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Speaking of porter--currently drinking a Flying Dog barrel-aged Gonzo Imperial Porter. It's pretty good.
Again. Also some foie gras au torchon & toasted country bread.
Yes, I guess, but it opened up decently. And I don't really have much experience with aged wines anyway so I don't know what what I'm missing out on.
It's usually around 50 €. I've bought it for 33.49 €, due to a coupon code.Also, I don't know much about the '03 vintage, but if it's somewhat solid, $ 45 sounds like a good/great deal.
Wasn't too big a fan of the Tjeeses 2013 Kerstbier. Too sweet/too prominent liquorice notes. Delirium Nocturum was good. Oude Geuze Boon good as always--definitely an acquired taste though. Sour and very dry. The Amaris 50 was good too. Currently sipping the Schneider Weisse Aventinus Eisbock. Delicious. Banana toffee paired with Bockbier. Brouwerij 't Ij IPA is solid.
Delicious. Didn't experience such prominent pepper notes in other CdPs (though, to be fair, I've only had like three in the 20-30 € range). Could definitely use some more age but oh well.
Tandoori chicken and sweet potato purée with foie gras
Just cooked a new batch. Added some allspice, pepper, cardamom and a kaffir lime leaf (removed it after some time) and cut down the gentian root to 8-9g. Pretty good. Cross-sampled it with some Thomas Henry tonic water (a notch below Fever-Tree in my favorites). Two different worlds. The bottled stuff tastes pretty flat, borderline artificial, compared to the syrup. I guess both camps have their fans. I find the syrup much more refreshing. It also works with less gin and...
Tagliatelle, Ragù alla Bolognese
I'm having the Boon Kriek Mariage Parfait right now. It's quite lovely. Very dry. The XX Bitter is definitely quite hoppy. Also dry. No overly exotic notes. Good IPA. Actually reminds of a very hoppy Pilsner, with a richer flavor.
New Posts  All Forums: