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Quote: Originally Posted by mfrege I love it when posters who have been here for a month are lecturing posters who have been here for 4 years. Nominations for new moderators isn't till 2012, but, hey, keep at it.... I love it when posters who have been here for 10 months lecture posters who are here a month... But, whatever. On the OP's comment for when this gets moved to the right place, exactly why should the government pay for you to...
Quote: Originally Posted by texas_jack You didn't know Paki was offensive? Do you say Jap too? J - Jewish a - American P - Princess Certainly belongs in this thread! Let the jap jokes commence...
Sanitation Picking up the garbage now, at 1 am in the morning. What do they get for that? 1.5? 2? Either way its way too loud.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter didn't help the few hundred thousand Christians in Europe with Jewish ancestors who were killed by the Germans and their allies in wwii, as Jews. True. So don't you find that sad and ironic Zach? What Hitler couldn't accomplish laid back Judaism and assimilation will, just a few generations later.
Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred I'm looking for v-neck sweaters that have a small neck opening. Can anyone recommend any? Extra points for whoever can recommend a maker who offers such sweaters in lambswool. Also, please don't bother recommending Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, or the like. Thanks. Hard to know what constitutes small neck opening but some on the TC site are small (the beige and grey cashmere in particular as are...
He always reminded me of this joke: Quote: After a Jewish man is rejected for a job as a radio announcer, the story goes, an acquaintance asks him why he was passed over. "Simple," the man replies with an agonized stutter, "Anti-S-S-S-S-Semitism. Why they picked a fellow for whitehouse spokesperson that cant say three words without saying "I, I , ummm, ummm, ummm" is beyond me.
Charcoals, Greys, and Browns (all colors) work well. The more Cherry in it the better it goes with Charcoal. (Which is Grey and Black mixed together) Check out the middle of this post.
Quote: Originally Posted by ff4marvel No experience with them but I love the look of these Drakes sweater vests Interesting. 275 pounds is about 425 bucks these days. I offer the same vests from Colombo Cashmere for 300 full price and now 200 in 6 colors. No Pink though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo The majority of Jews, yes, but I find the Chabad people are mostly bucking that trend. Chabad is right now and has been for some time, leaderless. Regardless they don't look to proseletyze gentiles to make them Jews. Rather the look to bring irreligious Jews back or to try and get Gentiles to practice the noahide laws.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Is that true? if so, that's awesome. "I'm bigger than a cow" Yes it is true (although I do not know the dimensions exactly) there is a point where they cannot make from one piece of leather the large sizes needed. Although why it was necessary to say the cow line is beyond me.
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