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Quote: Originally Posted by YoungAmerican Again, as I wrote in the post, there isn't really a way to get that information unless you're the person running the site. I know exactly how many people visit my blog, because I've got Google Analytics running, but it's not public info for the rest of the sites. The thing that is public info is how many Google Reader users are subscribed to the RSS feed of a given site. So it's interesting, if imperfect...
Quote: Originally Posted by deadly7 I took otu position specifics (that's another topic for another day) to focus on how it looks. Fire away. Oh yeah...Spelling matters. :-). Seriously though, read it, read it again and then give it to someone to read for you because you expect certain words to be there and if spelled worng you wont notice them. Also dont use your chat room email address. Thats good for the chat room. Nowhere else....
Maybe Obama can be his own press secretary.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kent Wang Should I stop line-drying clothes in the sun too? I'm currently drying a charcoal sweater. I suppose it won't look any worse if it fades. I assume that this is a serious question so I will bite. No, in order to damage it would have to be excessive and consistent exposure to the sun. No problem to wear clothing in the sun either :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle Bought a suit the other day in Bloomingdale's in Chicago which I had shipped to me. I didn't take time to try since it was a RLBL Anthony. It was the jacket off the mannequin, one of those half-mannequins that sit on a shelf over the suit rack. I didn't inspect the suit closely, but I seem to recall there being lights above it. Any chance sitting there will have faded it? I can't imagine that they'd display...
The Glennie was the other way. Stripes Matching. All other striped ties will have the knots stripes different than the blade.
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman x2. A Begg scarf should not do this. A fake probably will. But I do believe that when that issue of the Begg Scarves and the low price hit last year (2009) it was confirmed that they were authentic.
The Merino Wool Sweaters are now on sale and available here: That includes the Crew Necks: (Now $56) The Cardigans (sizing is weird on the Greys, but in the area of the suit sizing): (Now $91) The Polo's: (Now $70) And the Mock T-Necks: (Now $60)
This is a Job for Bad Sweater Guy!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by apropos LOL, because they don't have to beef up security? I fully agree with that my point is if they are ostensibly doing it because of incoming packages then why should anyone else pay for it but the shipper?
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