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Yeah, all games are supposed to be playable without the touchscreen.
Rumours have it that the battery of the Switch in its current state only lasts 3 hours. And it has a multi-touch screen.
Afaik there's not just minor stuff that needs to be fixing. Apparently the whole AI is fucked up. Like, you can't win by being peaceful.
Cooking conejo con samfaina right now--a Catalonian rabbit stew with onions/garlic/peppers/aubergine/tomatoes--and just finished off yesterday's bottle of Antinori's Chainti Classico Riserva 2009 along with the rabbit's innard (liver, kidneys, heart, lung). Liver and kidneys are very delicious, the heart and lung are pretty good, the wine always delivers. It was my last bottle. I've opened a bottle of Lanessan 2003 now. Good stuff, maybe a tad hot. A bit more body than...
Still feel that way? Might give it a shot. Been using Sebastian Craft Clay and I'm not super happy with it.Edit: ordered it.
https://open.spotify.com/track/25wOPG4oSdSPqOVND8dbBh https://open.spotify.com/track/4FSGr2BiMuunn9VbdroId1
New Black Mirror is pretty good so far, three episodes in. Relatively predictable, but still good.
Predecessor of the Nintendo Switch?
3k coins. I don't play OW anymore, but I have 3k coins. I might buy the skin.
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