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https://infamousquests.itch.io/stranger-thingsJust one chapter so far though so far, afaik, and only lasts a few minutes.
Have fun climbing!
I'll ask a friend of my mom who lives in Genova for some authentic places tomorrow. Being a local and Italian, he might respond with "everything is great" though, just fwiw. When will you be there?Edit: Whoops. My bad. Read Genova, not Geneva...
Hazan's zucchini/onion/basil-frittata. Lovely.
Massimo Volume is so fkn good. https://open.spotify.com/artist/24GE8PrrmxG6XocV1UQPmP
Gyros, tzatziki, Greek coleslaw, tomato rice/pilaf.
Last episode of The Night Of next week. Looking forward to it. Really good so far. Curious how they'll end the series. Halt & Catch Fire S03 is about to start!
Lisa Hannigan - At Swim https://open.spotify.com/album/5osTMCb85ra91MWDGMTlYv
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