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Kind of a caricature, but yeah, good stuff.
New lead single from the upcoming Mark Lanegan Band album:
I've got to admit, I haven't heard of him before. Thanks for sharing! Listening to Songs of Experience right now.
I prolly could, but I guess it's better from the US shipment-wise. I've brought back a few sleeves of Nicola "3rd party Nespresso capsules" from Lisbon. They're actually really good. Definitely the best 3rd party capsules I've tried so far.
Soul Coughing. Pretty dope stuff.
The range is good. But not easily used in cocktails. Quite unique taste. The blanc has intense citrus notes (tangerines etc) and menthol, I think.
New Gorillaz
2.5 oz La Quintinye Blanc 0.5 oz Cointreau 2-3 dashes Angostura some call it a "L'Orangerie". It's pretty good, but better with a dash or two of lemon juice and finished with a lemon twist, imo.
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