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Edit: Never mind. Should drink my morning coffee before posting. Read that you recommended BKB against Void. But yeah, ingame guides are good. And, as I've said, each item that needs to be bought in the secret shop is marked as such (it has a tiny thingy on its icon), and a mouseover tells you too. Also, scrolls are very important. So make sure to carry at least one in the earlier/mid stages of the game.
Well, essentially there's just two shops, the regular and secret shop (the side lane shops stock a few regular items meant for the laning phase). All secret shop items are marked as such.
Had a White Lady yesterday. Didn't get the egg as usual. The whole drink just took on a much more viscous state and was completely homogenous. Not bad, but not what I expected. At first I thought it was because I plunge my AeroPress into the bottom of the shaker and hence there's coffee oils sticking to the walls (after the pre-shake it was actually relatively frothy though..). So I cleaned it thoroughly and repeated. Same results. No idea.
IIRC the recipe "changes" constantly since they source 22 (was it 22?) of the 47 (was ist 47?--I know that it's a shitload) herbs from Islay and thusly have to adjust to the natural order of things and vary the amount of herbs used. Not sure how much impact there is given the sheer amount of herbs used totally but it might be noticeable, for example the juniper is from Islay. Not sure either how much herbs of Islay they actually use in total in their production and...
Had the Alaskan Smoked Porter 2013 today. I'm not alway the biggest fan of porters but this smoked one is pretty damn good.
I've had a bottle of La Rioja Alta Viña Alberdi Reserva 2007 today. More approachable than that other 2005 La Rioja Alta I've just had. Also had a bottle of Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis '11 yesterday. Had it thrice so far, one of my favorite Arneis.
Tagliatelle/fettucine/whatever w/ ragù alla Bolognese yesterday. Rolled it out a bit thicker, cut the pasta by hand again. Along with a bottle of great Bruno Giacosa Roero Arneis '11. Today, again. Rolled it out even thicker (setting 5 on the Atlas pasta machine), then cut it with the fettucine attachment. Great results. No idea why Marcella insisted on cutting the tagliatelle by hand, 6 mm in width, when the fettuccine attachment produces perfect 6-8 mm wide...
Did you check eBay or something, brp2? Alinea sells reservations, right?
Yeah, it's pretty sweet, accentuated by that ripe pear note.
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