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I also enjoyed Locke a lot. One man, one car, one phone: One movie. Impressive.
Ólafur Arnalds http://open.spotify.com/artist/7E3BRXV9ZbCt5lQTCXMTia spotify:artist:7E3BRXV9ZbCt5lQTCXMTia
Yeah, just googled for the post and I mixed it up. Sorry, PB. Oddly enough, a short while ago, I brewed a "weird" yirgacheffe, which lacked acidity with the AeroPress, with a CCD, and it was more balanced. Or maybe my mind was playing tricks on me. Anyway, I only brew with AeroPress on weekdays and maybe French press on the weekend and am very happy with both. Might try that S-filter but it's 20 € here and the Aeropress, with the gazillion paper filters included, costs...
Ok, so I remember PB saying that CCD highlights acidity while AeroPress/French Press don't due to the fact that the CCD works with gravity and the AP/FP with pressure, and when I compared them, IIRC, the coffee brewed in a CCD seemed more acidic. Now AY states that AP brings out more acidity than CCD. So which is it? Any chemist in here care to elaborate?
So glad that Amouage has finally found its place in this thread. I remember being pretty much the only one regularly wearing their scents. Speaking of which, I really have to try the newer releases and more of the Woman range.
Yeah. First person shooter -> keyboard & mouse.
Café Rose
Have you tried the barrel aged Citadelle gin?
Bois des Iles. Lovely.
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