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Also, https://vine.co/v/MTU7AiM2uHB
GIT, today.
I really want to try that one again. As I've said a few times already, I've only tried it for a few hours, but it seemed very good. You can order a sample from AusLiebeZumDuft or Essenza-Nobile. Both German, both offer international shipment. Too lazy to look the rates up. In any case, I can proxy it for you, that is it'd be like 3.5 € for the shipment.
I've really enjoyed it today, fwiw.
Say what? 1-0 Nigeria? I actually wanted to get some more sleep, since I expected this game to kind of suck (and Bosnia to dominate), but ended up watching a few too many Ownage Pranks videos... Guess I've got to finish watching the last 25 minutes of the game now. Overall, is the game even? Is Nigeria's lead lucky? Should it have been higher?
Spectacular game.
Great comeback by Ghana. Edit: Even greater!
Also, Iran wasn't given a 100% penalty...
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