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Dark & Stormy
^As good a last time. Yes, still very young, but already so good. The aftertaste could be a little longer and more complex but that's the only thing I can criticize. Delicious. Also had a Marchesi di Barolo "Le Selezioni" Gavi di Gavi yesterday. Very dry and kind of flabby. Not my kind of gavi.
Duchesse de Bourgogne.. is like.. a worse Rodenbach Grand Cru. It's not bad, it's just sweet and less refined. Tsjeeses Reserva PBA is a bit weird at first flavour-wise. Couldn't pin it but reviews said strawberry and that's what it is. A slightly artificial strawberry though. Not really sold on it yet. Schneider Weisse Tap 7 is good. De Molen Bitch Black Saison was delicious.
Just re: the "Fancy coleslaw": it's very delicious but expect to need 1.5 times the amount of dressing stated in the recipe. Similar for the cauliflower cake, expect to need 5 times as much sesame/nigella seeds to get a nice coating.
Andechs Bergbock Hell is too sweet. The Struise XXXX Reserva 2012 is also quite sweet but more importantly it's too liquoricy/malty for my taste. Oh well.
Fancy coleslaw (from Plenty More) and burgers
Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel. Delicious. And just about 1 € / 500 mL. QPR is almost impossible to beat.
Rodenbach Vintage 2012. It's pretty good but not my style. Too buttery.
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