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I sort of binged S01-S05. I've watched three or four episodes of S06 a few weeks ago but haven't finished it yet. Anyway, S01-S05 were pretty great.
Drinking a Ritterguts Gose right now. Tastes quite a bit different from what I recall. Like a summery version of it with a big heap of raspberry notes. Very nice.
Bought a bottle of Brugal Anejo for Cuba Libres/Rum n Cokes. Not a fan. Very musty/muddy (?). Also forgot to report back on multiple things lately: The Martini Gran Riservas are pretty great. I refer to the reviews on Difford's Guide for both the Rubino and Ambrato. Aside from the more exotic descriptors, they're pretty spot on. First time I've had Dubonnet rouge and I like it. Nothing super exciting. But also quite cheap. The Palènt Génépi is great. Full of...
Chill compilation. Barely any skipworthy songs. https://open.spotify.com/album/1trdml68YXExQ9I3EB2dVx
Brekeriet (Malmö) and Omnipollo (Stockholm) are the most popular candidates, I think.
Meh. There's been very few cases where keys from larger/more popular key sellers were actually deactivated (and those cases were resolved quickly). I can only think of one instance where a batch of BF (I think?) keys indeed originally fell off a truck. I'm really not worried about it.
Nah. One of the more legit key retailers.
I paid 35 € for it on cdkeys.com, not 60 € on the b.net store.
+ fucking 1. At first I thought it was underwhelming. Picked it up the next again the 2nd day of the beta and got hooked. Preordered the origins edition (not from Blizz though, too expensive). Can't wait.I'm actually even attending the launch event thingy in a cinema hoping for some ingame goodies, lol.
Happy birthday, Eli! Looks like you are not only stoked but also well-stocked for SS2016.
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