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I bought a Caruso a while back for half that. No love yet "Over There."
Reasonable offers on combined items are always considered, but I think my prices are pretty well in line with recent sold items here and on ebay. They're also reflective of my costs. I'm also trying to keep with the good natured spirit of the thread and fellow sellers, who have generously offered 10% above.
Appreciate the mention on the Finamore ties! 10% off if you mention this thread. Happy to take 10% off anything else I'm selling as well. Supertopsecretcodeword RAZL.
Nope.Gray flannel.
Quite good. I'd stuff the square a bit more. Would like to know what you're wearing below, and if the jacket is cotton, I might be a little concerned about the harmony of the formality of silk and stripes with cotton. But I'm really just picking nits. It's quite good.
This stopped me in my tracks. I wouldn't let this motherfucker out of my home.
Yes. Down from like a 43R/38 waist to a 40R/32 waist.Thanks for noticing!It's fun, but it's not the most important thing in my life.Something like this.
Thanks for the love (and PMs) all. Just to add a bit more clarity: the best of the best stuff in there -- like the shoes -- were well above true thrift pricing (but still pretty dang good), because they're intended for personal use (and thus basically NA, unless you want to really wow me). I don't want to leave folks with the impression I found, for example, Edward Green twotone boots or a gaggle of Finamore NWT at my local. On the other hand, there's also about a...
New Posts  All Forums: