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All three songs from the LP here:https://soundcloud.com/armagideon-times/mario-molino-c-364-fonit-usignolo-library
LNZNDRF's album is pretty good. https://open.spotify.com/album/6nHrOZwu63IYMWRl8ZoTmL
pecorino is great
Not in my home bar, but I bought a bottle of Villa Zarri Nocino when I was in Napoli.Interesting, strong liquor. 86 proof and packs a punch overall given the recipe (green walnuts and whatnot). Good stuff. Great with espressi too.I've gotta pick up a bottle soon. Gonna try out your recipe.Fuck, I miss Napoli.
^How's the audiobook?
First batch of the ginger beer is ready. Pretty happy with the results. Interesting flavor. Decent, although not great amount of fizz. Very gingery (like I want it to be). And a noticeable fermented taste. Looking forward to the champagne yeast.
New Posts  All Forums: