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Me neither.
Cuba Libres. HC7 is aight. Not bad, not great. It doesn't have a great qpr at retail prices. It's relatively clean. But it's still pretty good.
I enjoyed Sense8 quite a bit. Beginning of E01 was messy, as expected. Difficult to pull off overall. Not totally congruent overall, and some scenes were too constructed, but it's a very unique series. Most of the season is more of an introduction.
The Big Bang Theory
Eau Sauvage today and yesterday. Pretty great scent.
Yeah, it wasn't bad per se, but the whole Schrödinger's cat thingy is annoying me since TBBT picked up on it a few years (?) ago.
One Day As A lion and Street Sweeper Social Club are alright. But Rage Against The Machine is far better. Hence I'm listening to RATM today.
Not at all. Why?New Muse is just ok.
How did you cook it?
idk, I thoroughly dislike the taste of watered down liquor.Yeah. My point was that, imo, back then, and to some extent today, medicine wasn't associated with something "pleasantly" tasting. So even if they were able to craft a neutral-tasting "cure-all", people would rather buy the version that tasted like shit. But maybe that's just me. Anyway, derailing.Stocked up on some rum (and Campari) for good prices:3x Havana Club 71x 1L Campari1x Ron Varadero 31x Gosling's (still...
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