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I strongly recommend both Colonia Intensa and Colonia Assoluta. Colonia Intensa Oud ain't bad either. SotM: Colonia Intensa SotA: L'Occitane - Vetyver. Creamy vetiver with some slightly sharp note. Good stuff.
Good MMORPGs usually aren't p2w.
See the edit
Edit: Whoops, kinda misread the first alternative. I'd say goes-ay is a more "American" pronunciation. The former, goes-uh, is kind of what I was trying to describe below and the more correct one. Or a more German pronunciation: if you speak French, it's like beau with a g, "geau" + "se" like in semantics without the sharp s.Listen to it here: [[SPOILER]]
Praise Beergium. Owner is a friendly guy too. He was sourcing most American beers via Mikkeller, but it was too expensive and the beer was too old and often defective. Not sure where he's getting his stuff now. No beer for me today. Drinking Campari Sodas.
AdP Colonia Intensa as SotD. Just applied some Sycomore as SotE.
^ended up canceling the order cause I was able to source the Zacapa XO cheaper from Amazon (and the Zacapa was the main reason of the order). Had a Cuba Libre and now some Campari Soda--refreshing!
Whoops, yeah, of course S03. Nope, Lynch is on board again and 18 episodes are planned.@lefty Will do!
So, who else is psyched for Twin Peaks S02? I've watched the old The Producers on Sunday. Good stuff.
+1I've actually been listening to the soundtrack, or what's available of it, on Spotify a few times lately.Brawlhalla is fun. Sadly, just one server in Atlanta, so ping is an issue. But I don't really notice it cause I suck anyway.
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