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What pH should water have for best sous vide results?
Most of the wines I've had in the past three weeks. Problem with being too lazy to post them right away is that you're also too lazy to write down notes (not to imply my notes are of much use anyway). [[SPOILER]] I'm drinking this now:Mimus Spätburgunder 2011Great stuff. Could probably age a few more years; still quite a bit of rougher tannins and racy acidity. Other than that, exactly the flavors I'm looking for in a Spätburgunder.
Moussaka à la façon de b1os (coincidentally it's been one year (and two days) since I've last cooked it--I checked my notes I've posted last year) Roulades, Semmelknödel, red cabbage
^+1 Fried noodles. Also made some meringues with the egg whites from yesterday. Delish.
In before Apple sues Anova.
Cider vinegar.
Cicoria cimata cooked in olive oil (pine nuts, golden raisins, lemon/salt/pepper/parmigiano) Ravioli with spinach-onion-cream-pancetta-filling & sage butter I've used the recipe you've quoted, MGM. 6 yolks and ~1/2 egg white for 200-225g flour. The dough was very, very dry. I had to add quite a bit of milk and water (and also added a bit of olive oil) to get it to a decent consistency. It turned out quite silky after eight minutes of kneading but rolling it out was...
Pops Staples - Don't Lose This https://open.spotify.com/album/5FoUuzhUwsZlGq8o6lGbJF
For Myhrvold's health's sake I hope he doesn't read this!
Do you add any milk? I use roughly 2 large eggs on 150-200g of flour. And some milk (1/2 T or so) when making ravioli, as per Hazan's recipe. I also add a dash of olive oil (I recall that Matt recommended it). I've never tried using mostly egg yolks.
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