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Post-shower: YSL - Opium parfum SOTD: YSL - Opium parfum
Gotta get up in five hours. Have courses from 8 am until 6 pm tomorrow. Then have to work about four hours on finishing a hand-in excercise. Have a cold. But still have to finish another hand-in excercise. So, yeah, another hot toddy it is.
Hot Toddy
http://www.prettyinnoise.de/mono-beide-neuen-alben-im-stream.html Mono - The Last Down & Mono - Rays Of Darkness
A bottle of JW Black arrived today (oder for 13.50 € including shipping) so I'm having a Rusty Nail now. Almost out of Drambuie..
The Dø - Shake, Shook, Shaken Pretty good electro-pop. spotify:album:3ef6cT86avQci2qY3BsSwc http://open.spotify.com/album/3ef6cT86avQci2qY3BsSwc
Do you have a pressure cooker, otc? I suppose it might balance things out.
I've made pickles once, after one of Ottolenghi's recipes, and they turned out pretty bad (way too garlicy, etc). But I'm a fan of good pickles. I've had fantastic pickled salt/dill cucumbers a while ago (still fresh enough so they don't turn to a mush). If you have some good recipes, for please share.
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