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hc4thehc, or someone else, have you tried Rodenbach Caractère Rouge?
Marcella's mussel soup. Lovely.
Yeah, that whole article is a bit weird in itself. Anyway, what do you think is the reason that one shouldn't store corked lambic vertically? Is lambic too aggressive to the cork for extended aging?
An article on BA states that all corks are sealed, so they cannot absorb any fluid. But yeah, I personally "store" wine and corked beer horizontally too. However, the labels on many corked gueuze or kriek bottles (for example on Kriek Mariage Parfait) explicitly state to store it vertically and not horizontally. Oh well.
http://drinkbelgianbeer.com/breweries/cantillons-bomb-shelter-cellar ... stored horizontally. What do you guys believe in? Horizontal or vertical storage of beer? I guess it doesn't really matter but is up to preference, and storage space.
I've bought some Ricotta salata for pasta alla Norma. Unfortunately, I've had to buy a whole "wheel", that is 1 kg of it. Now, since the cheese is extremeley salty, I don't know what else to do with it other than use it for cooking purposes. Can I freeze it? How long does it keep well-stored in the fridge? Any recommended recipes?
So, while we're at the topic of Ducasse, can someone please explain this recipe to me?
The usual. Negroni. Also drinking a Boulevadier right now with 2:1:1 Bulleit bourbon-Martini Gran Lusso-Campari. It's good. But while the Martini Gran Lusso is the best vermouth I've tried so far in a Negroni, I prefer other vermouths in a Boulevardier (for example Cocchi Torino).
So, has anyone had a look at Plenty More yet? Will get my copy next week.
Even Amazon.de uses them regularly nowadays. It's mostly the working conditions of their mailmen that are wicked.
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