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Spumoni. Then Aperol Spritz. Gin & Tonic. Then Caprese, Parmigiana di melanzane napoletana, and a bottle of Taurasi for the Italy game.
Drinking it right now. With my homemade tonic water (this time with 2 pods of cardamom, a few peppercorns, one kaffir lime leaf, and a very short infusion with black tea because I only had 5g of gentian root). Very good. The homemade tonic makes it more complex by adding a further layer of bitterness and more citrus richness. Good stuff.
Pretty impressive release so far, too. http://www.dailydot.com/esports/overwatch-korean-pc-bangs-june/
I can get both for 1 € per bottle (but have to order 20 each). If you need some, let me know.
Are you also eating tacos?
Jun Miyake (Japanese jazz player/composer who has a fable for bossa nova and French chanson) - Stolen From Strangers. Nice stuff. https://open.spotify.com/album/4Qbni3KfYEOY9ERyX1TUha
Yep. Very bitter. I have a dark Italian-style espresso roast with 25% robusta here that I brew in a French press that's far more balanced. Are you drinking it as a lungo? Standard-sized lungo or significantly less?
^Not a fan. I don't dislike robusta, but this is just unpleasant. Too bitter etc.
FWIW, Torb's turret has 40m range, not infinite. With hitscan heroes like McCree, and projectile heroes probably too, you can peak and prefire and not get hit. If you peak, then aim, then fire, even quickly, it will lock on to you. Hanzo can sometimes be able to kill Bastions/Turrets even if they aren't in his FoV cuz the hitboxes are quite large for his arrows [edit: and other projectile heroes]. Junk obv too [edit: by bouncing off his grenades]. And the other counters...
Did you just use the words "good" and "VAC" in one sentence?
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