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You look great in the international and the Cowen.
I read this on an ad on Ebay: vendor buys direct from Barbour, and is very knowledgeable from communication I have had with him. But he seems to be wrong on this point.
I am interested in the Barbour Rexton jacket. The one I am looking at is advertised as: "As this is a distressed, stonewashed jacket it cannot be re-waxed." Is it true the Rexton cannot be re-waxed?
Thanks for the measurements! Those sleeves are crazy long.
On the End Clothing site the measurement from armpit to armpit for an XL is 21.5 inches. Even for a sport coat that is snug that is supposed to be XL. And if you are a 44 chest sport coat, I am surprised you fit into an XL, unless the End clothing site measurement is inaccurate.Do me and the readers a favor and provide measurements of your XL Commander, shoulders, pit to pit, sleeve, length.Thanks!
From what I have read online and on this site, the Commander runs very small. For example, I am a 40 US chest and a XL is what would fit me. I have a Tokito horse riding by barbour and it is in a size large and fits snug. Normally I would be a medium or 40 in a Barbour Bedale or Beaufort.
I want to buy a size 40 Barbour International Black in color. drop me a line if you have one. Cheers!
Awesome deal but I am a 40 chest. the I would be swimming in the 42. thanks though.
I have two Barbours currently and trying to get a black International. The international is a classic. Had one years ago and regret getting rid of it. Will be getting another pronto.I think by the end of the year I will own 3-5 Barbours. I am an addict, what can I say.
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