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If you were where I think you were, you missed a few things that I was happy to pick up in your wake. The pricing on that Burberry was absurd, though.sizing by brand and even within brand by last varies widely. There are whole threads devoted to Carmina sizing by last.--Spooster: Stripper's tit? ('s OK; it's returnable)
http://www.ebay.com/itm/121324949294?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649Yeah, I couldn't help it, I kopped, which is why I edited. Isaia red label base s size 54 fits me pretty well, no matter what the fug those measurements say.If they end up being closer to a 44R, who on here wants to be my best friend?In other news, I was stunned to be the winning bidder on this. I had even removed my snipe, thinking I'd spent too much money lately. That's the Attolini...
Thanks, guys. It's def a fave.
Coming back from vacation is so much work it's almost not worth it.Almost.Monday: [[SPOILER]] Yesterday (post-work flash photos): [[SPOILER]] Today (nearly last class, and barring a colossal screwup, it should be a 0 repeat semester!) [[SPOILER]]
I rarely say this about your fits, but I actually didn't care for that one, Spoo. I think it's the rusticity of the trad details of the SC (and maybe the herringbone generally) juxtaposed with the silk and those city stripes.This. But fortunately, I haven't worn it yet this year, which means it's due.
OOO! OOOO! Please do this one! Wearing a lavender shirt, suede boots and this jacket today! (Yes, I am that lazy)
Pretty sure I found one of those about a year ago. Loved the colors and thought I could make the fit work. Ended up redonating it once I started lurking on waywrn and realized how off the fit was.Also, interesting synergy: I also found a PRL vintage hand rolled while on vaca.--Edit: dude, fishy, that attolini and billy Reid are awesome. My size too. Discipline... discipline...--A Dude here passed on a tip to me about a PRL/Corn herringbone suit. 44L and I was hoping...
Great find. Love the color and the texture.
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