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I've cooked that dish three years ago or so. Took me about a thousand years to prepare.
Thanks! Tastes great too.
Had another bottle of the Barth Riesling Charta 2012 today. I enjoyed it so I guess my tastebuds were off last time.
Definitely great beers. Really balanced considering the abv. Too roasted/liquoricy for my preference though, to be honest. The barrel-aged version (Fred's blend) was better in that regard.
Bruschette con fave (with onions, garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, s&p, piment d'Espelette, parsley) Rigatoni napoletani, fave, Parmigiano, guanciale+pancetta, tomatoes, parsley
Palehound - Dry Food https://play.spotify.com/album/55vUt9yY45eIvnxUUqTnj6
Which vintage? I can only get the 2014.
Had it for lunch. Delicious.And carbonara for dinner. Didn't have this in ages. Perfect amount of egg, olive oil, guanciale and pepper. So fucking great.
Still pissed that my last bottle was off (acetone or something). Bunch of normal-ish beers yesterday & today. Birra Ichnusa, Peroni, Moretti; Sagres; Maisel's Pale Ale; Ratsherrn Summer Ale, West Coast IPA, Red Ale. Refreshing when sitting in the sun.
I actually prefer the raw version by now. Packs a bit more punch and is even more true to the ingredients. Anyway, I love both versions of the dish. Still have to try Marcella's version with fresh tomatoes and basil (iirc).
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