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Interesting, thanks.Nope, can get it locally. It's 5.99 € though, I think.
Been wearing L'Air du Désert Marocain the past few days.
It's a great drink for sure. Maybe try 2:1:1 rye, vermouth, Campari and a different vermouth--Cocchi Torino, for example.
Avior Reserva '09 good as always. Very oaky. But delicious nonetheless. Côte de Provence is very difficult, IMO. Most of the rosés and blancs are flabby, sour, bitter and alcoholic (and often overly sulfuric). Even in the higher price regions. Even (some of?--I've only really tried Château Minuty) the Cru Classés. Anyway, this was pretty good. Their "cheaper" wines weren't great either--the Cuvée Grande Réserve was disappointing and the Cuvée Domaine was almost...
Thanks, guys. Had these lately: Picked up the Menabrea e Figli randomly at an Italian supermarket. Wasn't noteworthy. The Mout & Moca by Brouwerij De Molen was great. Almost too easy to drink, great coffee notes, and you didn't notice the 11.6%. How do they impart the coffee taste? Do they add coffee beans? Coffee grounds? "Natural" flavouring? Or is it just the hop/malt/yeast? The ingredients don't list any coffee--no idea how strict the labelling in the NL is, but I'd...
I certainly like it. It's got its strengths and weaknesses, like every vermouth, too though.
Any recommended reads, preferrably online, about beer? Production and such.
Conor Oberst - Upside Down Mountain
No. There's some other good pad machines but they're even more expensive per capsule (I think the Illy machine is one of them). There are 3rd party capsules, or refillable ones, for Nespresso. But IME they all kinda suck. I've also heard that the newer generation Nespresso machines have finer needles (to penetrate the capsule) so the 3rd party capsules aren't really safe to use anymore --which is why Nestle now builds the machines with finer needles (the 3rd party...
Truth be told, I've hardly used my Silvia lately. Mostly Espro Press in the morning (or AeroPress). Easy and good. I was just pissed off at the completely alogical dialing-in-issues I've encountered. Like, I dial in the shot perfectly. Then I want to pull another shot with the exact same variables (same weight of grounds, same tamper pressure, same beans (straight from the bag), same grind, same temperature,...). And guess what, the shot just rushes through like water...
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