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Picked up the sweatpants (both colors), long sleeve crew neck t-shirts (all colors) , mock neck sweater (black) and the collarless shirt (green).
I thought it was underwhelming. Kinda boring.
Never heard of Lilyhammer before, tbh. Just turned on s01e01. So far, so good.
It opens up a bit jammy, then fresh acidity, baking spices and red fruit come into play. Long, fruity, acidic and tannic finish. I think this will improve over the next few year, it's still a bit young. Anyway, nice stuff! Would pick up another bottle or two but it's already sold out.
That's what I said and showed in the screenshots.
Maybe uncheck that box. Although, unless you want to receive quoting/thumbs up/pm/.. notifications, that's not the way to go. I think this fixes it: You probably have to manually change the subscription settings in each subscribed thread:
To me the former is more of an English pronunciation, the latter more of a French one. A quick google search brings up a few results on this topic. Apparently it depends on the state or region or whatever which one is occuring more often.
^ And I actually thought it's always sunny in Philly.Well, at least the wine was good.
Jurassic World & Terminator Genisys: popcorn movies, fun to watch. She's Funny That Way & Tomorrowland : fun flicks. The former more so than the latter though. The former relies on a somewhat funny plot and dialogues; the latter on stunning visuals. Man Up is good too. Good casting, interesting plot, fun dialogues. A bit over the top at times (esp the ending) but overall very enjoyable. Wildlike: really good. Definitely worth a watch. Good cast, good acting (although...
Have you tried it out? I stocked up again. 9 € per bottle (250 ml)--ordered 6 bottles. Spectacular price, spectacular value.
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