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Soba with Momofuku's Ginger Scallion Sauce. Chicken, bok choy, enoki mushrooms and Momofuku's Octo Vinaigrette. Okras, egg. Carrots braised in water/shoyu/mirin/garlic/chili and finished with some black and white sesame seeds etc. Good stuff.
Agreed. Very crazy, highly enjoyable.
Is the flavour intense or more like strawberry tree fruits?
Vermouth arrived, still tastes top notch. At 18.38 €/liter it's practically unbeatable.
Fair enough. Been a while since I've had a Pegu Club, tbh. Still, my recommendations are still pretty solid, imo, in case he really wants to make that drink. What do you think?
I realized. All the best to your (&) / your gf's bar, btw! [Edit: Also, this proves I'm not crazy. , Gran Lusso is actually pretty damn good]Very nice too. But very different too. Sometimes I love me some sherry, sometimes I love me some vermouth. Not quite comparable--although I usually prefer vermouth. Still have a few nice and two very nice bottles of sherry to drink. Something like the El Maestro Extra Viejo Oloroso (not quite sure about that one, but it's 0.7l) and...
Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength Gin is supposedly really really good. I've only tried the 40% version so far. Quite a bit cheaper and pretty damn good: Broker's Gin (47%/94 proof).Tanq 10 is pretty sweet, imo, and Beef 24 will serve you betterMight wanna try the Botanist too if the time allows it. Really nice gin. But I feel like you won't go wrong with Beef 24 or MM Westbourne Strength.
Henri Bardouin's pastis is so good. Still haven't found a better one. Lots of star anise though, fwiw.
How did it work out?
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