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@Huntsman, what's the shelf life of an unopened red vermouth in your opinion? I mean, I've had a bottle of Carpano Antica that was cellared for at least 2-3 years and it was very good, not sure about slightly lighter ones though, like Martini Gran Lusso. It should be fine, no?
I recently got worried that some of the "lighter" beers and wild ales I've bought 1.5 years ago and cellared since would "die", so I put them in the fridge. Surely enough, I couldn't resist cracking them open (there are still three waiting though) almost immediately. Didn't take notes or anything, but: Crooked Stave's Fleur d'Lees and St. Bretta Citrus are both great. So refreshing and well balanced. Just wow. If there wasn't the price tag, I would drink tons of CV's...
New series with Billy Bob (Goliath) and Hugh Laurie (Chance)--thoughts? Edit: Just watched E01 of Goliath. Pretty good so far!
So far, they're all very much alive and are tasting great! Crooked Stave's St. Bretta Citrus, Flor d'Lees etc.
The cold temperatures have put me into a bourbon mood. Finishing/finished off my botles of 4RSB, Blanton's Gold, Blanton's SB and Knob Creek.
Hmmm, Martini's Gran Lusso has become considerably cheaper (18-20 €-ish as opposed to its original 28 €). How long do you all figure the shelf life is? Released in the end of 2013, I think.
Ah, bummer. Thought it might be a bit more London dry-like.Makes sense. Thanks.
Yeah, I was wondering how much of an effect the additional 20 proof have. I think there's a passage on it in Morgenthaler's book. I'll probably use the same ratio though. Ordered some Bourbon vanilla today and will order the bourbon tmrw along with some other stuff. I'll also order some untreated Navelina oranges from www.fetasoller.com for it.First you said you were planning for the xmas/NY holiday-season but later that you'll only infuse it for one month (i.e. it'd be...
Have any of you tried Bloom gin (London dry)? [[SPOILER]]
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