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True, the components have a huge impact. Might want to play around with bitters too.Finishing off my bottle of Yoichi 10 atm. Delicious stuff.
Sadly, the gin is pretty much unaffordable. 100 €+ here. It was a LE with very limited distribution, so the few who retailers who got their hands on some charge a fuckton.I'm still using 2:1:1 for boulevardiers, and preferrably rye. What's your recipe?
I've had a few shots of the Brasil and liked it.
Quarry is good so far. Bull is not good, as expected. Berlin Station is pretty good so far. Graves could be a fun ride.
It's worth a watch. It doesn't live up to its full potential but it's an interesting concept.
I really like it so far. I've gotta give it a few more goes, plus I've been doing other things while listening to it, so it kind of blended a bit into background music, which works too. You?Also
New The Gaslamp Killer album! Checking it out now.
^His son died last year, aged 15, so that definitely added to his already melancholic and 'sacral' style. Listened to it about a dozen times so far.
And Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' new album is about to drop too. It's pretty good.
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