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This.Y U NO 42R??
I like the concept -- and surprisingly the navy trew with the seersucker. But I'm not sold on the formality of the silk with the seersucker. Shantung maybe. But not worsted silk.imho, YMMV, etc.
How freaking sweet is that Zegna?
Is the size on this 9.5F?
I just scored a nice fall windowpane suit, and you've given me some inspiration for how to wear it. HATHANKS!
Today. [[SPOILER]]
You're right. I should have done my homework. I didn't realize they were a maker. Bought the suit for the windowpane design, contrast lining, slim fit and reasonable price.Thanks.
I did, but not for the university. For Worcester college.That tie was probably sold at one of the touristy High Street shops. It's not the official Oxford colors (solid dark blue), and if it were for the college whose colors are maroon and blue (could be Christ Church? Don't recall) it wouldn't have the University seal but the college one.--Here's as comprehensive an assemblage as I can muster at this late hour of all the stuff found over the last few weeks.Beware. ...
I have the blue Chipp grenadine and I absolutely love it. Carry on.
Best.Post.Ever.Literally just laughed in a meeting, drawing unfortunate attention.
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