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Honestly, Lumière Noire has basically 0 projection on me. Or scent fatigue kicks in after like 10 minutes. Weird.
I'll give this a full wearing today too.
Thanks. Will report back around Christmas.
So, Piob, what about Marimar Estate's pinots?
Indeed. Have already tried all but one of the Amouage scents though. It's just that my samples are almost empty and the value of the sampler box is too good to pass up.
Oh, yeah, sorry. Pinot Noir.
Thoughts on Marimar Estate - La Masia 2009? Picked up a bottle that was relatively cheap (25 or 30 €) since I've practically never had wine from the US (aside from some 9 € Ste Michelle bottle). Maybe still a bit young, idk.
Oud silk mood. I've worn this a while ago, on the back of my hand. I though it was "nice", but not much more. So, of course, given the praise from L'Inc (and others in this thread), I've had to revisit it. What can I say, I like it a lot. A great blend of rose, oud, and other stuff. Need to give it a few more tries to see whether it develops much (seemed relatively linear today). L'Artisans sampler kit arrived today. Also, my Amouage Man sample kit--now that's what a...
Gotta say, I don't enjoy it. Vetiver and anise is an odd combination to me.
Just applied some MFK masculin Pluriel. Lots of anise, some vetiver, cedar and patchouli in the opening. Let's see how this develops Applied Lumière Noire homme earlier today. It's a bit of a "cold" rose scent. I'll need to give it a second go. Longevity is mediocre, from what I can tell.
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