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...which is still based on jambon de pays. On topic, I think it's not an unreasable step to focus on fish and veggies. But I don't see how monkfish is more natural (let alone ethical and equitable) than cream, sugar, or duck breast.
Thanks. Just stumbled upon http://www.beergium.com which have extremely low delivery rates (6 € for 27 kg to Germany) and the pices are pretty good. Reviews seem good too. And good selection. Something worth trying among these US-beers (AleSmith, Crooked Stave, Lost Abbey, Prairie etc.)--keep in mind that they're likely not extremely fresh? http://www.beergium.com/en/325-us
I'm sure you'd enjoy it a lot. KLWines etc. stock it (for now), so you might find it somewhere if you keep looking, I guess.Speaking of which, more Negronis with Botanist gin and Martinini Gran Lusso. Prolly the best Negronis I've had so far. I also enjoy them with grapefruit peel, @indesertum.
^I've had the To Øl – By Udder Means BA yesterday. It was good, but bang for the buck wise it was disappointing. Relatively plain. Not much experience with milk stouts though. Also had a bottle of Mastri Birrai Umbri Cotta 37 yesterday. Bought at an Italian supermarket. Pretty bad. I'm almost through all the Mikkeller bottles. Gotta say, all in all, it's good stuff. So, aside from the Liquid Confidence (just saw that it's sold out -- might give it a try when I order...
Yeah, unless you're making a big batch with 2 yolks (where you'd need roughly 2 cups of oil), just use 1 yolk, cut back the vinegar/mustard/s&p and stick with 3/4-1 cup of oil. Maybe even make the egg yolk/oil-emulsion first and add the vinegar/mustard in the end, to taste?
Try more oil. Way more. That should help, I think.
What is the recipe? For aioli, I use this recipe: http://www.davidlebovitz.com/2009/07/aioli-garlic-mayonnaise-recipe/ Do you use enough oil?
Great stuff, indeed.Currently:
It was $ 125 / 100 ml. See http://web.archive.org/web/20110320053055/http://www.ausliebezumduft.de/l-artisan-parfumeur-tea-for-two-127.html
The bottled beers I've bought haven't wowed me but I've all enjoyed them. The Bla Spogelse was great. But it's also 23 € / 0.7 L at their shop, which is quite pricey (I paid 6 € / 0.3 L on tap)--and it's a colab with Three Floyds.Honestly, the shelf-life I read about, for IPA for example, is pretty disappointing. I'm sure that most non-German beers--and probably those too--are way older than what's "recommended". I'd guess at least 2 months for anything imported. And no...
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