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Yep. Very bitter. I have a dark Italian-style espresso roast with 25% robusta here that I brew in a French press that's far more balanced. Are you drinking it as a lungo? Standard-sized lungo or significantly less?
^Not a fan. I don't dislike robusta, but this is just unpleasant. Too bitter etc.
FWIW, Torb's turret has 40m range, not infinite. With hitscan heroes like McCree, and projectile heroes probably too, you can peak and prefire and not get hit. If you peak, then aim, then fire, even quickly, it will lock on to you. Hanzo can sometimes be able to kill Bastions/Turrets even if they aren't in his FoV cuz the hitboxes are quite large for his arrows [edit: and other projectile heroes]. Junk obv too [edit: by bouncing off his grenades]. And the other counters...
Did you just use the words "good" and "VAC" in one sentence?
Cynar soda with a good squeeze of orange juice is sooo good. Bought a bottle for 6.40 €. Incredible value.
One person bought four copies. His last try included a fake mac adress, VPN etc. To no avail. The monthly subscription wallhack is already busted too. A few top duelers from adrenaline, lgc3, quakeworld, duelmania etc (like biggy, rikol, locust) suspect a lot of "pro" players are currently using private aimhacks though.
I know that you've posted Hanni before. Been listening to them a bunch lately. Not the best. But pretty good! A bit Modest Mouse/Black Keys-ish.Tuxedomoon Half Mute concert was greeeat. Hindi Zahra this Friday. Prolly gonny be preetty good too.
Uhm yeah. Weather has been really hot and humid here. So a few Cuba Libres and Dark & Stormys were in order.
Thoughts on the new Envivo Lungo?
Oh, when did you get married? Congrats!
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