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Shakshuka. Given the time, I always finish it in the oven. I dislike finishing it on the stove because most of the egg will be "very well done" by the time the top is somewhat cooked. Covering it makes for an odd texture too. In the oven, it cooks through evenly (and I prefer it to be very soft). Can take quite some time though since I "bake" it at 170-220°F (but I suspect the actual temp is lower than that). Going too high and the surface of the egg gets dried out which...
Yeah, I like Boon Oude Kriek (and Oude Gueuze).
So, Beergium didn't have the Fantôme Hiver (6.29 €) in stock anymore, so I got the Fantôme Coffee Ruby (9.19 €) instead. Since the owner felt bad about not having the bottle in stock anymore, he also threw another apology and a bottle of NovaBirra Big Nose and All Day IPA on top. Very friendly guy. Shipment should arive today.
This was good. Maybe a tad sweet. Also a tad too hot. Too sweet for my taste. The cherry was also a tad overbearing. Very good. Very dry (almost too dry ). Almost flat. Extremely tart. If you didn't know it was a kriek you might think it's made with cranberries. I'm gonna assume it's an off bottle (especially due to the flatness). It's still quite good--like a complex dry cranberry seltzer. An "easy" gueuze. Beginner-friendly. Very good. Could use more...
So, what's the difference between adding warm or cold water to mayonnaise? Lebovitz's recipe states to use warm water.
There you go. How much oil did you use?
I've seen her as support act for The National. Was unimpressed. Partially because the accoustics were crappy.
Edited since jung didn't stick to the plan.. On topic: wasn't sold for the first few loops of Alt-J's new album. But I'm beginning to enjoy it more.
Pasta alla Norma. Hazan's recipe. But the classic version, with ricotta salata instead of fresh ricotta+parmigiano+pecorino. It was good. But I almost like her improvised version better--it definitely looks more appealing too since the grated ricotta salata looks kind of weird whereas the fresh ricotta, and parmigiano/pecorino, blend far better with the sauce.
A new decent induction thingy will set you back a few hundred bucks. Yeah, electric stoves aren't optimal, but you'll get used to it. I've had a $ 200 double cooktop. Hated it. Loud as fuck. Terrible temperature control (especially in the simmering range).
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