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Damn. Would've bought it in a heartbeat.You enjoyed Gold Woman though, didn't you? I personall don't dislike Gold Man, but it can easily get overbearing.Wore Colonia Leather today. Very good. Sampled Patchouli Absolu today. Don't like it. It's ok after a few hours but for the first two hours, I'm no fan of it at all.
Ordered the gin (and a bottle of Byrrh, Old Overholt 3, Blanton's Gold and Blanton's Single Barrel.. to save on shipping ). I'll report back. I'm drinking some Störtebeker Atlantik Ale. 1 € / 0.5 L, solid pale ale.
Looking forward to some real food this weekend. I think I'll cook a large batch of Ottolenghi's swiss chard stew.
Basically like this: When I don't have simple syrup on hand and am too lazy to make some, I'll use a cube of sugar, add a dash of water, the bitters and muddle until the sugar is dissolved.
It's usually 70 €, but on discount for 50 € in one shop. Pricey experiment. Not sure whether I'll indulge. Apparently there's only 200 something bottles of this stuff. Edit: I think I might. They also have Old Overholt Straight Rye for 24.70 € on discount (1 L), which is a good price. Also, the "Islay" expression (aged 10 years, then finished 2 years in Port Ellen casks) was highly recommended by a known German bartender/barowner/whatever a while ago.
Have any of you had Alambic's Special Caribbean Gin (aged 11 years + 2 years in (Caribbean) rum casks, 131.2 proof)--or one of their "regular", non rum-barrel-aged expressions?
Simple syrup is sugar and water. Dissolve sugar in water and you have simple syrup. 1:1 for "regular" simple syrup, two parts sugar on one part water for rich syrup. Heat it slowly on the stovetop and stir until it's all dissolved to extend shelf life or just put the sugar and water in a shaker (or jar) and shake for 30-60 seconds, until it's dissolved. Chill the syrup if you don't use it up.
I'm drinking some artisan juice right now. 2008 Villa Antinori Vinsanto del Chianti Classico (DOC). Slightly chilled - delicious stuff.
Maybe. It'll most likely be a grindfest paired with p2w though. And it probably won't even release in EU/US.
Ha! I'm also having some 2008 Villa Antinori Vinsanto del Chianti Classico at the moment. Delicious.
New Posts  All Forums: