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A Y, do you also use the Bonavita when preparing French Press or AeroPress? I figure for those brew methods the small spout is actually a disadvantage since dumping all the water in instantly would be preferred due to better time control, right? Anyway, to all you AeroPress fans, what are your favorite AeroPress brew methods? I've mostly used Tim Wendelboe's 14g/200g/60s/non-inverted but the methods vary quite a bit, from said TW technique over 17g/240g/120s/inverted to...
Ottolenghi's lamb shawarma (from Jerusalem) sandwich. Yummylicious.
They say it's supposed to be icecold. They recommend the freezer after opening. I'm pretty sure it's because of the carbonation since low temperature liquids can keep more bubbles. Anyway, it's open now. Interesting beer. Classic golden abbey beer taste with a prominent ginger/pear note. Perlage is definitely far more noticeable than in other beers, but not close to Champagne.
^Nice! It's delicious. I'll have the Deus later today. It's in the freezer right now... is it really best at 2°C? That's what the label says... or is it supposed to be drunk that cold solely because of the carbonation?
Seems like they've changed it earlier this year. http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2014/02/the-botanist-gin-launches-new-bottle-design-in-travel-retail/
La Rioja Alta Viña Ardanza Reserva 2005. It was decent but also quite acidic. I think it was also a bit tight. Too young probably. Does ageing smooth out acidity?
Couldn't find that other purchase thread.. and I think it doesn't hurt to concentrate all the discussion in this thread since the others are basically dead anyway. So, since some of you guys (Piob, indesertum, ...) recommended The Botanist, I obviously went looking for it. Prices were pretty high at around 30-35 € / 0.7 L. Then I found a shop which stocked it for 33 € / 1 L (at Helgoland). Had to order a bit more to save on shipment costs and just relied on your...
Speaking of porter--currently drinking a Flying Dog barrel-aged Gonzo Imperial Porter. It's pretty good.
Again. Also some foie gras au torchon & toasted country bread.
Yes, I guess, but it opened up decently. And I don't really have much experience with aged wines anyway so I don't know what what I'm missing out on.
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