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HORNS likes it. I think I've tried it once and enjoyed it but I don't really recall.T'dH ETF yesterday.
You think it might be acetone? I've had this with 2 Prairie beers.
25 years..
The Seizoen Bretta has gotten expensive. Last time it was 13.50 € for 75 cl.
Awesome. Would love to order but budget doesn't allow it.
Ordered some more Byrrh. Also a bottle of La Quintinye Rouge and Mancino Rosso--have any of you tried one of those?
Later today: Glastonbury livestream.
Still a bit salty but already enjoyable. Nice crunch. Noticeable rice bran taste. Slightly hot form the mustard powder/chilis. By now, the bran has a great texture. At first it was a bit too dry, I think, or it just needs some fermentation itself.
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