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Congrats to the winners!
Good luck. Because their size 17 neck shirts are all 36+ arm. Not sure why, but that's what they be.
All I've got for you today, my friends.
That's just the thing: I never have. First time. Weird.
I approve of this statement and all that it implies.
Cap: that Club Room AM sets a new, basically unattainable bar for Club Room ties. Atl: That lapel deformation is so incredibly unfortunate. Because that PS is superb. -- Here's that RLPL I mentioned. And here's the Versace. Real? Edit: OK, so now both StyFo and Tumblr are rotating my pictures. What gives?
Clags: Love that first suit. That's what my vote was for. Lots of great entries guys. Never one much for the Sozzi ties -- just can't get past the stochastisity of the pattern -- but folks really deployed them very, very well.
Step 1: Insert all your photo links into the editing box first.Step 2: Highlight all of the text associated with those now inserted photos.Step 3: Click spoiler icon.Step 4: Click submit.Step 5: Mic drop.
As in... A Lambo, or a Hyundai like us mortals?--RLPL suit at true thrift today.Size 38, too.(with a hole but IDGAF)And a Versace tie at 50% off, making it affordable, and I hope it's real. It's absolutely hideous, so it has a fighting shot.Rest of the day was ho hum.
New Posts  All Forums: