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Oh, @alexg, just FYI: the Brekeriet beers are now available at Beergium. No idea how they're priced relatively to Swedish prices, how popular they are and how many Beergium has in stock. They might sell out quickly.
I'm still not sure whether I'm gonna swap my TdH eau fraîche for a regular one or something else. Just applied some, opening is a refreshing TdH with full-on luscious grapefruit/orange. Pretty nice. As some reviews noted, this has a very "Jardin" vibe. Don't remember liking it as much last time I wore it. Let's see how it develops.
Beer budget exhausted for the next six months. Worth it though. This should--nay, has to--last a while. New semester starts on Tuesday so my consumption will be limited anyway. I'm super excited to get to try all these brews. Oh, I'm drinking Mystic Table Beer right now. It's easy to drink and tasty.
Any experiences with making nukazuke?
BBE 02/2015 (kinda overlooked this when I've ordered it). Solid wit. Relatively light-bodied. Have any of you tried OWA's Sakura or Ume Lambic?
Long time no see! Sunny and warm weather in Berlin currently. Yesterday & today: Acqua di Parma's Colonia Intensa. A stellar cologne.Edit: Just saw this:
Very nice Pils. I don't think I've had this particular beer before. But I definitely know this flavor; some beer I've had had it too. Don't think it's the white sage. Oh well. Very good beer, but not my preferred flavor. Very nice.
(canned 3 months ago) This is nice. Pretty high abv for a Weisse but balanced. At least around here, Weisses have ~2.5%. Similar to the color, it tastes quite a bit of apple juice -- haven't noticed this in a Berliner Weisse before. Then again, I'm no Weisse expert. There's probably two or three craft/micro breweries in Berlin that brew it. That's it. Some breweries outside of Berlin are adapting a Berlin Weisse style, but not many (and then there's "macro"-ish breweries...
Thanks! Beergium will have them in stock soon. No idea about the pricing. I've asked Sébastien (the owner). He'll have these in stock:(If you want to order and do me a favor (or hc4), use one of our affiliate link thingies )
How do you cook the calamari, Max? Boil, then finish in the pan? Just in the pan? I'm eating some orechiette with Hazan's tomato sauce (Mutti's San Marzano Dell'Agro tomatoes) right now. Had rice (with soy sauce and shichimi togarashi or soy sauce and sriracha -- I know, a travesty -- the past two days; didn't have time to cook anything else). Tomorrow, I'll try to get and cook some nice veggies. Edit: The San Marzano tomatoes from Mutti are really great. I usually use...
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