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Wore New York Oud yesterday. Went to try the Patchouli Absolu but it arrives in November. So I sampled some Tobacco Oud. Still like it. Today, Amber Absolute. Quite lovely too.
I'm sporting TV by Ford today. This may sounds crazy but it neither smells like a new automobile nor like a TV.
SOTD Tom Ford Amber Absolute
Les Nuits d'Hadrien
Exactly. Actually, I've watched them three times in two days by now.
New semester begins tomorrow so alcohol consumption will be greatly reduced and replaced by tea. Hence just some Oogie today. Pretty great stuff. Edit: Well, it starts tomorrow, so some Corry to round it off.
Tarka dal (with chana dal) for the past three days.
AleSmit Anvil Ale ESB. Delicious, easy to drink.
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