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Very green & resinous. Too green for my taste. Also pretty green & resinous. Decent/good. Quite fruity with some honey note. My favorite of the three. So far, I far prefer the stouts/porters of To Ol. This is great. Great texture, super balanced, very creamy foam. And nice to look at after the hard poor. I've had one or two milk stouts before which I didn't really like. This one, I can recommend to pretty much anyone.
Gotta keep this thread alive.. Tomatoes, onions, feta, basil, olive oil Spinach & caramelized hazelnuts Rigatoni with zucchini batons sweated in olive oil with garlic, ricotta & Parmigiano, basil. Lots of pepper. I love this. Frittata with sweated fennel/carrot/celery/onion, chorizo, feta, basil Frittata with sweated fennel/carrot/celery/onion/French beans, chorizo, some crisped mango/curry tofu, basil, tomatoes. Didn't have enough eggs left so I stretched it...
Yeah. There'll also be a small tasting event with the dude from To Ol here in the end of August, plus a "tap takeover" at the hosting bar with 10 To Ol beers on tap (hopefully something like Goliath, Liquid Confidence/Confidential etc will be among them).
Ah, saw this too late. I can pick some up on Monday. There were like 4-5 left. Probably relatively old (not sure if it's even bad for Bomb!). 01431 then OVJ or VVJ or WJ or.. I really don't know. Bottling time and 03315. So I guess 03/03/15 (?!), hence about 5.5 months since bottling. Or maybe the numbers are just a coincidence. No clue whether uwaxed bottles are inferior (edit: a short google search indicates that they aren't).DHL package up to 5kg is 15.99 and up to 10kg...
I think I've seen Bomb! for 10 € at a local shop yesterday but couldn't buy any then. I'll pick some up today or so before it's all gone.
Hindi Zahra
Martini. 8 cl G'Vine Floraison 2 cl Dolin dry 1 dash TBT orange bitters 1 Edremit olive
Negroni. 3.5 cl Gin Mare (or whatever) 3 cl Martini Gran Lusso 2 cl Campari 1 cl Mondino 1-2 drops TBT Creole Bitters Grapefruit twist Pretty darn great.
I am wearing Terre d'Hermès Eau Très Fraîche today.
Edmond Fallot's Balsamic & honey dijon mustard is fantastic for sandwiches.
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