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Rob Roys. 2:1. JW Black, dash or two of Ango bitters. First one I had with Martini Gran Lusso. Not bad, but not ideal. Second one with (an admittedly quite old bottle of) Cocchi di Torino. Better fit.
Endives and celery stalks braised in tomato/onion/chorizo
What's making me happy right now: endives. Just halfed lengthwise, maybe some of the stem removed if you don't want to be too bitter, then cooked cut-side down in butter on low heat until tender and lightly browned (if you feel crazy, fold thinly sliced apple in between the leafs, Passard-style). Finish with fleur de sel, maybe some pepper, maybe some nutmeg, maybe some grated liquorice root (iirc Passard did that in combination with the apple). So good. And looks pretty.
I love both. The only thing that sucks is when the flesh doesn't seperate from the skin that surrounds the pit. The skin is quite tough. There's also longan but I don't recall when I last had one. Also, overripe or underripe lychees suck. And it's difficult to get ripe/fresh rambutan here.
I wanted to make a 2:1:1 Boulevardier with Byrrh yesterday. I poured the rye, then remembered that I had used up my Campari last week. So I used Gran Classico instead. Added two dashes of TBT/Bittermen's Xocolatl Mole bitters to balance the lacking bitterness of the Campari. As expected, it was quite sweet (prolly due to the Gran Classico), so I Improvised and added a few drops of Sherry vinegar. Not bad.
The voices in my head never lie.Which is why I wore Philosykos today.
Bought it 5.5 years ago for ~ 55 € (20 € coupon). Pretty much the first Scotch I've bought. Still have 1/5 or so left of it.
Vermouth is "aromatized fortified wine" but it still oxidizes relatively quickly. Placing it in the fridge slows down the process. Non-fortified wine oxidizes even more quickly. Next time you could get démi-bouteilles (375 ml). Less spacious and used up more quickly. Sipping some Byrrh now while cooking, then'll prolly have a gose and some bourbon/Scotch later while reading.
Nice. Those bottles are way too full though. Can't tell if the Dolins are opened or not--if they are, you should keep them in the fridge. Had some 4RSB and Oogie yesterday. Great stuff.
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