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^You definitely have to play around with the ratios. The classic 1:1:1 doesn't work that well when using Gran Classico in Negronis, imo. I'd also pick a lighter sweet vermouth, since the flavour of GC is more delicate than Campari--and I'm not too big a fan of a regular Negroni prepared with Carpano Antica anyway.
Real has sold 345,000 James jerseys in two days. (33,600,000 € in revenue--of which 60% go to Adidas)
Marchesi di Barolo Arneis '13. Seems off.
Farmacia SS. Annunziata - Isos. Woods & vetiver, pepper, juniper and other spices. It's good.
According to Brad Pitt, it's Chanel N°5.
No ham, no gargouiilou.
The Tradición Palo Cortado is great! Also had a few Arneis over the past few weeks. Cordedi di Montezemolo Langhe Arneis '13. Prunotto Arneis '11. Canteiò Arneis '11. Bruno Giacosa Arneis '11. Bersano Arneis '13. Yummy.
^So, Mikkeller is good? I've just heard of it two days ago when I've read the article about Stone Brewery opening a brewery which stated that Mikkeller was planning to open a brewery in Berlin too. Never heard of them before, , but after a quick beeradvocate search I guess that they're prety good.
Ragù alla Bolognese. And pasta.
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