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Has anyone tried this? http://www.palcohol.com/home.html
Seems about right, at least no juice is added in Gosling's recipe: http://www.goslingsrum.com/details.asp?RecipeID=192Having one now. I'm all out of limes.
I almost wore Jicky parfum today!
What didn't occur naturally? To my understanding, they picked a few different mutations with desirable features and began to crossbreed them in the hopes of breeding a mutation closer to their expectations. That's different from GMO, i.e. directly "fiddling" around in the DNA of one mutation while trying to highlight characteristics that come closer to their expectations.
According to http://www.coffeehunter.com/green_coffees/european/kenya , they are hybrids. Hence, I believe, by definition, no GMOs.Stumptown says the same.
Do you think Bullion is especially leathery? I remind it as a very "creamy" scent. If I find my sample, I'll wear it today. Edit: Couldn't find it (I'm about to reorganize my samples/decants). SotD is Rive Gauche (pour femme).
^I suppose that's just a classic way of presenting them. In the video I've linked it's also done.
SotE: Do Son
Ombre de Hyacinth
In the video of the link I've posted the asparagus is also tied up. Why is that? I suppose it's for easier checking of doneness and easier removal. Or is it actually beneficial to the cooking process?
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