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League fatigue in PoE is kicking in. I have pretty great gear on my PF EA char and a good amound of currency (about 20 exa+). Picked up Battlerite today. Looking goood so far! Recommended. FIFA 17 release in 15h (with a Singapore vpn). Looking forward to it!
It's a dangerous concoction for sure. And super cheap in Germany too (esp when one knows when to score it).
Cynar soda is great!Also, just to reiterate:and to answer the question: I don't share the same view as turkoftheplains (although I respect his opinion a bunch). I don't think Gran Classico is more bitter than Campari. It has a more 'natural' bitter vibe going though. But what I can say, again, is that it is sweeter and has much more prominent vanilla and alike notes. The strong orange notes turk noticed I can confirm. It's good stuff, but I don't...
Heh, yeah, no worries. I didn't think you meant it, but I was just trying to make sure. Aperol Spritzs are great, fwiw! Forza Napoli. I'll have to do some more testing regarding Bouelvardiers with a few different vermouths!
Hmm. Not sure Cinzano is the way here. And just to make sure, you are using Campari for Negronis and Boulevardiers, not Aperol, right (I'm referring to the--I hope--mixup in your last post)?I feel like the vermouth for Boulevardiers needs to pack (much) more punch than for Negronis. Rye, or a potent bourbon, needs a strong couterpart. 2:1:1 already works for dimming down the sweetness, but a light and fruity vermouth that might work in a Negroni will quickly lose its face...
True, the components have a huge impact. Might want to play around with bitters too.Finishing off my bottle of Yoichi 10 atm. Delicious stuff.
Sadly, the gin is pretty much unaffordable. 100 €+ here. It was a LE with very limited distribution, so the few who retailers who got their hands on some charge a fuckton.I'm still using 2:1:1 for boulevardiers, and preferrably rye. What's your recipe?
I've had a few shots of the Brasil and liked it.
Quarry is good so far. Bull is not good, as expected. Berlin Station is pretty good so far. Graves could be a fun ride.
It's worth a watch. It doesn't live up to its full potential but it's an interesting concept.
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