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To those of you who've made ginger beer: did you use cream of tartar?
Not yet. Timeless: Suite For Ma Dukes, right? Gonna check it out.
http://dublab.com/flying-lotus-dillas-still-here-mix-02-10-06/Direct/download-link: http://dublabmedia1.net/audio/podcast/02_10_06_flying_lotus_mix%202.mp3
Minuit - Minuit https://open.spotify.com/album/4kzTLprkdSTkHnmlMZwoi6
I encountered a few small bugs, most were solved by save & reload (or negligible).
I binged Firewatch today, about 4-5 hours all in all iirc. Good stuff. A bit annoying that much of the terrain isn't reachable, even if it would be a small jump/climb, so you often have to move around slightly elevated areas, but story, atmosphere and of course the voice acting are pretty good to great.
Less sweet is good.
TiganĂ¡ Santana - Tempo & Magma. https://open.spotify.com/album/5LvaWE6SD79vNTYwa27M4t Very nice.
S01 of The Expanse is also a good watch.
Yup. A bit expensive at the moment but I'll pick it up at a later sale.
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