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^Have you tried Sycomore or Encre Noire/Encre Noire Sport/Villoresi's Vetiver?
Love me some Gavi di Gavi.
Just ok.
According to BA notes, it's not flat.
Probably flat, I guess.
Had this on tap at Braufest Berlin too. Didn't like it better than from the bottle. It's not bad, just way over the top.
Quality/price ratio.
I've recently been to the ZERO exhibition at Martin-Gropius-Bau. Super impressive stuff. One of my favorite exhibitions so far.
^Solid fragrance. Good qpr, IIRC! SotD: Olfactive Studio - Autoportrait. Just applied it. Starts off creamy and woodsy (cedar!). Balsamic is a good description too. Incense & vetiver. The notes according to fragrantica are spot-on. So far, it smells well-crafted but a bit boring.
Great stuff: Shin Joong Hyun & Yup Juns https://open.spotify.com/album/2E4jkgXNAL1rCQ2NxhCUF7 spotify:album:2E4jkgXNAL1rCQ2NxhCUF7
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