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Whoops, forgot about this thread.
Stocked up on some daily drinkers:3x each of Goslarer Gose & Ritterguts Gose1x each of Heidenpeters' American Pale Ale, IPA German Style, Thirsty Lady Blonde Ale, German Stout; BrewBaker Berliner Nacht Imperial Stout.Tomorrow, the Braufest in Berlin starts.Breweries present: [[SPOILER]] Really looking forward to it. Not sure if I can motivate anyone to come with me, but I'll go nonetheless. Planning to hit up: Ale-Mania (for some delish Gose on tap), Stone Brewing, Evil...
Since when is drinking green coffee a thing? Some online "craft roaster" (owned by a relatively large company) now sells green coffee. 150 g for fucking 7 €. The roasted version is actually less expensive. Edit: Ok, apparently Starbucks already had this in 2012. Still absolutely ridiculous to sell green beans for a higher price than roasted beans.
Netflix is intereted to take over producing Black Mirror.
Finally found some Stichelton last week. I've been looking for it since it was mentioned here 3 years ago or so. It's very good.
^ This developed nicely over the past 2.25 years sitting in the cabinet.
Negroni w/ Martini Gran Lusso, The Botanist & grapefruit twist. This is what heaven tastes like.
I really dig it. Sharon van Etten vibe (they're friends too). Concert in June for 14 €, tickets already bought.
Concentrated beer can be very good though (Eisbock, for example)! Last 2-3 weeks or so: Meh. The West Coast IPA is alright. The other stuff from Ratsherrn is pretty boring. Their "limited editions/microbrews" are good though (mostly brewed by Ian Pyle). Not my type. Very nice! (also a gusher) Also pretty damn good. Should've kopped more of these at 1.79 € / bottle. Wow. Really good, lovely cofee notes, but a tad too hot (12 %). Heidenpeters makes good...
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