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New Bowie album is pretty dope. The Revenant's sountrack is good too, as is Cage The Elephant's new album. Also, hype! http://consequenceofsound.net/2016/01/radiohead-establish-new-company-dawn-chorus-llp-in-advance-of-new-album/
Spoiler it.
Yeah.. the 12 is selling for 100-130 € on ebay and the 18 for 270-330 € but I don't think prices will increase much anymore so probably not really worth it. Plus I've never traded with liquor and I'm not able to buy large amounts so I guess I'll pass. If anyone is interested, you can order the 12 for 70 € plus shipping (35 € up to 5kg) to the US (and the 18 for 170 € later this month). Not sure if and how much duties etc you have to pay. Also Glenfarclas 18 for 40 € (1...
Y'all think it's a good idea to buy some Yamazaki 12 @ 85 € and Yamazaki 18 @ 200 € for trading purposes? Probably not...?
Yeah, there's only two podcasts tagged with Washington State. Maybe the Kevin Pogue one? http://illdrinktothatpod.com/tagged/Washington-State
LCD Soundsystem to headline Coachella! http://www.npr.org/2015/12/30/461409253/first-listen-ryuichi-sakamoto-alva-noto-bryce-dessner-the-revenant Also, http://www.theguardian.com/music/2016/jan/06/lemmys-funeral-to-be-live-streamed-on-youtube .
Had some "sugared" ginger juice left but no lemons so I improvised something with pomegrante juice (100%, unfiltered). 3 cl Smith & Cross 8-9 cl Angostura white rum 3 cl "sugared" ginger juice 3 cl pomegranate juice 5 cl lime juice 1 cl Maraschino a dash or three of Dr. Adam Elmegirab's Aphrodite Bitters Really good. Only downside is the color--the unfiltered pomegrante jucie has a muddy brown/red color.
Made another Penicillin today. Yesterday, I've used "thin" ginger that also had some age. When I ground it, no juices whatsoever gathered on the plate. I had to squeeze it all out and the whole grinding phase took a long time. Today, I used thicker, fresher ginger. Super easy to grind & squeeze the juice out. Flavors are quite different though. Yesterday's ginger juice was much more pungent and gingery. This one was still potent but more watery. End result was delicious...
One step at a time.
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