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2010 Marchesi di Barolo Cannubi or 2008 Marchese di Barolo Sarmassa? (same price) Will be consumed in the next six months which is why I tend towards the latter (more age).
Watched this yesterday. Pretty good action flick.
Reminds me of that one Boston Legal episode.
Ordered some beer. Especially looking forward to the Hitachinos, Brewdog-Weihenstephan, Firestone Double Jack, and Schneider Weisse TAPX (gotta find that Eisbock TAPX someplace else).
Watched "About Time" again. Nice movie. Forgot that Spiegel im Spiegel was so heavily featured at around 75 minutes into the movie (edit: and once more later in the movie) (edit: and once more even later). Edit: That was supposed to go into the movie threak. It probably fits better in here though anyway.
Sherry in itself is pretty good value, ime. I'd say get a few demi-bottles in the 40 € range. You'll learn more, and they'll certainly appreciate it.
I'll have to try those "limited edition" Schneider Weisse.
Do you have a lot of experience with sherry? If not, which I assume, buy a few cheaper ones. Gonzales Byass, Tradicion etc. have lots of good (great) stuff in the 80 €/750 ml region (20-30 years aged). You could pick up a bottle of Gonzales Byass Matusalem (pedro ximenez/oloroso blend--pretty unique, I think) too.
Rien today and Féminité du Bois in the evening. Enjoyed both. The latter reminds me a bit of Tea for Two and Santal Blush with a touch of cinnamon.
Cooked a large batch of (red-stemmed) swiss chard tamarinde stew this weekend. It's been my dinner for the past three and will be for the next two days.
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