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Hollandaise? More classic with white asparagus though, so probably some variation.
To be fair, I think I've heard the chlorophyll part in some German cooking show, so it's not a reliable source. Somehow makes sense though, I guess? I really like this dish. Pretty simple, and although it might look a tad "plain", the vinaigrette on the soba adds plenty of flavouring. Lots of variations possible. Thanks to @g transistor!
I've read/heard that the shocking stops the chlorophyll from breaking down and keeps the vegetables bright green. Any truth to it?
Or you can buy both Cantillons and the Sakura Lambic for 40 €.
Beergium has it for 13 € or 20 € for 75 cl (same for the Ume/Yuzu lambic).
No fan of natto. Ate 1/3 package. Not thaat bad, but now I have a slightly upset stomach. The worst part is that it's difficult to eat due to the slime-threads. Anyway, I'll eat some more cold soba with the Momofuku vinaigrette, okra, bell pepper, fried tofu etc for dinner today.
Oh. I figured since the samples are wax-based that they'd have regular-sized wax-based solid perfumes.
Let's start a Prairie theme! Also very funky. Very tart. And some weird flavor that coats the tongue and stays for a long while.. almost chemical-ish. I think it's the uber-funkiness. Or acetone? They also have an ume lambic and a yuzu lambic, @Ken P.
Serge Lutens has some too, iirc. SotD: Silk Mood
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