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Tuxedomoon - Half Moon/Scream with a View https://open.spotify.com/album/4kBMzuVfqZO8bfbtT4IqFp
Oh yeah, forgot about that. Thought it was a typo.
Yeah, bummer. Wish it was Monday.
Stardew Valley is pretty great.
Wipers - Is This Real? https://open.spotify.com/album/531Pc0lZ2aJIHJfyO7q0Ny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTqUoSF8mJA
Looking forward to Iggy's tour in Europe. Hopefully with Josh.
Fuck yeah!
Yeah, works well with dark roasts. Wendelboe had a recipe on his website. More coffee grounds/less water than regularly.
Yesterday: Fried noodles w/ chicken. Today: Fried rice w/ chicken. So good. Marinated the chicken, cut in strips, in soy sauce (Kikkoman Marudaizu + Ketjap Manis)+sriracha+sweet chili sauce+sesame oil+ginger+garlic+chili+fish sauce+cumin+coriander seeds+shichimi togarashi. Tilda basmati rice, bok choy, carrots, soy bean sprouts, scallions, a bit of red bell pepper, omelette. And more soy sauce, sriracha, shichimi togarashi, sesame oil, fish sauce. So simple & so tasty.
New Posts  All Forums: