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Can someone name a few good Spanish wineries in a medium price range (15-50 USD or so, i.e. no Dominio de Pingus)?
Barbadillo Gran Reserva
Thumbs up to the recent FM-love.
The large bathroom in my university's main canteen is quite modern. And full of design flaws. Not only, as I've said before, are the stalls designed for ants--they are so fucking small you can't comfortably close the door despite the fact that the room the stalls are in has so much more space to offer--, the sinks are even worse. They're basically a downward-sloped straight surface and the automatic sink blasts out the water at a weird angle so that in literally 85% of...
Lavazza and Illy are both pretty bad. There are far better alternatives out there for "stronger"/darker espressi. Caffè New York comes to mind. Or half a dozen others you can pick up at a larger Italian supermarket (assuming they are fresh). Many roasters offer Italian blends too.
I've actually only tried the vintage parfum (I've bought it for a quite cheap price when StC went first online and their prices were messed up), which is marvelous. I'd wait for rach's opinion, he's the master of Jicky in this thread. IIRC, EdP is preferrable to EdT, but quite inferior to the parfum (which is much more expensive, so I suppose 50 USD for 1.7 oz EdP is very well worth it). But maybe it was the other way around and EdT is preferrable to EdP? I remember rach...
SotD: Chergui Speaking of "literal", I had the same experience with The Different Company's Sienne d'Orange. Not that big a fan. Company TDC's and Atelier's might be interesting though.
You could feed them to your avatar.
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