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Oh. I think Morgenthaler uses regular champagne yeast. I'll do that unless I can source some "ginger beer plant" easily.
Are you sure? AFAIK it has always been a collab brew and I assumed that they only made one batch, which would be like two years old by now.
Well, a German "importer" of beer was at the "festival" (7 breweries and them, so more like a small event) and offered blå spøgelse on tap. It was much cheaper than the bottled stuff, I think 4 € for 0.3 or 0.4L and later 6 €. I drank 1-1.5 liters. It was very delicious, from what I remember. But the regular price tag is hefty. Also, it's quite old by now (or did they + Three Floyds make another batch?), so maybe the fruit has died by now?Edit: Reviews on RB are still...
Got one of them as a gift at some small beer festival (where I drank a shitton of blå spøgelse and bought a dozen Mikkeller beers to take home) and half a year later another one as a gift from Séb (Beergium).
It's been sitting in the cupboard for 3 years. No good stuff. Really sweet, not refreshing, funky or sour. Unpleasant iron note. Dumped it.
http://www.sunkilmoon.com/jesuskm.html SKM + Jesu. New album. Stream. Checking it out right now.
@ehkay to the rescue! Sadly, @mgm9128 and @itsstillmatt have forsaken us.
Have you made some? Think I might make some in February.I'll also share my thoughts about Star of Sapphire and the half-dozen rums in Feb/March. I had a cold and didn't get to taste them in detail.
From what I've heard, nope. Also, apparently the first take was "too perfect" and not really film-like, so the subsequent ones were meant to be more experimental with more improvising etc.
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