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Looking forward to Blizz's Diablo (20 years!) announcement @GC.
Arroz con pollo. Used a new recipe. Very good. And Marcella's pear tart.
Carla Bruni - Little French Songs & Comme si de rien n'était.
Usually 40 € here. Picked up my last two for 30 € each. At 20-25 € each, what I paid for the four I've just bought, it's unbelievably good. Should've prolly bought more.
Bought 4 bottles of Plantation Barbados XO for ~ 90 €.
Broadchurch is good too. Nice soundtrack as well. Now picking up where I stopped on Doctor Who. Mid S04 atm. Enjoying this season of Ray Donovan too, although last episode was a bit weird.
The Night Of http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2401256/ (whodunit mini(?)series.. don't read the description if you don't want to spoiler the pilot.. then again, it's kinda obvious what happens in it after a while) The Kettering Incident http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4228802/ Both are good.
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