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I found a very similar Chanel. Paid a LOT more than $12.
You and your family are in my thoughts, Dr L.
I thought the same thing (at one point I had a Zegna SC in the same fabric but shrunk out of it) but those lapels....---Is anyone on here an expert in Burberry quilted jacket authentication? If so please get at me.---And if any of you is tabloidhack on eBay, we need to have a private word.
Reloaded with fixed price items, plus some ties coming up in the next week or two. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/GregBigMacs-Elite-Trad-Prep-Ivy [IMG...
Fair point.Added links. Thanks.BTW, I've tried numerous times with NO luck just copying and pasting the rundown of the actual listings. No idea why I can't get it to work.
Howdy again folks. Links to my stores are in my sig. Ongoing Fall sale. http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/GregBigMacs-Elite-Trad-Prep-Ivy Auctions going live this week: Other items that have gone live recently.
I didn't. Thanks. I knew it was well made, and there's the proof.
Anyone else get about halfway through this and get that same funny feeling like when they're watching really arty pr0n?---I'm just going to leave these here.
How come every USA made down vest I sell ends with no bids?
CEO guy is my shoe size. (Hopefully some of his old dress shoes are still around....)---Son of a crap.
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