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Huh. I was sure it was Quaaludes.That... Quilted. Isaia.
I'm about to search the thread (and will edit when I find it) but posting in the event anyone knows offhand. Edit: Went back several hundred posts and came up empty. Someone posted the same tag in a LB "Club" suit, but nobody knew.
Shot in the dark: I cracked the screen on my Samsung Galaxy S4 (Verizon). Looking to replace it with a good condition one (obv, not lost/stolen). Cash or trade. Get @ me.
I approve what's going on up in here.
Interested in proxy for bbb4
So characteristically reasonable. This is why you're among the best of the best on this board.He's 43R
Superb. Gives me some good ideas....
This one's pretty cool. How's the fit? I've found Coppley to run a half to a full size large. (I chalk it up to vanity sizing)
I've tried before to post in this thread with pictures, but for some reason I can't make it work (despite help by thread regulars). Too bad, because the next couple of weeks we (the wife and I) have some pretty great stuff across the two accounts.Here are links to the stores:http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Businesshttp://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMacEDIT:Let's do it this way. Here are (most of, and in no particular order) the photos that...
I had to pass today on 2/3 of a 3 piece suit made by a local tailor that had more hand stitching than I've seen on Savile Row pieces. And definitely true hand stitching. The back of the lapel looked like ... well, something with a lot of dots on it from all the hand felling. It was amazeballz. Took the store apart looking for the trou, but had to run for a flight.
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