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I'll report back around Christmas.
Have you tried Star of Bombay, @turkoftheplains? I ordered it cause I got 1 l for 38 €, which is what 0.7l usually sell for.
True. Or maybe it just gets lost in the sea of botanicals.
For sure. Nose of both is quite floral, The Botanist has a more prominent juniper note and altogether packs more punch & nuances. Both have a floral taste. Hendrick's is lighter and sweeter. The Botanist balances the floralness with more assertive notes. More junipery, more herbal. IMO the Botanist is very nice. Well balanced, a bit like a mix of Hendrick's, Gin Mare and a London dry gin. So, if you like Hendrick's and want more backbone, go for Botanist. If you want...
I'd love a bottle of Liquid Confidence right now.. Enjoy! I think I've only tried the sherry barrel-aged one.
This arrived last week. Didn't get around to pick up a bottle of their regular Rosé. Come to think of it, I I haven't had a single rosé vermouth before. So this is new to me. Anyway. Good stuff. Not that bitter, HUGE cherry notes. It's 19.5% and they fortified it with brandys from Schladered. I suspect they used quite a bit of Kirschwasser. So.. ultimately, good stuff, probably finds its applications in a few cherry-forward cocktails, good aperitif. But at 35 €, I won't...
I've had these two weeks ago or so, forgot to post them. The fruity notes of the 2001 were almost dead in comparison to the 2003. I still have one or two each, so I'll get to investigate it further. The 2003 was better overall, not only due to the more alive fruit, but it was also less hot. Still hot. Are all Lanessan's hot? I think I've had a Lanessan wine a few years ago but I don't really recall it. Also two weeks ago: Very bold, very big. Not very elegant. I...
And thank you, cause I didn't know about her. Listening to Yppah's new album right now.
I originally wanted to only post about this new haul. Then I rambled on and on and ended up invetorying my current "cellar" and open bottles. So here's a more structured and, if wanted, "skippable" post:Also ordered, along with some stuff for my mum so I won't get to try/drink these until Christmas or so, Tanqueray Ten, (another bottle of) Gin Mare, Star of Bombay, El Dorado 12."cellar": [[SPOILER]] So.. I guess I'm well equipped for the new few months/years. Why, oh why,...
Also, thoughts on Star of Bombay?
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