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I actually prefer the raw version by now. Packs a bit more punch and is even more true to the ingredients. Anyway, I love both versions of the dish. Still have to try Marcella's version with fresh tomatoes and basil (iirc).
So you're saying you didn't cook some (or at least talk about) spaghetti ajo e ojo with Marcella? You're slacking. Ottolenghi's Thai red lentil soup with chili oil. Great recipe.
Aglio, olio e peperoncino (e prezzemolo). Or in the regional dialect: "ajo e ojo"--that's what Marcella called it and I use her "recipe" so I call it that way too.
I think H meant why add Luxardo to a CR#2 at all?
^Listened to a bunch of Cut Chemist, Ozomatli & Jurassic 5 today. Good/great stuff.
Rick & Morty. Great stuff.
Entourage. Sorta binge-watched the first three seasons in the past few days. Good stuff.
Notification emails (thumbs ups) are only working like 50% of the time.
Decent. A bit "overripe" and slightly unbalanced acidity. The grapes probably weren't overripe, it just tastes a bit overripe. Rolland & Galarreta Ribera del Duero 2010. Also slightly overripe. Bold. Alcohol (14.5%) not too well-integrated. Just ok imo.
Spaghetti ajo e ojo (raw version). Lots of garlic, lots of chili. Sometimes this is all you need. Ottolenghi's zucchini fritters with sour cream/lime/coriander/cardamom sauce. Good overall but the fritters are very light in taste and get easily dominated by the sauce. Maybe I'm gonna add some cinnamon and cumin to the fritters next time.
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