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So you're saying 1pm isn't normal drinking time? Also, SocialiteGent, please up your puppet game. So far, you're just a semi-interesting sock puppet.
What the heck is Jim Bean (sic) extract? I just had a Cuba Libre. And some Plantation XO. Now Martini Gran Lusso as apéritif. Then some Gigondas.
Lots of Shakshuka this week!
Huxleys Neue Welt, Berlin-Neukölln, Germany.
Almost finished Master of None s01. Pretty good, imo. Didn't like the character of the lesbian at first at all but she's gotten better. Also didn't really like the giant at first but he got better too. New season of Catastrophe is good/great so far too.
GY!BE concert was pretty fucking great. I'm listening to Kamasi Washington lately.
God damn, Plantation Barbados XO is so delicious. Sure, quite oaky, but also super delicious. Oak, coconut, and that Barbados rum note. I got two bottles at 28 € each. A steal. Also had a few Cuba Libres w/ HC7 over the past few days. Also super delicious.
Do you have a short stick? They come in different lengths.The longer sticks are easy to work with. The shorter sticks can get a bit messy, as far as I can imagine (mine isn't short).
What? It's so simple, imo.
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