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Picked these up at a local store. Not very cheap but stuff I can't usually get. Also a bottle of Ruedrich's Red Seal Ale (frogot to include it in the pic).
"New" song by Sharon Van Etten: http://open.spotify.com/album/0TO16HsRKm9nWZtOQV12np spotify:album:0TO16HsRKm9nWZtOQV12np
California X - Nights In The Dark http://open.spotify.com/album/35QAdcsrYUuwvtDwhueaeZ spotify:album:35QAdcsrYUuwvtDwhueaeZ
Crooked Stave - Vieille Saison. Great stuff. Also had another bottle of Firstone Double Jack yesterday. Yummy.
Looks like some sort of tequila. Edit: Yep. Google image reverse search: Clase Azul Reposado.
Thoughts on Brunier's Clos La Roquète Blanc 2010 and Domaine La Roquète Rouge 2008? A local wine store is getting rid of both, the former for 20 €, the latter for 18 €. Excellent prices, and to my knowledge a good producer, but I don't know much about the vintages and blanc C-d-P in general.
Crew Republic just brewed another batch of wet hop beer. Never had any, so I checked their online shop and was pleasantly surprised that they actually underbid retailer's prices. Ordered two of their samplers. Had some of them before, they are solid and for 1.80 € (per bottle) incl. shipment you can't go wrong.
The Alambic's aged gin stuff is pretty great. I have the one barrel-aged for 11 years, then finished for another 2 years in Carribbean rum casks. Barrel strength (131.2 proof). Tastes very herbal actually. Like a mix of gin, Chartreuse and a bit of rum. The ones aged in scotch-casks (Ardbeg/Port Ellen etc.) are supposed to be great too.
It's also much cheaper, isn't it?
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