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I'm sure that they use food colouring. According to "vegandrunkard" Rothman & Winter uses FD&C Red #40 and FD&C Blue #1. TBT also uses colouring.
Sense8 certainly needs a few episodes, if not most of the season, to introduce the setting. It's definitely unique.
Eau du Sud today. I prefer the Hadrien series.
Ballast Point's Victory at Sea. Too bitter and astringent. The roasted character really pushes this over the top. Also a bit too hot, but other than that pretty good. This would be soo good if it weren't this bitter. Maybe I received an unfortunate batch.
Look closer.
Ah. Maybe you should be happy. With the new patch on the XBone/PS4, frame rates get as low as 20 fps.
Waiting? GOG?
I'm sportin' Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche today. I wasn't sold on it at first but I've grown to like it a lot.
This is good stuff but from what I recall (I've only had a démi bouteille) it doesn't get close to the B-S brut rosé. Then again, it's like 35-40 € whereas the B-S is 45-50 €. Anyway, got this for
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