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Extrawelt. https://soundcloud.com/extrawelt-official/johannes-heil-extrawelt
Nope. It's from an Irish TV coverage, I think.
What was that story again about the claustrophobic woman who got locked inside the bathroom at work?
Headbutting your own team mate. That's a new low. Also, clearly a red card. Anyway, now all we need is a CMR that fights for its honour and wins vs Brazil, and Mexico and Croatia to draw.
It could even be possible if Croatia and Mexico draw.
Elbow/fist to the spine. Clever. Great job, Song. #justPepeThings
GĂ©ranium pour Msr
I wonder whether Del Bosque will stay--prolly not. Who'll replace him? Will Pep be able to coach two teams at once?
Great pass. Was a bit worried the first few minutes but hopefully they gain more control now.
New Posts  All Forums: