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Best thing about the new DOOM is Quite a bit Fragile-era NIN-ish.
^Nice! Any reason why you crush the arugula + spinach? Just asking cause Marcella, in her green pasta dough recipe, specifies to not crush/process the (slightly cooked) spinach but to cut/chop it finely. The reason being that the spinach doesn't release too much liquid that way and the "coarse" spinach pieces in the dough will blend into it when rolled out. Never tried it another way. I've never eaten fresh morels.
It's probably gonna taste preeetty good.
You should. Although, to be fair, I only made pasta for the lasagna. I was too lazy to make pasta for the goulash and ragù. I also had high end store-bought pasta that I bought from Amazon with 50% discount, so that made the decision easier to not make pasta. But a great ragù with homemade tagliatelle is heaven.
Uerige Doppelsticke is always nice. Too malty. So, Kehrwider Kreativbrauerei, my favorite brewery from Hamburg, has finally found a building so they can brew stuff "in-house". This wasn't one of those beers, but the following are. They brew three or four new beers in total, which is about the amount of beers they've had prior to that (not counting all iterations of the SHIPA--Single Hop IPA--series, which uses the same base recipe but a different hop every...
The batch of ginger beer made with champagne yeast turned out very nice, by the way. Although, to be fair, I only made one batch with baking yeast and two batches with champagne yeast, so my experience is limited. All differences might be due to having used relatively more baking yeast than champagne yeast, but I'm not sure if I did. Anyway: - the baking yeast ginger beer was a bit more fizzy. The champagne yeast ginger beer was barely fizzy, but fizzy enough for my...
A bunch of stuff I've cooked in the past few weeks: Lettuce soup (Matt's recipe, more or less) -- very nice. Marcella's Lasagna When I was in Napoli, friarelli (broccoli rabe) & salsiccia was a popular filling for pizza fritta. Next time I've heard of it was on The Sopranos--orecchiette w/ friarelli & salsiccia was introduced as a northerin Italian dish. So I couldn't wait any longer; I had to try it. First time I didn't have orecchiette. Also didn't use...
Wish I could find some Bonal here. I'll keep on looking.
I actually wasn't 100% pleased with the finale, but I enjoyed the series a lot overall.
So... NY doesn't suck anymore?
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