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Quote: Originally Posted by ILikeBacon ...I've heard good things about the Begg/Drake's angora/lambswool blend ones. I heard they're just as soft as most cashmere. Is this true? Yes. This is true. If you can find Colombo (spelled with two O's not a U) at that price then grab it.
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 ...and try again... Or not.
Wow...How rare is it that you can get two "Eric"isms in one thread and it was done totally innocent. "Brown is for Farmer." "Only blue shirts? Are you a stewardess?" SF Oldtimers...Rejoice. Happy Holidays All.
I have two 36XL suits. A Solida Navy and a Brown with Stripe. Let me know if you want dimensions on them. They are each 250.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang What if you don't have a button at that exact spot? Ummm...Then you dont use it. Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker That sounds like some Eric Glennie type shit. Right, Massimo Bizzocchi does it and its amazing detail. Eric Glennie does it and its Eric Glennie Sh%t.
Cashmere Sale. Items ranging between 10-30% off. Now available at the men's department on my kids site. Wool Scarves as well. Women's Scarves also On sale in the Women's Department Also Hickey Freeman Shirts at half the MSRP, as well as two suits, Normally 1700 and 1400 now 1100 and 950 Respectively. Happy Holidays.
Quote: Originally Posted by solepsis Anyone have any suggestions for a great sweater? I'm looking for a cable-type knit, shawl collar, cashmere pullover sweater (probably in grey or "natural"). If it has something of a slim fit, then it's even better.
Quote: Originally Posted by whatever123 sorry to distract the current conversation... given the winter time is coming up for those of us in the u.s., what are some of your thoughts on a mid-weight sweater to wear over your bd but underneath your jacket for the winter. ideally, i am looking for something that is wool or even cashmere. something like AD was wearing above but not quite as long. i was thinking about something like this: ...
Quote: Originally Posted by RangerP The silk aversion is due to a silk allergy... Can't wear anything silk. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I have have already added a few to my Christmas list!
Begg did a series of silk chiffons this past spring. You can see them here If you are interested you can take 15% off. They are the ab-still series of scarves.
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