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Do you have a vacuum sealer that can handle liquids?
Are you drunk already, ed?I have one aged sherry vinegar, Solera 77 Reserva. I like it but it's very acidic (8%!). I've been mostly using Edmon Fallot's vin blanc de Bourgogne, vin rouge (aged 12 months) and cidre vinegar lately. Great stuff.You could also pickle some radishes, I guess.
Do something unpredictable. Throw them out the window.
Edit: You've got to be aware though that the stuff is really potent and concentrated.
I use Giuseppe Giusti's. A variety of products in a variety of price ranges. Mine (Giusti Il Denso) costs something like 15-20 € / 250 ml (10 years aged).
rip Grooveshark
Also listening to a remaster of the unmastered version. So much better than the pile of shit Rick Rubin produced.
Schönramer Grünhopfen Pils. Pretty good. Not extremely complex/complicated but refreshing, well balanced and nice fresh hop aroma. Probably was a bit too cold (left it in the freezer for too long). Bierfabrik Berlin Schluckspecht Pils. Quite rich "maltiness"; but dry. Not very classic but decent. Won't buy it again though. Actually borders on malty pale ale territory. First time drinking from a Teku glass. I like it. Relatively thick glass but a thin lip. Oh, also...
You could order 24 of them for 116 € incl shipping! Still a pretty good price. Or replace some of those bottles with Ballast Point. Or can you get Ballast Point in Belgium?
Philoyskos for a sunny day in Berlin.
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