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I prefer my grandma's quark stollen above all others. If you're interested in the recipe, let me know, I'll look for it tomorrow. Today: Deer goulash, red cabbage, polenta fritters/cakes/whatever. And tiramisù.
Eh, still too low. I'm not comfortable buying decants from you! Today: mulled wine, Dark & Stormy, crémant.I still haven't made an Old Fashioned with the orange/vanilla bourbon, Piob. But I've sampled it a few more times (even today). Really good now, as far as I can tell. I'll prolly try it out tomorrow. Will report back. o7
Ordered it from a pretty large (and good) vendor when I had to buy new gentian roots. They stock a ton of herbs, teas, roots, flowers, barks, etc.Anyway, hibiscus flowers are actually really cheap. 1.50 € for 100g! Slightly fruity and relatively sour flavor (similar to sorrel).
Quick reference pic:I like the color a lot. Usualy it's quite yellowish (gentian root, citrus peel, quinine etc). Rosé looks nicer.
Songs: Ohia.
New batch of tonic syrup. Added about 2T of hibiscus flowers. Bright red syrup, rosé-colored Gin & Tonic. The flavor (relatively bright and slightly fruity) seemed to work out well too.
Mulled wine. Gin and tonics (Morgenthaler's tonic water).
Mount Kimbie.
Neil Young's new album is solid.
Szegedin goulash.
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