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RIP Leon Ware--the same day Thundercat released his new album. Tokyo is actually about Bruner's first time going to Japan with Leon Ware (see
New Thundercat album out:
Never gets old:
I'd just go with Laga 16 and Laph 10 first.
Paging Piob.
I've sorta binged S01-S05 of The Shield a while ago but stopped. Today, I've picked up S06 again. Great stuff.
S02 is about to start. Really looking forward to it.
A friend of mine in the US needs your help. She's in Phoenix, AZ. Her dad is from a small town in Wisconsin. He's coming to visit and she wants to surprise him with a few nice brews. As of now, we don't know what his actual preferences are, only that he's a beer nerd (maybe not super nerdy, but he definitely loves beer, and checks off lists of the top-rated beers on ratebeer etc--and definitely no Miller). So anything ranging from IPAs (I suspect he's a fan), to stouts (he...
Holy shit! Edit: #1 on /r/all
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