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^ And I actually thought it's always sunny in Philly.Well, at least the wine was good.
Jurassic World & Terminator Genisys: popcorn movies, fun to watch. She's Funny That Way & Tomorrowland : fun flicks. The former more so than the latter though. The former relies on a somewhat funny plot and dialogues; the latter on stunning visuals. Man Up is good too. Good casting, interesting plot, fun dialogues. A bit over the top at times (esp the ending) but overall very enjoyable. Wildlike: really good. Definitely worth a watch. Good cast, good acting (although...
Have you tried it out? I stocked up again. 9 € per bottle (250 ml)--ordered 6 bottles. Spectacular price, spectacular value.
I haven't had Carpano Antica in like two years. Today, I've had some (from a bottle that was cellared, unintentionally, for 3 years). Very nice but I didn't remember it being that strong on the menthol (not in a bad way; just a strong characteristic).
So, I think I've figured everything out (more or less). The only question that remains is: how good is the NV B-S BdB? I've read reviews ranging from "it's great" to "it's just ok". At 27 €, if it is indeed great, I'll definitely pick up a few bottles. So, anyone had it before (there are no posts about it in this threak)? I'll get a few of each of the Lanessans 2001 & 2003 & 2004, one of each of the Rollan de By 1999, Haut-Marbuzet 2001, Larrivet-H-B 1999 & 2003, Fratta...
Sadly, it was the last bottle.
Yeah, I guess people here just don't really order wine from Amazon. I also snagged a bottle of Koval Rye Single Barrel (23 €, 0.5l), A.E. Dor Cognac VSOP (26 €) and Dzama Vieux 1998 (35 €).Had this Pèppoli (2011) yesterday. Great value for the price I paid (something like 8-9 €), but maybe a little too linear.
Martini has released a new line of premium vermouths di Torino. The Rubino is based on Langhe Nebbiolo with extracts of Italian Holy Thistle and red sandalwood; the Ambrato is based on Moscato d'Asti with cinchona bark and Chinese rhubarb. Supposed to hit the shelves in October in Germany. Looking forward to them.
So, Amazon once again clears out a good portion of their wines. I need some help figuring these out. I haven't had a single Bordeaux with some age on it. From what I can tell some of these might be on the verge of getting too old. Still, I plan on ordering at least one of each. Maybe some of these will survive a year or two? Especially the Lanessan and Rollan de By are very tempting considering their price. Haut-Marbuzet Cru Bourgeois 2001 (25 €), 1999 (23 €) Lanessan...
Netflix will produce 12 episodes for season 3!
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