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Junip - Junip
Negroni. Botanist, Martini Gran Lusso, Campari, orange twist. Pretty great.
^They'll be in Berlin on the 2nd of February. Currently listening to John Fruscriante - Enclosure
It's really good! Think Martini rosso with more body and more nuanced and complex flavors. Quite bitter too. Good amount of citrus notes. The Moscato (d'Asti?) adds a nice touch and is noticeable. Will have to try it in a Negroni.
Thoughts on Terre d'Hermes Eau Très Fraiche?
Thoughts on Martini Gran Lusso? Picked up a bottle at the Duty Free shop today. Will have a taste tomorrow.It sounds good...
Oh, I've missed that. I'm wondering whether they're gonna tour again soon with their new album since I've just seen them like two months ago.
Thankfully it's leaked.
Interpol - El Pintor
And I said I recommend it and that I prefer it that way. So don't get all grumpy.
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