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D'oh. I didn't wear Leather Oud, I wore Colonia Leather (AdP). Anyway, SotD L'Air du D├ęsert Marocain. First time wearing it, just applied it. I'm enjoying the opening.
Not yet. Should've phrased it differently though anyway. I'm quite a bit into "creamy/well blended" leathers like Dzing!, just not too big a fan of leather-in-your-face-scents like Tuscan Leather.
Leather Oud. I'm not the biggest fan of leather-dominant scents, but I think it's quite good.
^Was and is delicious. Used Passard's recipe, roughly, and left out the salad part. Added some colatura di Alici di cetara to the aubergine caviar--excellent!
Beer! Most of it are new to me.
Memoir Man, today. I've never really come to peace with the composition in the past and it's probably been 1+ years since I've last worn it, but today, at warm temperatures, I very much enjoyed it! Good projection, which stayed relatively close to the skin, and a grand composition. Thanks, Horns and CaliforniaDreamer (it was you, wasn't it?), for reminding me of Memoir Man.
I'm cooking ratatouille & aubergine caviar while drinking Equipa Navazos La Bota de Fino sherry (#27) right now.
Santal Majuscule. Lovely.
I think you need some other stuff, like citrus oils, and maybe spices. Nailing the recipe might be difficult, idk. Might taste better then though than bottled stuff. Guess I'll have to try it someday too!
Do Son. Good linden scent.
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