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Brandade. NYT's recipe. This is seriously one of the best comfort foods ever. Just so good. Not quite classic, but the additions of crème fraîche etc are perfect. Using regular cod instead of bacalhau/bacalao is fine too. Just use more salt. Also, don't throw away the leftover cooking liquids of the potato/garlic. It tastes great--I ate/drank it like consommé.
Albóndigas today. So good. Still lots left over for tomorrow. Also set up a tiramisù. And will make a tortilla as well as hummus tomorrow. Relaxed NYE at my mom's. NYT's brandade (really great) on the 1st as breakfast/lunch.
Most ginger beers are too damn fucking sweet. I mean, 13-14g/100ml? Really?
The orange/vanilla infused bourbon is great in an Old Fashioned. Needs much less simply syrup though or else it gets too sweet. Also: the drink turns cloudy (probably from the coldness?!). Do you have the same "problem", Piob?
I don't really think of it as "cheese". It's actually used often in cakes etc. Like Quarkkrapfen,Russischer Zupfkuchen,or in bread. Edit: Or... cheesecake.
George Michael. Rip.
I prefer my grandma's quark stollen above all others. If you're interested in the recipe, let me know, I'll look for it tomorrow. Today: Deer goulash, red cabbage, polenta fritters/cakes/whatever. And tiramisù.
Eh, still too low. I'm not comfortable buying decants from you! Today: mulled wine, Dark & Stormy, crémant.I still haven't made an Old Fashioned with the orange/vanilla bourbon, Piob. But I've sampled it a few more times (even today). Really good now, as far as I can tell. I'll prolly try it out tomorrow. Will report back. o7
Ordered it from a pretty large (and good) vendor when I had to buy new gentian roots. They stock a ton of herbs, teas, roots, flowers, barks, etc.Anyway, hibiscus flowers are actually really cheap. 1.50 € for 100g! Slightly fruity and relatively sour flavor (similar to sorrel).
Quick reference pic:I like the color a lot. Usualy it's quite yellowish (gentian root, citrus peel, quinine etc). Rosé looks nicer.
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