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Pasta alla puttanesca Spaghetti w/ Beurre d'Échiré & Parmigiano Yesterday: Pheasant legs alla cacciatora (adapted from Hazan's recipe for chicken alla cacciatora, basically just deboned pheasant legs, dredged in flour and seared in olive oil, removed from the pan, then added some thinly slied onions, some sliced carrots and celery sticks, garlic, tomato paste, white wine, reduced, added chopped tinned tomatoes, s&p, the pheasant and simmered) Greens cooked in olive...
Both nice and have that "Campanian" white wine taste. Relatively easy to drink but at the same time a bit complicated too. Pronounced minerality. The Falanghina was more balanced overall imo. Quite rich and concentrated for a Gavi di Gavi. Quite a bit of minerality. Lively acidity. Good value too. Very oaky, but apparently most Aglianicos are (although this one is a cuvée)? Pretty good overall. Beautiful wine. Oaky, bold, firmish tannins, could use a few more...
It's Le Catal (not Cantal). Raw goat milk.
^Been listening to quite a bit of Ghostpoet lately too.
No wine from Campania? I'm gonna spend four days in Napoli in the end of January. Very much looking forward to it. I've already gathered quite a bit of information but could use some more recommendations for places to eat at. Can I pm you in a few days/weeks?
Ordered a shitton of wine (mostly daily drinkers) and liquor on Amazon today. 50% sale and the stuff I ordered was already well-priced, so effectively 40-50% discount. Most of the daily drinkers and some of the rum is for my mom tho. [[SPOILER]] Pretty happy about it. Oh, and so this post isn't completely off-topic: drinking some Anchor Brewing Old Foghorn right now. Too much liquorice for my preference (same for their Brekle's Brown Ale). Other than that, good stuff.
Transparent is pretty great. Haven't started season 2 yet though.
Yeah, Rocket Leagues needs quite a bit of practice.
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