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It's really good! Think Martini rosso with more body and more nuanced and complex flavors. Quite bitter too. Good amount of citrus notes. The Moscato (d'Asti?) adds a nice touch and is noticeable. Will have to try it in a Negroni.
Thoughts on Terre d'Hermes Eau Très Fraiche?
Thoughts on Martini Gran Lusso? Picked up a bottle at the Duty Free shop today. Will have a taste tomorrow.It sounds good...
Oh, I've missed that. I'm wondering whether they're gonna tour again soon with their new album since I've just seen them like two months ago.
Thankfully it's leaked.
Interpol - El Pintor
And I said I recommend it and that I prefer it that way. So don't get all grumpy.
I'd recommend a longer heat up time for the Silvia. 15-30 minutes is fine, or less if you pull water once the boiler reached temperature until it drops below the threshold again, and repeat it a few times (that way you can cut it down to 5-10 minutes). But 5 minutes of regular heat up time, in my experience, is insufficient since the whole machine doesn't heat up and thusly the water cools down too much on the way to the basket and you'll end up with an odd cup of...
No. No paper filters in espresso machines.Whether you're fine with a Bialetti or want an actual espresso machine can only be answered by yourself. The taste is very different. Think 100-120 USD for Bialetti + grinder as opposed to, say, 400-500 USD for the cheapest decent espresso setup. Also consider that you'll need quite a bit of practice to pull a decent espresso.If you decide in favour of the Bialetti, have a look at the Bialetti Brikka. Another option to consider is...
I'm a big fan of Broker's. Of Booker's too. By the way, I find the statement that Campari couldn't stand up to Broker's prepostrous.
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