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Kinda slow, not that many "lol"-moments, but good overall. Just watched e05 which was by far the funniest so far.Better Call Saul is still dope. Good first two episodes.
Oh fuck it. Life is too short for bad liquor.
Yeah, small stock. But some rarities for sure. Have you by any chance tried the Palènt Amaro (I'm having a hard time justifying 28 € / 0.5l for an amaro... also just 48 proof..) or Palènt Liquore di Achillea? What about the Argalà and Janot Pastis?
Also, do you guys have a recommendation on a book about amari, Génépi and such (and how to make them)? German, English or French.
Dr. Kochan Schnapskultur?
All three songs from the LP here:https://soundcloud.com/armagideon-times/mario-molino-c-364-fonit-usignolo-library
LNZNDRF's album is pretty good. https://open.spotify.com/album/6nHrOZwu63IYMWRl8ZoTmL
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