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about to happen.
Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Lands' End You the best, Doc. Been away a bit. One of the people that I missed :-) Quote: "The company was originally named Land's End. But there was a typographical error in the first catalog. The word LAND'S was incorrectly spelled as LANDS'. The partners couldn't afford to have the catalogs reprinted with the corrected spelling. So the misplaced apostrophe stayed there. Lands'...
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzeraxe II I've bought a few from FIH and have always been happy with the product / service. Quote: Originally Posted by Keyboard Warrior http://www.fourinhand.com/catalog.asp?dept=1020 Thank you both. More scarves than you thought possible. And if those arent enough, the new collection is now online at our parent company here. PS: If you are looking to match a particular...
Quote: Originally Posted by George It's classic. Who the fuck is going to measure the check/stripe size ratio anyway. Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I would. I'm a huge dick. You shouldn't have to measure anything as its not a rule that has dimensions assigned to it. The point is that visually similar sized patterns throw the eye off and should therefore be avoided. This works most times however...
Quote: Originally Posted by dimwit I get the impression that they're getting more desperate by the hour. Quote: Originally Posted by dhc905 JOSB is a great stock, btw. http://www.businesswire.com/news/hom...Forbes-Top-100 Whatever they are doing is working for them and like others mentioned its a perfectly acceptable suit for most people.
Its been quite some time. I apologize if I havent been keeping up with the rules posting here but I am sure any of the moderators will let me know if I am out of line. Thanks. A sampling From the Fall 10 Collection. Although this season we didnt put it on the FIH site, we kept it instead by the mens tab at TuesdaysChild.com site in an attempt to keep things under one roof. Here are some screen shots. Of course we still have the bulk of the merchandise at the...
The spacing of the stripe is certainly in the direction of casual but you can make it work as a dress shirt. Blue or navy is boring. Try Green in various shades for something different without being over the top. You can get some feel for the green, blue and brown combinations here. The ingredients are reversed (with the sports coat being brown) but the concepts are the same. EDIT: I noticed that my location has been changed to greener pastures. Ironic.
I have lots of similar color and pattern examples on my blog. Spend a little time browsing to find the right ones. Cheers.
Some more "loosies". Any interest, please email me. First up, 4 folds. 75.00. Each. First come first serve. Next, Twills. Great hand. Think heavy yet silky. 60 each. Next, Regular some saddle stitch, some regular. 50 each.
First come First Serve. Some Linen Ties, and Limited Quantities. 50 Dollars Each. Top Row left two, all Wool. Two Right 50/50 linen Silk. Bottom Row. 100% Linen. Any interest please email me as I have stopped taking PM's here.
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