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Had a bottle of Villa Antinori Chainti Classico Riserva 2011 (the one with the golden label). Very delicious stuff.
It is! Balanced and very complex.
The Brew By Numbers quince saison sounded better in theory, I guess. Quite tart. Not great, just okay. The witbier is also just okay. Red Seal Ale and Pranqster are good. The Maxbrauerei Oaktober-Ale is a smoaked beer that's aged in whiskey casks. No refermentation, hence almost flat. Not really my cup of tea.Pretty much through all the Crew Republic beers I've ordered. Decent stuff. The witbier is brewed without zest, spices etc (Deutsches Reinheitsgebot) but still has...
Picked these up at a local store. Not very cheap but stuff I can't usually get. Also a bottle of Ruedrich's Red Seal Ale (frogot to include it in the pic).
"New" song by Sharon Van Etten: http://open.spotify.com/album/0TO16HsRKm9nWZtOQV12np spotify:album:0TO16HsRKm9nWZtOQV12np
California X - Nights In The Dark http://open.spotify.com/album/35QAdcsrYUuwvtDwhueaeZ spotify:album:35QAdcsrYUuwvtDwhueaeZ
Crooked Stave - Vieille Saison. Great stuff. Also had another bottle of Firstone Double Jack yesterday. Yummy.
Looks like some sort of tequila. Edit: Yep. Google image reverse search: Clase Azul Reposado.
Thoughts on Brunier's Clos La Roquète Blanc 2010 and Domaine La Roquète Rouge 2008? A local wine store is getting rid of both, the former for 20 €, the latter for 18 €. Excellent prices, and to my knowledge a good producer, but I don't know much about the vintages and blanc C-d-P in general.
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