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^Hyperdecanting. Still haven't tried it. Had a bottle of Marchese Antinori Chianti Classio Riserva 09 yesterday. Always a solid choice.
Cover looks odd. Songs are pretty good.
It's very good. Tart, sour, sweet, rich, smooth--overall very balanced. Recommended to try out at least once but at this price point (12 € per 330 ml) nothing I'll consume regularly.
Haven't cooked any decent steak in ages but decided to pick up some nice dry aged rib eye steak. Planned to cook it to a medium rare. Worked out perfectly. Delicious. Had some fava/radishes/spring onion/carrot braised in butter/olive oil with it and drank Marchese Antinori Chianti Classico Riserva '09. A Bresse chicken is currently marinating (dry salt rub) in the fridge. Such a beautiful bird.
www.bierzwerg.de There isn't too many shops. Other than the just stated I only know of www.bier-deluxe.de, www.craftbeerstore.de and www.bierpost.com. I've had quite a few Belgian beers when I studied in Maastricht for one semester, so I didn't order any of them since I wanted to keep it under 22 kg due to shipment costs (else I'd have ordered, among other stuff, some more Rodenbach Grand Cru and a few of St Bernardus' beers). I've ordered these Belgian beers: Delirium...
Almost finished all the beers already... Good stuff.Will have the Crew Republic eXperimental 3.0 Sour Black later today.I'll report back.Just found a new online retailer which stocks quite a lot (focus on German, Dutch, Belgian and UK beers) and placed an order. Looking forward to it. Also just ordered the cinchona bark and gentian root, @indesertum. So I'll likely have some homemade tonic water by the end of the week.
Scent of the day lartisan parfumeur timbuktu.
saint, have a look at Gran Classico Bitter by Tempus Fugit/Oliver Matter. I think it's a more appropriate replacement than Aperol.
I think a London dry would be most versatile. In the end, it depends on your taste and budget. imo, a Negroni needs a gin with more backbone while a G&T, and to some extent a CR#2, can work with a lighter gin.
Yeah, it's good, but it could be even better. Maybe in the next edition.
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