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Extraordinary pass by Pirlo. (edit: and another one, and another one, ...) Bummer that Super Mario didn't score.
Were you willingly watching Iran - Nigeria?
https://twitter.com/FinallyMario/status/479738033672306688 Oh. Greece with 10 men. Go JPN.
(Yes, it was)
Oh, I kind of figured something like that had happened when he just burst into tears.
@why, @the shah: So, you're saying that there are at least 16 better teams in this WC than England? Just imagine that Rooney actually paid the black magic guy to remove his WC curse. England would score like crazy. Or, well, they'd at least score.
Goal was good. But Uruguay must not win. Their performance vs Costa Rica was horrible. England's vs Italy was solid. England is one of the better teams in this WC. Would be a terrible loss if they dropped out. Plus, England is playing better so far.
Extrawelt. https://soundcloud.com/extrawelt-official/johannes-heil-extrawelt
Nope. It's from an Irish TV coverage, I think.
What was that story again about the claustrophobic woman who got locked inside the bathroom at work?
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