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Géranium pour Monsieur for a cold-ish sunny day.
It's not like lime juice without the oils tastes generic. I think there's nothing wrong with going either way and the cocktail dictates whether you want a more or less intense flavor. In a Dark & Stormy, or a Last Word, I think the oils are very much needed. In a Mojito, it depends on my mood--more focus on the lime or more focus on the mint and rum. (As I've said before though, I'm lazy, so I mostly use the press) I'll do a side-by-side test today though, which I haven't...
SotE French Lover
Me too. Mine is black/chrome from WMF.
Johannes Bauer + Clayton Thomas + Tony Buck + Jon Rose live yesterday. Really good.
Voyage d'Hermès
SotE - Aatma (Agar Aura)
Vétiver Extraordinaire
It definitely does squeeze out a good amount of oils, especially if you don't want to discard the lime with 1/4 of the juice left in it. It's easier to use but whenever I'm not lazy I use this press.
I've just looked it up and yeah, prices are relatively similar, though often more expensive per liter than regular liter bottles. Guess I confused it with those 3/4.5l bottles, those are (mostly) quite more expensive (not the case for JW though..).
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