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There you go. How much oil did you use?
I've seen her as support act for The National. Was unimpressed. Partially because the accoustics were crappy.
Edited since jung didn't stick to the plan.. On topic: wasn't sold for the first few loops of Alt-J's new album. But I'm beginning to enjoy it more.
Pasta alla Norma. Hazan's recipe. But the classic version, with ricotta salata instead of fresh ricotta+parmigiano+pecorino. It was good. But I almost like her improvised version better--it definitely looks more appealing too since the grated ricotta salata looks kind of weird whereas the fresh ricotta, and parmigiano/pecorino, blend far better with the sauce.
A new decent induction thingy will set you back a few hundred bucks. Yeah, electric stoves aren't optimal, but you'll get used to it. I've had a $ 200 double cooktop. Hated it. Loud as fuck. Terrible temperature control (especially in the simmering range).
There's a statistical chance that it might explode. Other than that, you're good.
Truth be told an Old Fashioned with orange juice ain't no Old Fashioned but who am I to judge right?
It's marketing. One is "pour homme", the other is "pour femme". They're both the same juice.Wore Honour Man today. Potent stuff.
hc4thehc, or someone else, have you tried Rodenbach Caractère Rouge?
Marcella's mussel soup. Lovely.
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