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Subscribed. Should participate and may even have some ideas for how to make it a true Rhapsody in Blue (I.e., blue head to toe).
I want to call out Prince of Paisley who, I thought, actually managed to pull off a gray odd jacket better than usual. Carry on. Edit: but Betel's was my overall fave.
Yeah, I think that's more the issue here. I think it's more that *THIS* shirt doesn't work. Which is helpful, since I sometimes need a push to purge stuff that doesn't work on me. But I'm still convinced that BD has its place in MC, and indeed sometimes when only a BD will work (harmoniously).Same thing with white shirts. Fair. But I've seen oxford cloth semi spreads, and I don't like them. Cloth and collar are in tension. And didn't you say for the "rule breaker"...
Bit of both. About an inch shorter than I prefer, but I thought close enough to be passable, esp. given it's uniqueness.Here I have to disagree. I gave this a lot of thought. Ultimately I concluded that seersucker's inherently un-dressyness demands something less dressy than a formal spread collar. It's the whole harmony thing. I don't have an example handy, but I'm pretty sure I've seen Vox wear button collar with something similarly summery. YMMV, but that's where...
Let summer end without having worn seersucker? I think not. [[SPOILER]]
^^ Lined 3 fold. Nothing more.
Tell me about it. It would probably fit, but just can't possibly justify ANOTHER suit.
Helluva find. But -- and I'm sure to take some heat for this -- I'd burn those with FIRE.--Shoeluv: That Capitalist Tool tie is the same as one I found (and sent to Spoo, iirc) a while back.
Today. Apparently I flinched. [[SPOILER]]
Travelling for meetings, so rolling Mimo style w phone pics.
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