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Thermapen 3 (classic superfast) for 30 €.
BTW, no posts on how Steam is banning gambling sites (e.g. all those csgo sites)? Sure, there's still a bit of gambling involved with cases considering that you can sell the loot for "real money", but it's certainly a gamechanger. And the new Humble Bundle is preetty good, even if you don't like Battleborn (who does? ) https://www.humblebundle.com/2k-games-bundle .
Yup, it's like 13-14 € here and 13-16 € in Italy.
I've only had the Lucano once or so, but I don't remember it having that dark/rich/liquoricy nocino note.Edit: Actually, nope. I've had the Lucano when I was in Napoli in January. I've also had a nice bottle of Villa Zarri nocino then. I definitely didn't associate the Lucano with the nocino.
Oh, been playing a bunch of PoE lately. I've barely played D2 so D3 was the first ARPG I've ever really played. Never was fully happy with it. I mean, it runs very smoothly and such but something's lacking. PoE is really good so far. Engine is pretty shitty, but the game makes up for it. Friendly people. Unique 3rd-party-and-whatnot trading mechanics. New patch just rolled out today and new xpac is going to be released soon-ish.
OW patch is now live.The Nintendo thing is pretty cool. Shame though that they don't allow for additional games to be installed/bought.Pokemon Go is fun.Meh. Read up on what G2A is. And yes, G2A is shady.
Have you tried the Nardini Amaro? I really like it. Crossover between a "standard" amaro and nocino, with a prominent menthol note.I'll take an alcohol break for a while too. Then again, if I get my hand on some of the recently released Stone Brewing Berlin brews (IPA, CaliBel IPA, Arrogant Bastard, Ruination 2.0 so far), I'll indulge a few times in between the "break".
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