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Ethiopiques, Vol. 4: Ethio Jazz 1969-1974 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=ALBTKoXRg38BBm2zlQWzSuKimpINs_s0fn http://open.spotify.com/album/5VKvVk4gaPAJyXjof8NnzX spotify:album:5VKvVk4gaPAJyXjof8NnzX
+1. The clerk who shipped the item made a small mistake, possibly even due to an error in the system, and while that's unfortunate, it surely doesn't warrant such an aggressive email as first contact. He literally began his first email by stating that he'll never do business with Oki Ni again. To top it all off, he starts to publicly shame a company (even though they actually were pretty forthcoming), and shares the whole mail history. smhI haven't read all the...
I think all my espresso problems (the extreme fluctuation in between shots) were due to the grinder. I've recently given it another shot and even on the finest setting, the extraction time was way, way, way too short. Mahlkönig didn't respond to my last two emails. Will try fax next, then call them. Prolly just needs to get recalibrated or something. Hence, I've been preparing coffee with espresso beans in the AeroPress and French press lately. Actually quite good. The...
Weihenstephan BrewDog IPWeizen. Good. Hitachino Ginger Ale. Not bad. Uerige Sticke. Pretty great stuff. Schlenkerla Aecht Schlenkerla Eiche Doppelbock. First "smokey beer" I've had--benefits the doppelbock characteristics very well, along with the oakiness. Great stuff. Prolly should've tried the regular, non-oaked version first, but oh well. Will do tomorrow or so.
Fedex me some, will you?
You need help.
The Wilfa is Wendelboe's (co-)creation, right?
FF:Also had this yesterday.
Had a few ciders from Perry's today. Barn Owl is great. Quite tart but still very balanced. Grey Heron is pretty great too. That sweetness works well. Puffin is a bit too rough. Very dry. Yeasty. Decent but not as good as the other two by a long shot. Oh yea, also Köstritzer Pale Ale. Nice to see a "larger" brewery get into the "craft beer" business. I was quite surprised by this pale ale. I expect something generic and flat but instead it's actually very hoppy and has...
http://open.spotify.com/track/2Nq3vsbcreRCaMEmZa8lwK spotify:track:2Nq3vsbcreRCaMEmZa8lwK
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