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That's what he said. No, really.
The NES/SNES game you receive every month as part of your premium/online membership isn't yours to keep. If you want to play if the month after, you have to pay for it. THAT is a real fail. Both MS and Sony let you keep the free monthly games in your PS4/XBone/whatever premium subscriptions.
New The XX & Bonobo albums.
Deaf Radio - Alarm. Quite QOTSA-ish. Good debut.
Binging through Mozart in the Jungle S01--good stuff!
Have you messed the order up or is it a mind game?
Loving On the Flipside. Good stuff.
I quite enjoyed the pilot of Taboo. Starring Tom Hardy, written by Steven Knight (Locke, Eastern Promises etc).
Honestly, I don't remember what happened there exactly. E02 sounds about right for the first gritty scene though.
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