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RIP, Cohen. https://open.spotify.com/album/2Om4oR7plGGub1aYe5uB7B https://open.spotify.com/album/2Aiv0ThDpFa7lqHphR6MN5
Arroz con pollo
Breakfast after the election night today.
Almost falling asleep during election night.. wasn't in the mood for the Kenya Nyeri Thageini I'm currently drinking, so I've busted open a pack of Cuba Serrano Superior, because why not? First Cuban coffee I've tried. The beans smell like chocolate and LOTS of nuts. Also tastes quite nutty. Pretty unusual, pretty good.
Rouladen. Only snapped a quick shitty pic for my mom, but since I've only posted text lately--and that's quite boring--here we go. Wasn't in the mood for dumplings/Klöße, and didn't have any tagliatelle, so I used these spirelli di Gragnano. The veggies at the top (onions, (knob) celery, carrots, tomatos) are from the sauce/cooking liquid that I removed before reducing it and were still very flavorful. I added some back to the reduced sauce, blended it, added a bunch of...
PSA: first liter of my Gran Lussos is gone already. 4 or 5 Negronis, rest neat.
Had this yesterday. First Heredia for me. Color was a bit more brown-ish than I expected (quite a lot more than the sugarille 1993 which I've had earlier this year and was very good). Pretty light bodied (then again, just 12%) with relatively strong acidity. I like it, beautiful wine, but I'd say it's no crowd pleaser. Practically no sediment, crumbly soft cork. Oh yeah, it's the 1991.
I really like it so far. Much better than the Sebastian Craft Clay--but FYI I've got no other clays to compare it to. Good hold, matte finish. Smell is vanilla+bubble gum, but not that much sillage. Definitely smells better than that rancy-ish smell of Sebastian's clay.
New Posts  All Forums: