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Hm, partially the case in Germany. But only for cigarettes, prolly because they're regulated. For alcohol and other tobacco products PP only requires you to contact them with contact information, the company's website and a short descripten of the company to be able to accept payments for those items. I guess in other countries where selling alcohol is regulated, PP doesn't allow it. Makes sense.
I have never heard that. Source?
BF1 looks good for those that like BF, I guess.
Read his post again.. there are basically two "Havana Club", one being the real thing.Yep, can't pay any orders including Cuban products with PayPal. PayPal has actually banned some vendors in Germany simply for having Cuban products in stock.
I prefer mine with a blended Scotch.
Bundaberg ginger brew & JW black. The ginger beer is a bit sweet, added a dash of cider vinegar (no lemons/limes), and some real ginger. Anyway, ginger beer + blended Scotch is pretty damn delicious!
Thinking about setting up a batch of it too. Have you added the toasted chips last time? Wild Turkey 101 should be fine, right?
Alright, I'll put my Crooked Staves in the fridge tomorrow.
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