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Did you just use the words "good" and "VAC" in one sentence?
Cynar soda with a good squeeze of orange juice is sooo good. Bought a bottle for 6.40 €. Incredible value.
One person bought four copies. His last try included a fake mac adress, VPN etc. To no avail. The monthly subscription wallhack is already busted too. A few top duelers from adrenaline, lgc3, quakeworld, duelmania etc (like biggy, rikol, locust) suspect a lot of "pro" players are currently using private aimhacks though.
I know that you've posted Hanni before. Been listening to them a bunch lately. Not the best. But pretty good! A bit Modest Mouse/Black Keys-ish.Tuxedomoon Half Mute concert was greeeat. Hindi Zahra this Friday. Prolly gonny be preetty good too.
Uhm yeah. Weather has been really hot and humid here. So a few Cuba Libres and Dark & Stormys were in order.
Thoughts on the new Envivo Lungo?
Oh, when did you get married? Congrats!
Just a dram of Yoichi 10. Doing a low/no alcohol phase til I'm in Napoli again mid June.Campari + Grapefruit juice + Tonic water? Good? What ratios do you use?
Well I've added a bit too much of the Daves sauce. Hot as fuck. But much better than with the San Miguel. Edit: But still not a fran of micheladas. Edit2: And even though I like the L&P Worcestershire Sauce, I don't like it with beer.
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