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Pumpkin soup (chicken stock, cream, white pepper, thyme, caraway seeds, salt). Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seed oil. Dill. Marcella's braised chicken w/ rosemary & lemon, sautéed raddicchio di Treviso, risotto. Marcella's pear cake, pear "sauce", crème fraîche. I bought 4 pounds of Williams Christ pears at the market today. Then I realized that Marcella's recipe specifically states that Williams Christ pears aren't suited for the cake. They didn't taste that great either...
32g residual sugar. Fresh acidity. Tropical fruits. Balanced (aside from the young, brash & fresh acidity). Distinct minerality. Nice.
What did you stuff it with? Rice and ... ?
Made some pesto yesterday and had spaghetti with it. Made it in a 10 cm mortar, which is a pita, but the result is still delicious, albeit not perfect. Also had some more salads and made another onion/tomato/basil frittata today (Marcella's recipe). Good stuff.
The Ron Dorado is alright. Some added sugar. The 3 Stars is nice. As the rumhowlerblogdude put it, full-on candy. Some Jamaican funk. Quite a bit of added sugar though. Nice addition to the El Dorado 3, but I prefer the ED3 since it's a bit drier, from what I recall (it's been a while). Pretty new to rhum agricoles. This is pretty smooth for a rhum. Not something I like to drink every day though. Dutch Courage is a good value (22 € / 1 L). Coriander and cardamom and citrus...
Picked these up today: Legendario Ron Dorado Plantation 3 Stars Secret Treasures Old Aguardiente de Cana de Cuba 1996 Zuidam Dutch Courage Dry Gin Anima Negra ÀN 2012 Falanis Luxardo Aside from the Luxardo, I haven't tried any of these. Especially excited about the Aguardiente and ÀN.
Watched Love & Mercy yesterday. I'd give it a 3.5/5. Acting (John Cusack, Giamatti etc.) was strong. Directing/script a bit too ambitious. It's a difficult topic to tackle.
I'm just taking the piss cause I know you like getting riled up over coffee with me. Yeah, the crema is close to or exactly the real thing (also flavor-wise) and no, it's not 5-7 mm, but for a non-robusta coffee it's a tad too much for my liking and I think it was less before. Personal preference.
Which one? I like Henri Bardouin's but haven't tried too many. Have any of you tried Argalà Pastis? Italian (Piedmont). Sounds interesting. But quite expensive.
All the Nabokov talk made me order a hardcover copy of Pale Fire. Also downloaded an ebook of it for my kindle. Still haven't finished The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle though. Gotta spend more time reading and less time watching series.
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