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Philip Glass - Solo Piano http://open.spotify.com/album/1VZPXdEJiXJ4CMedhASknN spotify:album:1VZPXdEJiXJ4CMedhASknN Steve Reich - Music for 18 Musicians http://open.spotify.com/album/5mWlwh97VAFgxGaOYSmNZv spotify:album:5mWlwh97VAFgxGaOYSmNZv Ryuichi Sakamoto - Playing the Piano http://open.spotify.com/album/3XjmBeCUGhHZ0D85tPMt1l spotify:album:3XjmBeCUGhHZ0D85tPMt1l
Anyone? The Zacapa XO is on discount until tomorrow (usually 80 €-ish). Will order it tomorrow evening unless someone objects.Today: Negroni, wine, then mulled wine because the Marchesi di Barolo - Barbera del Monferrato wasn't that good. Now, a Ranglum.
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I'm planning to gift someone a nice bottle of rum. No experience whatsoever in "super premium rum". Zacapa XO (69 €)? El Dorado 21 (80 €)? Some Cuban expression? Need help.
Tried to get into Buck & Breck today & yesterday. Yesterday, they were having an anniversary party, hence regulars occupied the 14 (plus, for the occasion, 6 additional non-seated spots) seats. Today, closed due to yesterday. Oh well, there'll always be a next time. Negronis earlier today, Riecine Chianti Classico 2011 for dinner at Lokal, Schneider Weisse Meine Porter Weisse TAPX as digestif. And an Aecht Schlenterla Rauchbier Märzen.
Uerige Doppelsticke: Very delicious. Schneider Weisse Meine Porter Weisse TAPX. Pretty great stuff. A "light & rich" porter. Firestone Double Jack. Great stuff. Almost a tad too sweet, but great nonetheless. König Ludwig Weißbier. Good, but nowhere near the top of the class. Aecht Schlenterla Rauchbier Märzen. Very nice but I think the Eiche Dopelbock version is better. The oaky notes really round it off (plus, it has 50% more alcohol). Still, it doesn't feel like...
Mein Aventinus Barrique TAPX. Great stuff. Reminded me a bit of Oud bruin, actually. Maybe a slight bit too hot, likely gets better with cellaring. Post Road Pumpkin Ale. Decent. Uerige Sticke. Prettyy great stuff. Bitter, malty, balanced. Looking forward to the DoppelSticke. BrewBaker Jahrgangsweisse. Delicious but a bit boring actually.
More like annoyed because you have to wait a few more minutes for them to make you another ice piece-free drink.
There's a more comfortable solution called squat toilet.
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