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Today, soon to be x posted to the contest thread. [[SPOILER]] Bonus: For giggles, I also threw on my new (to me) LBM SC to see how it looked, fresh back from the tailor. Wish there were a little more room to let the sleeves out, but pretty dang good, I think.To Edmorel's point above, and consistent with what I've said before, look back at my last few posts (or beyond) and you'll note a wide diversity of fit and style. I dress because I enjoy it and enjoy experimenting. ...
The year I got him I included Dior ties (an old running joke) and the gaudiest belt I could find as the joke part of the gift.
Good day, gents. Due to some technical glitch, the bottom of the full shot got cut off. Shame, because these trou actually fit me better than most, and even have a 2 inch cuff! C'est la vie. [[SPOILER]]
Actually, funny story. I bid on your tie but lost. Couple days later I was lamenting to Spoo, then I hit a thrift store and found the exact same tie, near mint condition. Truth.-- [[SPOILER]]
Interesting. I have some thoughts....
I know exactly what you mean. Sometimes it's
Yup. So's the suit.Shirt is my first Luxire purchase.
The fabric is spectacular. The real problem is that this Forum -- really this thread -- has made me obsessive about stuff that no one else will ever notice.
New (to me) suit, and a new pose. Pretty sure I don't like the pose. Jury's still out on the suit -- a few more nips and tucks needed, and not sure I want to make that investment. [[SPOILER]]
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