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& Anchorsong - Chapters https://open.spotify.com/album/6i29tbjB1hoJqDsPO7V1Oy Really digging The LimiƱanas too. https://open.spotify.com/album/0wuF90OJpg7WMfUHuyrvZZ
Had a bottle of this yesterday: Cellared for a while (official BBE 08/2016). Delicious stuff. Good punch of bitterness. Gonna have a bottle of 2012 Pannepot later today.
But... what about your sobriety?Just beer & cuba libres today. Maybe a dram or two of Scotch (maybe even JWB!) later on.
New event at Stone Brewing Berlin (opening sometime this summer) for the 500th anniversary of the German Reinheitsgebot on April 23rd. The event will feature beers not compliant to it. I'll have to check it out, lots of interesting beers . Prolly gonna be an expensive day. I'll focus on the Stone brews though. Any recs?
The new PJ Harvey album is good.
Well, if it were for very serious gaming, wireless wouldn't cut it anway.
Yup, so far so good.
Billions S01 already over. Really enjoyed it! 11/22/63 was decent.
Quinta Ruban. Been a while since I've last drank it. Good stuff. Also some Lagavulin. Good/great stuff too.
Best thing about the new DOOM is Quite a bit Fragile-era NIN-ish.
New Posts  All Forums: