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New stuff from KEXP:
New York Oud. So much (slightly sharp) rose in there. It's good!
And for good measure some Ayinger Lager Hell. It's alright. Crazy honey notes.
Guess I'm looking forward to it, at the very least for some more American flair in Berlin! Curious what they'll serve in their bistro. After a long day of studying theoretical informatics, algorithms, graph theory and all that nasty stuff for the exam on Thursday I've just had some Störtebeker Atlantik Ale (pretty good), Ratsherrn Weißbier (decent) and now some Hoegaarden Wit Blanche (good as always).
So.. Stone Brewing will open a brewery (and bistro) in Berlin (as will--at least a brewery--, probably, sooner or later, Brooklyn Brewery, BrewDog and maybe Mikkeller). I don't think I've had a beer from Stone Brewing so far, or at least I don't remember it. I know that they've grown very big, but are their beers good? Anyone been to their bistro?
Sorry to hear, Manton. That sucks. Palo Cortado is so delicious. I'm really enjoy the González Byass VORS Apósteles. And I'm very much looking forward to the bottle of Tradición Palo Cortado and demi-bouteille of El Maestro Sierra Vinos Viejos Palo Cortado--they should be fantastic too.
Glad you don't regret buying it after I recommended it to you! Today, Kilian - Cruel Intentions.
^I've actually seen them live as ZZ Top's support act one year ago. I agree, they are far better live.
Mascaró Cuvée Antonio Mascaró Gran Reserva '07 (Cava). Tasty (maybe slightly too acidic).
Had some Nicolas Feuillatte Brut. Nice.
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