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I'm drinking a Cuba Libre at 1:30pm on a Thursday. So refreshing though.
Picked up a bottle of it today. It's nice but tastes a bit like lemonade.. Could also use more bitterness.
Picked up these two today: A relatively hip Amaro from Bavaria. More fruity than Campari-- mostly bitter orange and rhubarb. Also a prominent honey note. But at almost 2.5 times the price of Campari, I don't think I'll buy it that often. Also 7% less abv. Nonetheless, delicious on the rocks/with soda. Will have to try it in a Negroni. Znaida Vermouth (blanc) from Berlin. I'm not sure whether I like or dislike it. It's very nice but at the same time tastes a bit like...
Well that is crazy.
I've paid 22.50 €. It's borderline. Still, definitely worth to try it once (at this price).
It's expensive. 30 € / 0.5 L in Germany.
I strongly recommend both Colonia Intensa and Colonia Assoluta. Colonia Intensa Oud ain't bad either. SotM: Colonia Intensa SotA: L'Occitane - Vetyver. Creamy vetiver with some slightly sharp note. Good stuff.
Good MMORPGs usually aren't p2w.
See the edit
Edit: Whoops, kinda misread the first alternative. I'd say goes-ay is a more "American" pronunciation. The former, goes-uh, is kind of what I was trying to describe below and the more correct one. Or a more German pronunciation: if you speak French, it's like beau with a g, "geau" + "se" like in semantics without the sharp s.Listen to it here: [[SPOILER]]
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