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I'm pretty sure MScharipo is talking about the marinating process takin place outside of a ziplock bag. I doubt he plans to cook a steak in water.
Prices directly from Mikkeller are pretty high (not including shipment costs).
I would, but I won't be drinking much in the next few months.
"The best Amaretto sour in the world"
Marcel Deiss Alsace Blanc 2011 Pretty rich. Nice amount of acidity. Good Alsacian wine. Don't worry, guise, I won't spam pics anymore for the next few months.
I know little about pasta prepared with a rolling pin, but IIRC Marcella used the same recipe for a rolling pin that she uses for a pasta machine. I don't like the idea of a food processor involved in pasta dough. Try 200g of flour. Make a mould, add 3 large scrambled eggs, then, with a fork, mix the flour in, and add some more if necessary. Insert your thumb into the dough; it should come out cleanly. If it does so, clean the kitchen surface and knead the dough for 10...
How do you prepare your dough? Looks like it might be a tad too dry.
I really need to sharpen my Tojiro knifes.
Guac, toasted ciabatta, field salad and then some more tagliatelle w\ ragù alla Bolognese.
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