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Martini. 8 cl G'Vine Floraison 2 cl Dolin dry 1 dash TBT orange bitters 1 Edremit olive
Negroni. 3.5 cl Gin Mare (or whatever) 3 cl Martini Gran Lusso 2 cl Campari 1 cl Mondino 1-2 drops TBT Creole Bitters Grapefruit twist Pretty darn great.
I am wearing Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche today.
Edmond Fallot's Balsamic & honey dijon mustard is fantastic for sandwiches.
#250. David Beckwith.
I finally received the gins, Tito's and Flor de Caña 12. Very happy with them. Also got a bottle of Ron Sanero Añejo. A decent aged Cuban rum. Also a bottle of Ron Bermudez Añejo (12 años)--it has interesting wild berry flavors. I'm also once again very happy with Morgenthaler's tonic syrup.
A bunch of stuff over the past few days. Ottolenghi's braised eggplant with minced lamb meat, cinnamon, etc. Summer veggies cooked in butter & olived oil (fennel, carrots, roasted red & white beets, french beans, fave, parsley, onion, white radish, kohlrabi) Fennel, celery, parsley, grapefruit salad Caprese Tomato, onion, basil, feta salad A few other assorted salads Bruschetta Zucchini battons cooked in olive oil with garlic; basil; ricotta; Parmigiano & pasta Red &...
Very nice, actually. It capturates the delicate flavours and often kinda harsh acidity of Provence rosés and blends it with the full rich meatiness of Tavel rosés. This is the 2014 release. Very nice. Very good qpr (I got this for 12 €). First wine from Mallorca I've had. Thanks, @erictheobscure (iirc, it was you, who recommended it). First impressions were "Burgunder" (from Germany) blended with Syrah. And surely enough, it features 15% Syrah. Nice too (also from...
Awesome post.Yeah, I kinda didn't like the few rye beers (IPA/PA) I've had so far. Granted, I've tried very few. One from Westbrook (aside from One Claw), one from another brewery, one from Lervig. The One Claw was very nice though despite being 11 months old, so I'm still open-minded about rye beers.
I had a can of Westbrook One Claw & Westbrook IPA. Both delicious, but sadly (very) old. Also had a bottle of Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout. Really smooth.
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