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And it's quite cheap. I enjoy it too.
Thanks for the paywall!
Can you take a pic? I probably have a PDF somewhere, but I'd have to find it first.
Had a bad cold the past few days, so I drank little. Yesterday a G&T, Dark & Stormy and some wine. Today, wine. Just ordered four bottles of El Ron Prohibido Habanero (12). For 8.80 € per bottle. No clue why it's that cheap, it's usually 25 €-ish. Will order a few more bottles if it's decent. Anyone had it before?
http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/mario-batali/tiramisu-recipe.html this? FWIW, I don't cook the egg and I briefly "plunge" the ladyfingers in the espresso/liquor-mix from both sides, not just "paint" them.
I also really enjoyed the Espresso Stout, though I can understand if some might characterize it as being a bit bland. I have to admit that I'm slightly predisposed towards Japanese produce though. I've also been drinking quite a bit of Asahi the day before I tried the Hitachinos, so my tastebuds were quite dulled.
It really depends on two things, imo: whether you add beaten egg whites or not (fluffy texture or compact texture) and the liquor you use. I personally love Amaretto in it, others prefer brandy or marsala or whatever. Also, use strong espresso to soak the ladyfingers in (french press with espresso beans or preferrably "real" espresso--it takes some time to pull enough shots though), don't soak too long, and prepare the tiramisù the day before. I like to dust it with cocoa...
Chicken soup and curried fricassée du poulet (my grandmother always made this; it's basically just a sauce béchamel based on the chicken broth, cream, loads of curry (mostly English curry), some mustard, and chicken--delicious).
Really? Even the Nest White Ale? I find that to be a very easy to drink wit.
It has far less sludge than a regular Espro Press. Depending on how fine your grind, and on the grinder you use, you can still get some, albeit very little, sludge. Also, of course, due to the nature of the metallic filter, the texture of the coffee is far different to a paper filtered coffee and "micro particle sludge" will be present. I like both and mostly use my Espro Press when I want more than a single AeroPress serving (or when I want some improved CCD).
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