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My opinion can be very succinctly stated:If you like it, it fits and you can afford it, buy and wear it until you are able (via trade, purchase or another find) to replace it with something better.That's it.But the most important -- no, that's not strong enough: the most imperative aspect of that sentence is fit.Fit is everything, and there will be no greater waste of your limited resources than on items that don't fit.You must obsess about fit and be brutally honest...
Think of (non elite tier) tailored menswear quality as essentially inversely proportional to time. As time goes on the X axis from, say, 1900 to present, average quality of mainline stuff goes down -- from hand made in 1st world countries in 1900 to machine made in 3rd world countries at present. Again, the elite tier stuff like Attolini or Kiton or whatever is the exception, that's mostly flat or slightly up (considering fabric quality) over time (and invariably higher...
I had the oak brown in my hand with the trees out, but thought there wasn't enough contrast. And I'm sticking by that.FM, not sure I agree about the belt. I suppose it's textured, but pretty subtly, and other than that, it's pretty unadorned. But I respect that's the way it's coming through and I will keep it in mind going forward.I enjoy meandering through different idioms. Some I do well, others not. Some jive here, others not.This is the vibe I was feeling today.
Thanks for the thumbs on Friday. I wasn't sure how that would all be received, but I'm glad folks liked it as much as I did. That jacket (Huntsman bespoke) was traded here on SF and fit me that perfectly straight out of the box. I may tone it down eventually with smoked MOP buttons rather than the white ones it has now. But then again, maybe not.Here's today. [[SPOILER]]
You both have a warm hearth if ever you need it, since I'm usually in your camp (and not much ahead of you this time around either). I've rarely (if ever) left the house thinking "boy I look like crap today" but the interwebz often has a different opinion.
Because the newbs have been finding it all.I still have yet to find tailored Kiton at thrift prices.#firstworldproblems
Appreciate the thumbs this week, dudes.Frisky Friday. [[SPOILER]]
'Like this:And this:(But mine are both Kiton. #humblebrag)
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