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Tell me if I am wrong, but I thought one only undertook a PhD if you had a APA / scholarship?
global ETFs, currency ETFs etc
try 28 degrees mastercard or bankwest mastercard. Their rates are about 0.2% from spot and no forex fees etc.
I couldn't find the post, but someone was asking about watch repairs in Sydney. Try this guy (can't remember his name): Time Connections Shop 2a, 780 Bourke Street Redfern 02 8084 5219 He rides into the CBD a few times a week which is handy.
It isn't clothes but a helpful addition to any trip to Paris. I'd strongly suggest not to show the link to the missus. You'll return broke.https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&msa=0&msid=104394998929176276584.000471acf56a7e1d63590&z=13Also, pop in to Herme's in St Germain des pres - it's his patisserie store which I think are greater masterpieces than his macarons for which he is particularly famous.
or you may be able to get the prescription filled by your health fund if they have their own in house dispenser
For those who like TM Lewin shirts and ties: All Shirts & Ties $40 + Free Delivery The new season’s collections are now available online. An extensive collection of the latest shirt fabrics, 24 new suits to choose from and a new-look range, designed exclusively for today’s professional man and woman. Enter TMLOT1 at the online check-out to redeem this offer only two days left.
did I count right? 19 pairs? wow. I've got some serious shopping to do!I noticed that someone else (Romp perhaps? I can't remember) had a ton of either clothing or shoes - where do you guys call keep it all? or do I just have a (too) small place?
After Romp's mention of Panerai watches, I just had a look at their website and fell in love, particularly with the Luminor 1950 Rattrapante 8 Days Titanio. Then I saw the price. Back to reality of a Sydney mortgage.
Gilbert and Tobin do have a bald partner who seems to only able to use the bottom two buttons on his shirts. It's an interesting look to show your clients.
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