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Agreed, to some extent. Somewhat offtopic, but in pretty much every thinkable situation: biodynamic (i.e. Demeter etc.) >> any "regular", internationalized, marketing-oriented organic labeling bullshit term. It's not just a product which meets the "organic certification" criterias, but the farmers usually really care for the product and implement much more strict (as in well-reasoned) guidelines (either way, nowadays, any good quality product from a small-ish farm which...
I think it's very high quality. Not the animal/stinky kind of oud, and frankly, not extremely oud-forward, but more like a blend which features oud as a prominent note. Very good.Today, Antaeus.
Just got accepted to the HotS alpha. Yay.
Mona di Orio - Oud
If you knew any better you'd realize that they just masked the defects of the potatoes by oversalting and overvinegarying them and you, in fact, enjoyed substandard potato chips. But that's okay.
But more importantly, objectively speaking, did the manufacturer nail the sweet spot of saltiness and vinegariness of salt & vinegar chips, or were the objective industry standards blatantly disregarded?
Terre d'Hermès is very good. The rest I don't know or aren't particularly noteworthy.
Memoir Man
Amber Absolute
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