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Yes.But like so many things, it's not quite what you thought it would be, it didn't come when/how you thought it would come, and it's got a grim, dark side you didn't quite expect.Which, stripped of the drama, maybe really only is to say: I don't look like Hugh Jackman, and Alex Morgan hasn't sent me a love text yet.Yet.I've been trimming my jackets as fast as my sewing machine and/or budget can manage. This one is on the bubble: is it worth my personal time or my...
Those look like Smurf shoes./NoHate.
I KNOWDown to a full on 40R at this point. #ChampagneProblems.Debating whether to slim it, as I have several others at this point, or just sell it. Likely the latter.
Nope.It's complicated, and explained in the post I linked (I compared several different restoration methods). But, net, Venetian Cream is your best bet. As long as you buff it off before it dries on.As far as the creases on the vamp, that's just a question of ample sized trees and a massive, arm crushing amount of brushing.
A moiIt's cool.I'm sure your rehab will turn out just as good as mine.http://www.styleforum.net/t/9006/the-official-thrift-discount-store-bragging-thread/133900_100#post_7771570Post shots. You know, so we can all observe. And not judge you at all.BeforeAfter
+1 to Reuben being top notch.Here's how I respond to such inquiries: [[SPOILER]] In fairness, I've never really done this. But I include so much information, there's plenty to go on. So if I got the actual questions Wes listed, I might. Those are ridiculous questions, people.Um, wut?Exactamundo.I hath done it before. Check thy PM.
I'm wearing everybody's favorite shoes. [[SPOILER]]
I assure you this was as unintentional as it was not on Friday (I was traveling back home, for work, from the beach, where the rest of my family was vacationing yesterday). For the record: I'm prepared for your scorn and disapproval.
That's freaking insane. I had no idea they made madder ROBES.I found a scarf/square once, but didn't know it was so much of a thing.
MerciDear God I love this.
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