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I've only had Nikka From the Barrel and Yoichi 10 so far. I like both quite a bit. Prices are quite steep since there's lots of demand and relatively less produce afaik. Then there's a few details that differ.Blends in Scotland can theoretically consist of whiskies from every distillery. In Japan, blends usually only use whiskies from distilleries owned by the same company.Depending on the region, the different climate can have an influence. IIRC Yoichi is based in...
Off topic: S10E04 is superb.
http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2015/jun/11/bonnaroo-festival-2015-live-stream ( http://www.redbull.tv/bonnaroo )
Also Sharon Van Etten - I Don't Want To Let You Down
Canchanchara with HC7. 7 cl HC7, 3 cl lime juice, 1-2 barspoons acacia honey (and a dash of agave syrup). It's good. Reminds me a bit of a mild Ranglum (but I prefer a Ranglum) and a mild Ti Punch (which I prefer too). Good and tasty nonetheless.
Still have three démi-bottles of this--I'm definitely gonna put two of them aside to age. Probably should've picked up more at 4 € / bottle, as hc4 suggested.Edit: It's actually 3.69 € now.. guess I'll order some more.
You will understand it soon enough.
Mt Gay Extra Old? Eclipse should be too light. I've only really tried Cruzan Black Strap as an alternative (it's dark and heavy and Morgenthaler recommended it). Way too much liquorice for my taste.
Isn't there speculation that he wasn't actually killed but is that faceless dude?
I haven't found a rum yet that I prefer over Gosling's in a Dark & Stormy. Also, given the respectively lighter nature of HC7, I think that ginger ale works better with it.
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