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Lucky you. I'm wondering what could've caused the taste.
Did your Puncheon have this weird lingering slightly chemical flavor too?
Mouchoir de Monsieur. Good stuff.
Very nice.Tsjeeses are so good. I sometimes feel guilty when I drink beer that's like 15-20€ + per liter when I can have Tsjeeses for like 10 € / liter or Weihenstephaner/Schneider Weisse/etc for 2-3 € / liter. Diminishing returns are a bitch. But it's still worth it.
Guess I was right. Where are my points?
One more for good measure: Tsjeeses Reserva X-Mas Ale Bourbon Barrel Aged 2013. Good stuff!
Ok, this is a last hail mary. If nobody recommends a different recipe, I'll use the recipe from Tsuji's Japanese Cooking book. T-minus 18-ish hours.Do any of you have a recipe for great salt dill pickles? I love my cucumber pickles crunchy. There's a Jewish deli where I've had some salt/dill pickles last year which where crunchy and utterly delightful. I'd like to replicate that.
Really happy with it. Took me a long time to actually get one. "Western" (220 V) models are quite rare and hardly available in Europe. I actually had to order mine from Japan. Ordered it from a shop that only sells them "over the counter", but ordering was possible and they shipped it. Low shipment costs, relatively low price. Cost me 150 € + 35 € duties/taxes. Same thing ordered from amazon.de marketplace would've been 240 € + 55 € duties/taxes. It's the high voltage...
I've been drinking Ethiopian Shilicho this week. Full city/Full city+ roast. Really good stuff. (From Quijote in Hamburg). Ordered a few others of their coffees. Also a lighter roast. Too acidic. I'll probably make some cold brew with it.
I'm gonna start my nukadoko tomorrow. Wish me luck!
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