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Uh, yeah, my bad. Meant Belgium. Sure, trading sounds good too.Drinking the rest of the Delirium Christmas and now I'm not liking it anymore. Has a chemical note to it, acetone or something. I had the same note in my mouth this morning but I don't remember having tasted it yesterday. Weird. Anyway, St. Bernardus Christmas Ale is waiting in the fridge.
http://www.prad.de/ is great. Maybe you can navigate through it via google translate.They also offer general recommendations:http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/kaufberatung/kaufberatung-teil11.html (>=27" for allrounders)http://www.prad.de/new/monitore/kaufberatung/kaufberatung-teil14.html (>= 27", budget models)
Sure. Let me know. It's 5.50 € per bottle and there's still plenty available. I can ship to the NL for 12.50-15.50 € (20 kg) with UPS, so maybe you can find other stuff you want.
What about it? I'll drink mine alongside the regular Tap 6.
Some more supply. Sale and 5 € discount, so some decent prices (more or less).
Considering that you can't even finish the sentence, you put in just the right amount.
Interesting. Not quite as hoppy as "normal" IPAs. Noticeable grapefruit aftertaste, as advertised. Good. Easy to drink despite 10%. Decent. Good stuff as always from Kehrwieder Kreativbrauerei: Colab of Crew Republic & Coronado. Nice, easy to drink, good value.
And a waste of money, just saying.
Exactly. Just use a goddamn blender, duh.
There's three flavoured LEs available here atm. Stuff like vanilla/cardamom..How do you like the Palermo?
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