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Minuit - Minuit https://open.spotify.com/album/4kzTLprkdSTkHnmlMZwoi6
I encountered a few small bugs, most were solved by save & reload (or negligible).
I binged Firewatch today, about 4-5 hours all in all iirc. Good stuff. A bit annoying that much of the terrain isn't reachable, even if it would be a small jump/climb, so you often have to move around slightly elevated areas, but story, atmosphere and of course the voice acting are pretty good to great.
Less sweet is good.
Tiganá Santana - Tempo & Magma. https://open.spotify.com/album/5LvaWE6SD79vNTYwa27M4t Very nice.
S01 of The Expanse is also a good watch.
Yup. A bit expensive at the moment but I'll pick it up at a later sale.
Didn't watch any movies lately. Two hours here and there and it adds up very quickly.
Somewhat cliché, but still great stuff.
It was really, really good.So looking forward to S02.Not sure how much I said of this already, but:New season of It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia is one of the best. Great stuff.Blacklist is still good entertainment. Love James Spader since Boston Legal.The Magicians is pretty weak.The Shananananarahsomething Chronicles is just ok.Billions is pretty great. Really strong cast.New season of Shameless is still pretty great.New season of Suits is same old, same old. Decent...
New Posts  All Forums: