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Quote: Originally Posted by chasingred I'm looking for v-neck sweaters that have a small neck opening. Can anyone recommend any? Extra points for whoever can recommend a maker who offers such sweaters in lambswool. Also, please don't bother recommending Banana Republic, J Crew, Gap, or the like. Thanks. Hard to know what constitutes small neck opening but some on the TC site are small (the beige and grey cashmere in particular as are...
Charcoals, Greys, and Browns (all colors) work well. The more Cherry in it the better it goes with Charcoal. (Which is Grey and Black mixed together) Check out the middle of this post.
Quote: Originally Posted by ff4marvel No experience with them but I love the look of these Drakes sweater vests Interesting. 275 pounds is about 425 bucks these days. I offer the same vests from Colombo Cashmere for 300 full price and now 200 in 6 colors. No Pink though.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain Is that true? if so, that's awesome. "I'm bigger than a cow" Yes it is true (although I do not know the dimensions exactly) there is a point where they cannot make from one piece of leather the large sizes needed. Although why it was necessary to say the cow line is beyond me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire No love for Silverado? When I was a kid I saw this with my dad on VHS and we both enjoyed it but I think as a serious western it was too "cute"sie.
I think Mens Cashmere coats are like 17%. About That. The rest would have been brokerage fees etc. Also they give you the highest conversion rate for the euro usually. EDIT: The Pound. Missed that it was the UK. Also I have no idea as to customs from the UK.
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Close second to Unforgiven. I was a big Eastwood Fan and little beats "blondie...You son of s Bit...with the music chiming in, but I didnt get all excited about Unforgiven. I dunno. Maybe it was just me.
Ip Man
Quote: Originally Posted by Rugger yep, unbuttoned. I knew I could screw up something so simple. I am very proud. It was clearly unbuttoned from the way it was pulling. Button it and then look at it in the mirror and it will have instantly become a much better fit :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy You really need to button the bottom two buttons on it for the right fit. But why not have it taken in at a tailor? The fit looks good. More important than buttoning the bottom two buttons, as its a DB coat, button the inner button that will pull the inner part of the coat to the right place and not have the button pulling as it is in your picture. You have to first button the inside button then the...
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