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I've just looked it up and yeah, prices are relatively similar, though often more expensive per liter than regular liter bottles. Guess I confused it with those 3/4.5l bottles, those are (mostly) quite more expensive (not the case for JW though..).
Oh, ok, then I can understand you. I've never seen handles on discount; they're always ridicuslously overpriced (as opposed to regular bottles). I like JW Black for cocktails. Not that big a fan of it neat, but I can understand that you like it. I'd much rather support fans of JW Black as opposed to those who condemn each and every blended malt--that'd be just ignorant.
3 oz Citadelle gin, 1 oz Oliver Matter dry vermouth, 1 drop The Bitter Truth orange bitters. Stirred, not shaken. Tuscan green olive.
I kinda like the bottle. Oh, and fwiw, @brp2, the point I was mainly trying to make was regarding the second (edited) sentence of my post. Handles of decent liquor are meant for display
You want to get a decanter for JW Black? Also, why would you buy a handle (which is more expensive than regular bottles) and then refill it into a decanter?
Unmodded, they have one (or two) settings for espresso-fine grounds. That simply can't work.
Anyway, semi-recent news: Starbucks now offers wine and beer (at selected stores).
I've had a great pork belly sandwich and (Tuscan) chestnut flour pancake with ricotta di bufala on Thursday. Today, Spaghetti all'amatriciana.
It definitely needs a stepless mod to somewhat qualify as an espresso grinder. How well it works with the mod I can't say. So if its main purpose were espresso-fine grounds, they would've sticked to a stepless design.
Yeah, the regular one is pretty good but like most lemonades too damn sweet. The bitterness cuts the sweetness a bit and adds another layer of complexity.
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