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Uhm yeah. Weather has been really hot and humid here. So a few Cuba Libres and Dark & Stormys were in order.
Thoughts on the new Envivo Lungo?
Oh, when did you get married? Congrats!
Just a dram of Yoichi 10. Doing a low/no alcohol phase til I'm in Napoli again mid June.Campari + Grapefruit juice + Tonic water? Good? What ratios do you use?
Well I've added a bit too much of the Daves sauce. Hot as fuck. But much better than with the San Miguel. Edit: But still not a fran of micheladas. Edit2: And even though I like the L&P Worcestershire Sauce, I don't like it with beer.
A bunch of Coronas with lime. Actually pretty darn good. Made some micheladas with San Miguel (which is a pretty bad beer), Daves Gourmet Scorpion Pepper Hot Sauce and Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. Wasn't a fan. Will try one with a Corona today. Will report back tomorrow. Also had a bunch of other beers lately. Heidenpeters Berliner Weisse (in coop with Buddelship Hamburg). Tasted a lot like some Crooked Stave farmhouse ales. Not as light as I usually know Weisses...
Yeah, 18 minutes. After that, absolutely no problems for me. XBone has/had some problems though. Really, really well done. No disasters like in WoW/D3. Not even a queue. Haven't watched it yet, but this video explains the netcode behind OW and how it can easily deal with high traffic.I just hope we get 60 ticks for all game modes.
Single player is supposed to be pretty good. Multiplayer is a disaster.
Luther is great and not that long (episode-wise), give it a go. I like The Americans too but it's very different from Luther. Haven't watched the other two.
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