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Hitachino Nest White Ale. Finally a Japanese beer that's (very) good. Had too many ahari and kirin last week. It's a wit, brewed with orange juice and such. Orange-y, gingery flavour. Very unique. Brooklyn Blast! Good. Mikkeller Mexas Ranger Now this is interesting. Very rich, full mouthfeel at only 6.6% abv. Probably due to, among other things, black beans. Definitely worth a try.
Too much.
Yes, very much so. Definitely check it out.
D'Angelo & The Vanguard - Black Messiah http://open.spotify.com/album/5Hfbag0SsHxafx1SySFSX6 spotify:album:5Hfbag0SsHxafx1SySFSX6
So, India Pale Weizen. Just took a few sips and I think I'm ready to share my opinion. It's definitely delicious and refreshing. And pretty much exactly what it's supposed to be--a crossover of IPA and hefeweizen. Two great breweries and a good product. But that's it, it's just good. Either brewery has very good products out there, so one might expect a very good product in a collab. This one might be the best "India Pale Weizen" there is, but it's still a tad boring....
Mine is still waiting to be drunk. Now I'm looking forward to it even more!My order arrived today. I'll start with the Brew Dog / Weihenstephan India Pale Weizen--will report back.
Thanks for the offer. I'll pm you.
The Eisbock TAPX was released >1 year ago and was a limited release. Practically impossible to source. Oh well. There'll probably be another release in the next few years.
^ I get plenty of projection and longevity from Jub XXV. SotD: Reflection Man
There actually is a sale in the European e-boutique going on--at least with shipping to Germany.
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