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Let's start a Prairie theme! Also very funky. Very tart. And some weird flavor that coats the tongue and stays for a long while.. almost chemical-ish. I think it's the uber-funkiness. Or acetone? They also have an ume lambic and a yuzu lambic, @Ken P.
Serge Lutens has some too, iirc. SotD: Silk Mood
Aww, I was very close to include it in my last order. Good to know though!
I usually peel them without blanching. Then again, I don't peel very large quantities and usually do so while sitting on the balcony, sipping on a Mojito. Breakfast (brown rice, apple, sesame)
No beer today/yesterday but I had these on Sunday/Monday. Was actually a bit older than expected (bottled 14 months ago). Very dry. Dark, roasted, malts. Some coffee/toffee/whatever. Good, but not spectacular. Cool label/name though. Bottle-conditioned in 2k13. Rye IPA. Good.
But.. but.. they're high polygon models now!
Any downside to using the jumbo Benriner over the regular-sized one?
Yeah, I'm 99.8% certain. Makes me want to listen to some Indochine.
^The vocal parts of the second link sound a lot like Indochine. It's sampled, isn't it?
Did you treat the rhubarb in some way before baking it? I know that the only real problem with baking and rhubarb is that it can lose a lot of water.BTW, rhubarb cake with baiser topping is spectacular too. You should try it.
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