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Finally found some Stichelton last week. I've been looking for it since it was mentioned here 3 years ago or so. It's very good.
^ This developed nicely over the past 2.25 years sitting in the cabinet.
Negroni w/ Martini Gran Lusso, The Botanist & grapefruit twist. This is what heaven tastes like.
I really dig it. Sharon van Etten vibe (they're friends too). Concert in June for 14 €, tickets already bought.
Concentrated beer can be very good though (Eisbock, for example)! Last 2-3 weeks or so: Meh. The West Coast IPA is alright. The other stuff from Ratsherrn is pretty boring. Their "limited editions/microbrews" are good though (mostly brewed by Ian Pyle). Not my type. Very nice! (also a gusher) Also pretty damn good. Should've kopped more of these at 1.79 € / bottle. Wow. Really good, lovely cofee notes, but a tad too hot (12 %). Heidenpeters makes good...
I've always been using the technique that was advocated here a few years ago. Score the skin, cook skin-side down without fat on very low heat until the skin is crisped, crank the heat up, cook on the flesh side for like 30 seconds, remove from pan, let rest, make some sort of sauce by deglazing the fond with whatever you want to. I frequently remove the rendered fat but I'm not sure whether it's necessary. Comes out very good every time.
Since I've missed the last Alabama Shakes concert (due to a cold), I couldn't miss this one (even though I had a cold again). It was fantastic. Such an intense, powerful performance. Currently listening to a bunch of stuff, also Torres - Sprinter.
Why would you put an empty can in the fridge?
Villa & Jardins Ephrussi de Rothschild is nice too. It's right next to Nice. Gassin and Ramatuelle are worth a visit on the way to Avignon. Very idyllic villages with a great view. St Tropez is alright--should you decide to visit it, go around the Citadelle on top of the hill. Beautiful view. Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque is nice too. When I was there, they were doing some sort of Gregorian chant. Super impressive. Should you, for some reason, decide to cross the...
New Posts  All Forums: