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It's also much cheaper, isn't it?
Just had one of those orange ones last week. Delicious.
BrewDog! Samuel Smith's beers are also pretty good. Fuller's has some good stuff. The Kernel.
Rob Roy. 5 cl JW Black 2 cl Martini Gran Lusso dash of angostura bitters orange twist
Sailor Pen--I'm happy with my 1911L too.
See three posts above. Use code tags, i.e. (code) ... (/code) and replace ( with [ and ) with ]. Like...
Another Double Jack. Great stuff. Some more Perry's Sommerset Cider--Barn Owl & Grey Heron. Great stuff. Tilquin Oude Gueze à l'ancienne. Great stuff. Schneider Weisse TAPX Mein Aventinus Barrique. Great stuff.
Of course. A large one (1g increments) on which I can put my Espro Press or whatever and comfortably weigh water/beans and a small one with .1 g increments for weighing espresso grounds.
Use NoScript and block the right stuff. Or use AdBlock. Better yet, use both.Also, Piob, maybe use code tags for those links. Removes the hyperlink, and, as far as I know, depending on the configuration, gets ignored by crawlers (if they even crawl through this thread).
So when do you open the wine that is consumed while you make dinner?
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