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Another BrewBaker Jahrgangsweisse. And some B. Nektar Kill All The Golfers now. I'm no fan. Some reviews on ratebeer are too extreme, but I can't say it tastes good either. Far too harsh tannins etc. Edit: Actually I think it's mostly the tannins (and maybe a tad too imbalanced acidity). Aside from that, it might actually be good stuff.
Negroni. 4cl each of The Botanist, Martini Gran Lusso, Mondino Amaro. Orange twist. This is nice. A delicate yet sturdy Negroni. The Martini Gran Lusso is relatively light, similar to the regular Martini Rosso, but at the same time quite deep and packs a good punch of bitterness. The Mondino Amaro is, as I've said, more fruity than Campari and it shows in the Negroni. The combination with The Botanist makes a floral but not too floral, fruity but not too fruity, rich but...
Studying at 30-35°C isn't that fun. So I'm rewarding myself with a cold Brauhaus Goslar Gose right now. Perfect.
Last two days: Td'H ETF. It's been very warm, so I'd expect more projection, but the scent faded very quickly (almost immediately). Weird.
Happy birthday, @Ken P!
Is using distilled water actually benefitial? I'd imagine that it leads to overextraction.
I liked the movie overall, but the ending was horrible (yet at the same time to be expected). It doesn't even make a lot of sense from the machine's POV, imo.
One of the best mashups ever. The dual-mono-output is off-putting though, downloaded and mixed down to mono it's much better.
I'm drinking a Cuba Libre at 1:30pm on a Thursday. So refreshing though.
Picked up a bottle of it today. It's nice but tastes a bit like lemonade.. Could also use more bitterness.
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