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New The Gaslamp Killer album! Checking it out now.
^His son died last year, aged 15, so that definitely added to his already melancholic and 'sacral' style. Listened to it about a dozen times so far.
And Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new album is about to drop too. It's pretty good.
Heh, yeah, I remember you posting it in here back then.
Today was a good day. I'm still just lvl 53 this league, but found a 25c jewel and a 3-4ex flask (Taste of Hate) today.
I haven't finished it yet, watched the first 6 eps. It's a relatively slow series, kind of dark. Not bad so far, not great either.
Atlas + Essence League about to go live in Path of Exile.
Not that big a fan of Gran Classico tbh (in a Negroni). Not bitter enough, hence too sweet, etc.
How's that amaro?
Sorta, maybe, kind of.Actually, I binged all episodes of You're The Worst in "one day". Do I get a cookie?
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