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Ooling Infini
Hm, weird, maybe it [the one that got poured away] was an off bottle. Anyway, enjoy them. I've had some more Gonzalez Byass Apostoles today. It's really good.
Well, even better. Didn't get a chance to try it myself. Good to know. How would you describe it?
I know someone who's bought a few bottles, then opened one a few months ago and ended up pouring it into the sink because it was way too sour and unbalanced. Then again, he's very sensitive to slightly-off-balanced wines, and even more so to sourness--but usually not in the scale to pour away a $ 20 wine, so I don't know. You might enjoy it nonetheless. Just be aware that CdP often is quite sour, slightly bitter, and often a bit flat (short finish, nose promises quite a...
Is that a different release? I know the two of them released a rosé 1-2 years ago (or so) and from what I've heard it was horrible stuff. Edit: Reviews seem to be somewhat decent. Eh. I guess at $ 11 you can't do much wrong.
Siren Craft Broken Dream (JD BA). It's ok. Bit too buttery.
Just ordered it.
I think it's Blauburgunder there. (blau = blue)
Meyer-Näkel Spätburgunder 2011. Pretty tasty.
He just messed up the tags. It's from indesertum, last page or so. Just a few sprinkles from the naked portafilter. I too think that 5-6k $ for a home machine are absurd (unless you've got money to burn). I'm actually very happy with my Rancilio Silvia, which is about 1/10 of the price. Consistently pulling godshots might be easier with a 1-3k $ machine, but you can get great (and most definitely good) results with it. While I've never tried it, I'd say you can get good...
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