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As per your suggestions, lawyerdad, Bob Mould - Beauty & Ruin. Some songs are a bit too upbeat for my taste but overall it's pretty good.
Oh, yeah, I've also tried Coeur du Vétiver Sacre once and enjoyed it. SotD: Jubilation XXV. Like one more application left in the sample. Think I'm gonna get the sampler box for men. Pretty good value.
Thanks. Yeah, premade set. So far, I've had Dzing!, Thé Pour un Été, Tea for Two, Mûre et Musc, Passage D'Enfer, Timbuktu, Poivre Piquante, Navegar and iirc L'Été en Douce. Love Dzing! and Tea for Two and very much enjoy Timbuktu and Poivre Piquante. The others are good too, iirc. The set contains Batucada, Caligna, La Chasse aux Papillons, L'Eau d'Ambre Extrème, Fou D'Absinthe, Mure et Musc Extrème, Nuit de Tubéreuse, Premier Figuier, Séville a L'Aube and Timbuktu. Aside...
SotD: Antaeus So, which scents of Villoresi do you guys like? I think I've had Piper Nigrum and Teint de Neige and enjoyed them both, but I don't remember all that much. I think Musk was recommended in this thread. And Sandalo? Also, which ELDO scents are must-tries? On my list are ones that I remember being worn in this thread: Tom of Finland, (already have Bijou Romantique), Dangerous Complicity, Fat Electrician, Fils de Dieu du Riz et des Agrumes, Jasmin et...
FWIW, I can proxy for you. Just 3.45 € shipping up to 500g (albeit without insurance and tracking). Prolly good for samples though.
What I wanted to point out and forgot yesterday is that despite its declaration as "EdC (to be fair, it says concentrée)", Colonia Leather has very good longevity and sillage. Have any of you tried it? Thoughts?
Haven't had any Blanton's yet (or, well, a dram once a few years ago, but I remember zilch). I opted for the Single Barrel because it's 100 proof (as opposed to Special Reserve's 80 proof). Also had to choose between the regular cask strength single barrel expressions and the Gold edition. Chose the Gold edition because it seemed to fare better in reviews (in the two I've read).
Bummer. Then it's not worth it. Thanks. Memo also has sample kits. Sadly, way too expensive shipment (18 € to Germany).
Just ordered the sampler kit from Juliette Has a Gun (10 € for 9x2 mL atomizer samples, free shipping). And a sample kit from MKK (14 € for four 2 mL atomizer samples, free shipping--I picked APOM homme, Lumière Noire homme, OUD Silk Mood and OUD). Also interested in the ELDO sample kit. 39 € for 20x1.5 mL samples. Unfortunately, shipping isn't free and relatively expensive. Have any of you ordered it? Does it contain atomizer samples (in which case I'd buy it) or plain...
That looks nice.
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