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Sorry, I usually just browse pictures these days.Result of my experiment was that regular, non enzyme detergent (not woolite) in a 1-2 day soak worked best. Grays are most likely to bleed (unfortunately), and if you catch it early enough, you might prevent permanent damage, so vigilance in those first couple hours is critical. Some people swear by pre-treatments, and there are a few I can recommend by PM, since they were shared with me confidentially. Sometimes they...
You're asking the wrong crowd. very biased value range, heavily influenced by shopping at goodwills and the like. Some folks would say 25% retail is a good deal. To this crowd, you're getting hosed.
Oh, yeah yeah. Didn't mean to suggest otherwise. It's just like a BWM M3 in a sea of Veyrons. Good stuff in isolation, but a bit out of its depth in that crowd.
Which of these things is not like the othersWhich of these things just does not belong....Wait a hot minute.... [[SPOILER]]
Oh. My mistake. Sorry I thought I remembered you saying you were in law school. Must have been one of your fellow Candian Countrymen.What's the QC for then? Just your last initials?Ahhhhhhhhhh.
And he is/soon will be a lawyer, hence Queen's Counsel. Or QC. Mine's a lot less original. You see, I joined StyFo not realizing that people came up with creative, elaborate, labyrinthine nicknames. So I went with something pretty close to home.
reo: eat less, work out more, have a lot of stress, don't sleep and don't expect your stomach to look like Bruce lee; it's just a smaller version of the old man stomach you used to have. Tnm; I have that lbm gun check. I love it.
52 eu is a fairly slim 42 U.S., pushing 41 or 40 if it's any consolation to my former 42r brethren. It's not to me since all that shiz should fit me now.
More http://stores.ebay.com/M-McLs-Repeat-Business http://stores.ebay.com/EliteRepeat-for-Men-by-GregBigMac
Yeah, I got a chuckle out of this one too.Depending on price I'd take the chance. It can't take battery acid or anything, but you can use some fairly aggressive stuff on leather, as long as you're quick and strategic about it, rinsing it off fairly quickly. So if you hit the mildew with, for example, vinegar (to kill the mildew) followed fairly quickly by a water rinse (to avoid damaging the finish) I think you'd be OK. But this is probably a better question for the...
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