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It certainly ended insane. Holy crap.
So. Great day with the Spooner. Fun to watch him pace like a caged animal in the run up to an estate sale. Made me think of my days as an athlete, and those moments before a race: the tension, the anticipation, and then the release of all the training and pent up adrenaline. What's amazing is I was right there next to him, seeing the same stuff he was, but not really. I mean, I've been doing this a while and like to think I'm OK at it, but I was really genuinely not...
Epic day with @spoopoker. Details and photos tomorrow because I came home and passed out from exhaustion. Weeks of running on fumes and 3 days of flying until 2am finally caught up to me and I'm told I fell asleep literally mid-Harry Potter. My 9 year old was unable to rouse me. Anyway, it was a day unlike I've had in a long long time.
-- double post; pls delete
Whazzat? T-Rex checking in for duty.This saddens me deeply. Brian was a superb individual. I'll be participating on both the sell (and possibly buy) side.
Which is what size now?
Classy move.[slow clap]
What's up dudes? Not available unless we're talking really juicy stuff or cash. I apologize; I'm just not in a position financially my friends. True thrift, or as close as it gets in these parts. One stop. And two e thrifts at decent enough prices that they count. Finamore was a while ago.
Trooth. I'm still in flannels too. (No socks)Indeed. There are a few good Samuelson cuts, and P. Cole is about the best of those.
. why do you think I knew so much about oyster bay, and what do you think I was doing wandering around oyster bay before that party -- I was visiting Sag Hill.Still, prolly shoulda mentioned it. Dude was effing badass.
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