.Is that recent or older -- trying to understand if they're upping their game, or if the older stuff is better.
FTFY.Most (though there was a brief period where this wasn't true) Borrelli have 6-8 hand passes, at shoulders, side seam, gusset, button holes, collar linkage, etc. I've never seen a Truzzi with any handwork. But the collar construction and cut is as nice as Fray, IMHO.Awesome! Never had a doubt.--Just scored pretty well at a local mom and pop that was having a half price sale. Nothing mind blowing -- some Zegna, Canali, Corneliani etc. but prices were fab, for my...
Good to know. Thanks. Is it an all or nothing thing -- in other words, is there a way to opt for hand made shoulders and hand linked collar but not, for example, gusset, button holes and side seams (presumably for less $$)?
Mornin'(ish) [[SPOILER]]
Once again, I missed the boat on a sale. Some absolutely stunning fabrics in that offering.This looks great.Can anyone share (by PM, if that's more appropriate) how to specify handwork on items, and what the pricing runs?--Separately, I saw some posts in 2013 about a blueish gray University Oxford. I don't see anything that quite fits the bill on the site now. I tried to search the thread for any subsequent posts indicating whether it went out of stock etc. but my...
Found 8 Chipp suits today. Straight mint. 41R, flat front, and many a contrast lining (one's even dual vent). Concealed is going to scold me, but I kopped overpaid. Also BBGF pindot tie that's NWOT, and a couple other things. I know; pics or it didn't happen. But it seems like very few people live by that rule anymore so whatever.
I may have to dip into the ebay inventory for this but... interested in participating.
Gets box with a return address in Oyster Bay. Cannot contain excitement; tears ass into package. And then this happens.
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