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Sorta, maybe, kind of.Actually, I binged all episodes of You're The Worst in "one day". Do I get a cookie?
The Night Of's finale was good. Picked up Braindead & Vice Principals too. Decent/good stuff. New season of Halt & Catch Fire is good so far. You're The Worst has been on my list for a while. Binged a shitton of it today. Good stuff! @kindofyoung, have you checked out Catastrophe?
Nick Cave & Warren Ellis just released a new OST album. Gonna check it out tmrw or so. Sharon Van Etten's new song is very slow. Curious how the new album is going to turn out!
edit: just bought a ticket for Lisa Hannigan's concert in Berlin. Fucking great voice. Sadly, seats only.
Been mostly using plain old M&R Rosso lately in Negronis since Hunts recommended it a while back (I've been an avid M&R (or any other "huge" company--for "niche" products---) hater before then). Sure, not a great vermouth on its own, but it works in a Negroni. Highlights the gin and campari. Punt E Mes is good too, but pulls the focus to it. Haven't gotten warm with Plymouth yet. I've only bought it once though. Have to revisit. I prefer London dry gins in Negronis too....
https://infamousquests.itch.io/stranger-thingsJust one chapter so far though so far, afaik, and only lasts a few minutes.
Have fun climbing!
I'll ask a friend of my mom who lives in Genova for some authentic places tomorrow. Being a local and Italian, he might respond with "everything is great" though, just fwiw. When will you be there?Edit: Whoops. My bad. Read Genova, not Geneva...
Hazan's zucchini/onion/basil-frittata. Lovely.
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