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Guac, toasted ciabatta, field salad and then some more tagliatelle w\ ragù alla Bolognese.
Yeah, definitely. Most Gavi (di/dei Gavi) are about 8-10 € here and delicious, though mostly less delicate/nuanced than this one.
I prefer good wine that's delicious over good wine that's not delicious.(Also, I've paid like 13 € for it (instead of its usual ~24 €). )
Ragù with tagliatelle Last time, I've made relatively thin (setting 8 on my Marcato Atlas 150) tagliatelle. This time, I've made relatively thick tagliatelle (setting 6). I like it this way.
Domaine La Roquète CdP 2008 Very concentrated fruit (wild berries and such!). Quite a bit of tannins, but nice acidic backbone. Long aftertaste. Really delicious. Thanks, tattersall.
La Scolca Gavi dei Gavi Etichetta Nera 2013 Definitely less timid than the Etichetta Bianco. Very delicate with some nice prominent acidity. Delicious. Firriato Santagostino Baglio Soria Bianco 2013 Sicily. Quite bold, rich. Not sure, but I think it has those petrol notes that Riesling can get. Also lots of "minerality" (or at least it has the flavor I'm associating with the construct of minerality). Pretty nice. Villa Antinori Chianti Classico...
Lasagna with ragù alla Bolognese and green pastaDelicious. But I think I actually prefer the ragù with tagliatelle. It's also much quicker to prepare.
Not blown away by Great Lake Swimmers' new album. It's decent.
Bucatini all'amatriciana
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